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Found 10 results

  1. Did not find that topic yet, apart from the odd character build question, but alas, why not gather them here? I'm gonna make a start, but feel free to add your own and discuss (use @<Name> for better referencing). In short, if you don't care or want to endure my video : All-rounder-Build slightly more focused on Alchemy Metamorphisis Mutation Crippling Strikes, Side Effects, Puppet Master, Whirl as most important skills Manticore Gear and Wolven Gear suited can chug a ton of potions, does some of them randomly and for free (no toxicity cost) Calculated: http://www.rpg-gaming.com/tw3.html?v=1&a=0315537595a5&b=15436393&c=0543556285d2&d=e1&l=02012522831141451960770a805916a09b00c26d2d&m=08152232&r=7238&u=8 Happy to hear of your thoughts and builds!
  2. Stumbled upon this mod and couldn't help but think of Gopher needing this salvation The fix is not perfect but it's a lot less immersion breaking. So now instead of rolling down the stairs, Geralt will do a quick little stutter step and keep on moving. Mod link: http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/497/?
  3. personally i never used alt. Quen myself - so i cant say anything about it what about you ? (video by wghost81)
  4. Hey everyone, as a first contribution to this mod section, here's a huge damn mod for Witcher 3 for any people who are still playing it! EDIT: New version posted, if you already downloaded the previous version, please download this one. You just need to drag and drop the Mods folder into Witcher 3 root and overwrite. No additional steps required for the update. It fixes the bug with the Preparation options for restricting talents and level-ups not working. Well, point being, I made it! I would like to look for any people who might want to help test it (it's obviously not done yet, it's at the public alpha stage, it will be in the beta stage when there's only balancing left to be done). The mod is perfectly playable, it should be bug-free, it's fucking expansive (I probably am waay over 10,000 lines of code lol) and has an expansive options menu to go with it (225 options for your customization pleasure). Basically, it overhauls the whole game. That's the short of it, the long of it I will post in a minute. If that is enough incentive for you to try it out (again, it's not just for testing, it's perfectly playable at the moment), then you ought to just scroll down and download it after reading this step: If you are using the talent for medium armor AND wearing any pieces at all, go in-game and remove your armor completely, that's it. Now, for the people who are not convinced and thinking "what's this cunt trying to even say?", here you go: Pastebin Document with Description It's a paste I wrote up for a friend (about 2.5k words if you wanna read that) which lists most (not all) features of the mod and is a smidge outdated. As I stress it in that one, you can find all the information you need in-game, by mousing over skills and reading their description (important to do so and later levels have differing abilities) and opening up your character sheet (press C in your inventory screen) to look at your new and old stats and their modifiers, so you know what to do and what not to do if you want to manage that stat better. If you have any questions, want to talk or whatever else you might need, post on this topic, send me a PM or even better, add me on Steam (and let's be friends! *really awkward hug*) where I am online most of the time and you can expect a quick answer. Any help, feedback or new ideas are appreciated, be they about balancing or new mechanics that I should add. The mod is for the latest version of the game (version 1.22) and is mostly incompatible with other mods. You can freely use texture mods or a mod like AMM (Appearance Mod Menu). Mods like Friendly HUD, Ghost Mode, Preparations, any mod that changes potions in any way, any mod that changes skills, runewords, how skills work, combat, stamina usage, etc are completely and utterly incompatible and even thinking about them will blow your computer up. I have 2 short (and really old) demonstration videos on my channel, here are the respective links: Options Menu and Combat Demonstration (outdated, but a good example) Some Skills, Animations and Low Level Combat Demonstration (again, old, but it does the job of giving you an impression) LINK TO THE MOD: See below. Additional instructions contained inside.
  5. Hi, just a little question, will there be any chance that Gopher will make a book-reading series for Witcher 3 like compiling from the let's play? If you're wondering "Did you skip it all?" then no, I didn't but I sometimes would like hearing them again as background noises, you know, while you are doing the laundry, cooking and stuffs.
