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Found 6 results

  1. This is an effort to catalogue all (interesting) builds that can be found on the server, to make things a little bit easier I divided minionland into 4 districts: NE, NW, SE, SW. For each of those districts the builds will be categorized into build types including but not limited to: house, city, community, monument… Community: mobfarms, traders... have there own cathegory so that they are easy to look up. When you add a build please use the following template (red text are required fields): build name builders
  2. Hi all, So, there's a decent chance that my workplace will be upgrading its computers (for reasons unknown, everything here works fine) and that there MAY be a free Dell Optiplex 3020 in my future. IF that's the case, I'm wondering what sort of work I could do on it to make it a decent gaming rig. I totally understand that this PC will never be a dream computer, but being that I'm currently gaming on a laptop with a 1.8GHz processor and i believe a 1 gig dedicated GPU, this thing might still be an upgrade if I play my cards right. some stats on the PC in question: Intel core i5-
  3. Did not find that topic yet, apart from the odd character build question, but alas, why not gather them here? I'm gonna make a start, but feel free to add your own and discuss (use @<Name> for better referencing). In short, if you don't care or want to endure my video : All-rounder-Build slightly more focused on Alchemy Metamorphisis Mutation Crippling Strikes, Side Effects, Puppet Master, Whirl as most important skills Manticore Gear and Wolven Gear suited can chug a ton of potions, does some of them randomly and for free (no toxicity cost) Calc
  4. 'Twas the month before Christmas, and all across Minecraft, players were building. Claymore's throne room was well-staffed. The tree stood by the throne, a blimp hung in the air, but one Christmas treat just wasn't there. There was cake aplenty, the hall finished with ease, But nowhere, not anywhere could Gopher find his cheese! (Disclaimer: Cheeses may vary widely in color) The Dark Lord himself had made it, this giant fermented wheel, and at its sudden loss his mind did reel. Only one Minion would be so brazen and brash, That dastardly v
  5. Hi all, The time has come for Yggdrasil Isle to (despite the oncoming winter) grow itself a lovely canopy. If you'd like to help out, oak leaves are very welcome and a donation box has been set up under the stairs, inside Yggdrasil itself, located at roughly 800, 600 in the overworld. Slipstream access is available, and if you're coming from the Nether Road the entrance is on the Yellow Road, marked by a pair of trees. You can also take the black road off of the green road (before the purple road) and turn right at the intersection. All my best, Grog
  6. What Playstyle will you play in Fallout 4 ? Melee, Sniper, Stealth, Assault, Run 'N' Gun, Canibal, Psychopath, Hero, Villain ?
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