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Found 2 results

  1. So.. I think I have suggested before to be included in Gopher's Lets Play before, but since Gopher is asking for suggestions (again) I would like to suggest a couple mods, by one of my favorite authors.. which I haven't seen Gopher touch before. (Even in mod review videos) The main one that I think is really good in FNV (that Gopher hasn't touched) is Tales from the Burning Sands, by Puce Moose. It includes a bunch of 'quests', along with a lot of content that i think Gopher (as Jack) would enjoy. It even runs the quests in the way that Gopher would love. Puce Moose is known (he had something like.. 6 quest mods in Fallout 3) to NOT use quest markers. Instead he uses quest objectives as suggestions or hints. He has also released another mod for Fallout New Vegas, that changes gameplay.. which obviously would mean it's too late for Gopher to include in the Jack Let's Play, but for those who are reading this who are also looking for things to include.. there's Puce Moose's Tweak and Balance Center. I would highly suggest reading through the parts of this mod yourself, so that I'm not re-stating things that are already there.
  2. Jack The Gunsmith drunk of the wastes was a great character and i personally would love to see something more along the lines of his RP but here is an idea i think would be interesting for a sequel. It is not hard to see that Jack could have had a long day, longer than normal to say the least, so being the Alcohol Enthusiast that he is i think it is possible that even he could have gotten wasted one night and made some questionable decisions during the night. Imagine the Tale of a Girl who was raised on the Legends of their Father (of whom never learned that he accidentally made himself a father) and from the wastes of Vegas they traveled to where he was last seen, a bar in a Commonwealth Community called "Diamond City." All im saying is that this is a Fairly Plausible Thing that could happen as the start of a Role Playing Character for Fallout 4. and us Minions have seen Jack make other mistakes (like loosing where the Bloody door is) and all of us have hounded Gopher for letting Jack make these Mistakes. -Dr A
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