  6. Just started playing Witcher 3 with the tutorial and have a problem. After a big fight, the white tutorial dialog box for FOOD popped up and now it will not go away. I continue to play for almost an hour and it continued to remain on the upper right side of my screen....see attachment. If this is posted in wrong place, I apologize, I am not familiar with using forums. Thank you for any assistance. I am new to gaming and this was my first attempt to play Witcher 3. I have tried to attach a small black & white bmp of 32KB to this message, but I keep getting a message that I can't load anything over 51.2KB. I'm just a real dunce at this compter stuff. Witcher problem.pdf
  7. So I'm running around Novigrad - not that it matters much where you are. And every time I run past some pansy ass towns person they call me a freak. Damn game won't let me slap them in the back of the head - which is what I'd do - seriously, you spend a lifetime killing things for a living, you look like he does, and you're going to get lip from some lowlife townie? I need a mod - simple - the sound of an open palm slapping the back of a skull, followed by and owe! - I'd feel so much better.
  8. Hello, this is my first post on this forum so let me just start off I'm a huge fan of Gopher's Witcher let's play. I'm amazed by the quality of the videos and they never fail to amuse me. Now, yesterday, on the Nexus website for Witcher 3, a file popped up with the title "Redkit 3 release". Obviously, everyone thought it was fake, but in the end it seems that it's real. Apparently, it contains an old devkit of The Witcher 3 (build date: 26th February 2015) and was leaked. It wasn't leaked by anyone from CDPR internally and so far the only communication we've heard from them is this: Now to the important part: what does this mean? The kit contains both the redkit level editor, the full wcc.exe (the cooking program of which we received a lite version from cdpr in the form of the modkit) and also the script editor which we already have. Because these are all from an old build, they don't work, but people have worked with them and a couple of people have managed to to open the level editor. However, it crashes a lot (from what I understand, mainly because it's looking for GPU acceleration and it isn't getting access from the driver) and no one has managed to open .w2w files; these are the world files that would allow us to create new worlds, the feature a lot of people are interested in. [https://i.imgur.com/P5B2itX.png] It is still too early to tell if it's possible to use this old build to get a working redkit, but what I can tell you is that a couple of people who were done with Witcher 3 modding (due to the hacky nature of modding that was not scripts or texture related) have returned to the TW3 modding scene at once and are working hard on reverse-engineering this stuff, in the hopes of getting it to work properly. If the redkit never works, the leak might still be of some value, as the full wcc.exe program might allow us to cook and uncook some more files than the lite program which we have right now. Stuff like hairworks for Ciri and Triss might be possible, however we don't know if those file formats have changed since that old build. Today should be an exciting day because of a couple of reasons: First of all, if this gets figured out, it means that a new wind will blow through the Witcher 3 modding community. Better mod tools might attract more people and we might see more and generally better mods because the tools are better. Secondly, we might finally hear something from CDPR about modding. So far, they have pretty much kept their mouth shut on why they didn't release the redkit and even stated that they had no plans for it, whereas before the launch of the game, they had hinted at a release of the redkit multiple times. Getting an official statement from them on the reasons for not releasing it would be nice for a lot of people, as there is generally a lot of frustration about this in the Witcher 3 community. (If you're not sure about what I'm talking about, check out Gopher's Witcher 3 - let's Q & A video) And thirdly, it's going to be interesting to see what stance CDPR will take on this. Should people get the devkit to work, will they distance themselves from it, saying that any mods made with it are illegal? Or will they embrace it, saying that if it's leaked they might as well do it properly, pay the licensing fees (which might be the reason they haven't released it in the first place) and release a proper version of it themselves? Either way, I'm excited and so should you guys be if you're interested in Witcher 3 modding. I will keep this post updated if I hear any news. Greetings to you all, and have a nice day. P.S. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the link to the forum where the leak first appeared (because it is highly likely that this leak is illegal), but if you want to know more about this, you might want to check out the thread about this on the CDPR forums: http://forums.cdprojektred.com/threads/62875-Redkit-3-released
  9. Hi guys I'd like to present to you my comprehensive Witcher 3 modding guide: The Return Of The White Wolf This guide's main aim is to make the game a better experience, improving all of the game aspects and focusing specifically on the following areas: Graphics - improved textures and models Realism and immersion - introducing mods that enhance the gaming experience Challenge and balance - making the game more difficult and demanding, but still fun and entertaining Lore - remaining friendly to The Witcher universe lore, including the previous games and the books This last part is very important to me, so you can rest assured that if you follow this guide, you'll get The Witcher experience as close to the books as possible and the one that will be serious and realistic. The guide is using step-by-step method to instruct users how to install the mods. It's listed from top down and it is advised to install the mods in that order to make sure that all directions are followed correctly and no steps are missed. It covers everything, from calibrating your monitor, through user file edits to in-game configuration. Hope you find it useful! A lot of work went into it and I'm very pleased with the result. Enjoy!
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