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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome to Farlands A welcome to all settlers and visitors and an invitation to get informed on the established community and the lay of the land. Ask around, we're always ready to help, get you started, get you settled, point a way, inform you on projects and regions. We may be a bit reluctant at first, but once we melt, we're tasty and soft as butter. So, the big question; 'The difference between Farlands & Minionland? Farlands is mostly a rural gateway. Quiet, peaceful, chill. We are a bunch of people who enjoy playing in the Gopher spirit. The Dark Lord Gopher, traveling about Minionland, rarely if at all visits Farlands. We are a small community. We tend to be slightly reclusive. We build for fun and for ourselves mainly, enjoying the company of like-minded people without the need to prove anything. Many Farlanders are storytellers. The community, by large, respects the generated landscape and builds within it to tell our tale and we chose Farlands for this very reason. We generally don't appreciate vast leveling of terrain, oceans or whatnot for 'massive builds' towering over everything else. And while we feel the map is big enough to accommodate the craziness possible in Minecraft, just be respectful around other people's builds and if you are planning something insane ask your neighbours if they are cool with it. Many regular Farlanders are older, and thus also the community. While we cannot be sure of Minionlanders, Farlands could be perceived as a de-facto mature server (+30/40/50) . Naturally we also warmly welcome younger folk who wish to settle here but we aware of this fact and its influence on how we play the game, work and communicate together. We blend together. Blend, blend & blend! So, if you feel this is something for you… hop in through that portal. If not, try it out, we'll blend it. Don't forget Minionland, the folks are equally nice and welcoming, just a different flavour. Same rules and policies as Minionland. Respect each other. No PVP at present. Minionland offers limited PVP possibilities. ***
  2. Heya o/ Today we held the 3rd edition of the minionland tours and, while not as many people showed up as last time (i'm going to blame gophers streaming minecraft simlutaneously and not my poor advertising compared to before) we did still have a great time and got to see some amazing creations in the Farlands and managaed not to visit even more. So The next tour ShawnBoucher and I will try and organise will be either on the 7th or 8th of May, I hope you can all make it! Here's an archive of all the tours so far minus the legendary first one:
  3. The time many of you have been waiting for has finally come. The update is ready and we're doing final checks on a test server. Some time on Saturday the 18th I'll shut down all servers and perform the update. The process will most likely take several hours because there are things I can't prepare in advance. Keep in mind, the date might change if we encounter any major issues before or during the updating process. I'm not giving precise time since I don't know when exactly I'll be available. Make sure to change your Minecraft version to 1.11.2 when the server gets updated.
  4. I have made a gift of this section of the forums for @Algerhard, @kmsparkli, and the assembled Farlanders and Commonwellers for their casual gossip over the back fence. Cheers!
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