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Found 3 results

  1. When I watch Gopher's livestreams of his "Barry" playthrough on the XBone, I'm always amused by his silly answers to the repeated question why he's playing on a console now. So, just for fun, let's come up with some more "reasons" for him to have switched: All those comments that he should play Fallout "as it was intended" worked! So now he's playing on a console, min/maxing his stats, always using VATS, and fast-travelling everywhere. New scientific research shows that the human eyeball explodes if it is exposed to 60 frames per second, so now he's safe on an XBox at 25 fps on average. Bethesda entered a deal with Microsoft to make Fallout 4 XBox-exclusive, so the latest patch turned off the PC and PS4 versions. When you try to start them, you just get an advert for the XBox. Due to an unfortunate head injury, he can no longer deal with the complexity of a keyboard or the dizzying responsiveness of mouse controls. He now requires the soothing simplicity of a controller, to avoid frustrated rage fits. Marketing research shows that people who watch PC-based Let's Plays are often PC owners themselves and capable of using ad-blockers in their browser. To maximise YouTube's his profits, he is now courting the console player demographic. Microsoft paid him to do it, and he sold out. Door-to-door XBox evangelists convinced him to convert to their religion. Phew! That's all I got. Does anybody else have some ideas? Can we get to a full 10 points?
  2. Goatcha

    Harpoon Gun

    So, I finally got around to wiping out the institute and in the process of doing so I picked up one of the secret, supposedly cut-content harpoon guns off the body of one of the super synths. Did not use a mod to get it, just happened to get it in random loot, and was so stoked at the new weapon... until I discovered i can't fire it. Apparently its supposed to use fusion cores, least that's what my better sorting mod says (despite it making no sense), but when I try to reload it says I have none of the appropriate ammunition, sigh. Anyway, just thought I'd post it, let the info filter out.
  3. Its not just the voice acting that doesn't work for Barry, its also now quite clear that there are no low intelligence or failed-skillcheck responses. Yet another example of this game being watered down compared to previous games. No comic low intelligence dialogue, no comic skill-fail dialogue. Also, among many other missing things, no prostitutes. It still irks me as a thematic and immersion thing more than anything else; the world's oldest industry is a major part of all previous games and yet its conspicuously absent here, In Diamond City which doesn't have everything, but also in Goodneighbor which is supposed to be vice-central and Bunker Hill where one would expect services which caravan guards would want to avail themselves of. On another note, a VATS note. Better sights greatly improve VATS accuracy, so for a VATS run you should put the most powerful sight you can on pretty much every weapon, except maybe one or two you want to keep for free-aim.
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