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Found 20 results

  1. Not sure where else to put this, but since i'm not COOL enough to be invited to the 76 event but i have a lot of things i want to talk about 76 and the future of Fallout but i dont have any 76 footage of my own to use as the background so i was wondering...hoping...maybe our Dark Lord would let me use his footage as a backdrop (with credit of course) for my discussion....our you know maybe can come up with another suggestion....
  2. Heyo, bit of an odd question, but did Gopher(or whoever created the website) code in the recent videos? Are they manually updated as Gopher uploads to youtube or is it automatic? And if automatic, how was that done in order to fetch the most recent video? Sorry for the strange question and if this isn't the right place for it. -Jcarpet
  3. Can we swap round the background/foreground theme colours? All the white and light colours are quite painful on an experienced adventurer's tired old oculars. It would be nice to be able to read the forums by relaxing candlelight instead of the blaring glare of 30 inches of phosphorescence. Please help?
  4. I know im late to the party but how do i get permissions after joining discord? Account: Shadowlyn Was not sure where to put this..
  5. i typed in " fo4 wandering traders " looking to find if anybody knew where to find the wandering trade stall you can place in settlement after loading mods 'homemaker & tinas appocalapse ' when to my surprise at the top of the page [ jumps you near the bottom of page ] you find a fo4 mod vid titled " spreading love & artillery " episode 49. i was surprised because when you click on mod vids for fo4 you get 2 choices ' clinic & vault ' . clinic has 4 eps & vault has 42 when you scroll down so how do i get to watch vids from 43 to 49 & any others beyond 49 when i can't scroll past 42 ?. how do i also remove my question if i've found the answer to my posted question myself while waiting for some help [ i've found the answer to my tinas question ] ?.
  6. This is not a big deal, but the last couple of weeks (not every time I come here but sometimes) I see double and sometimes triple avatars (icon pic of the people here) on the forums home page. I don't know if it's because they are logged in twice, I don't think so, because right now I have logged in twice to take screen shot and am posting. Like I said no big deal, but thought you might want to know.
  7. In Gopher's video about installing and using BodySlide, he demonstrates how to configure the BodySlide tool in NMM. If I access the BodySlide folder outside NMM the 64bit exe. is available. If I try to configure the tool through the "supported tools" button in NMM the exe. file does not show up via the window that pops up upon clicking upon the config. option and therefore I cannot complete the configuration process within NMM. The same applies when I attempt to configure FO4edit through NMM. I cannot exit the provided window to access the exe. files outside of that window and still proceed with the config. process. Any suggestions?
  8. Is there way I can download videos on my phone, so I can watch them offline?
  9. I was noticing the last couple of days how the retired staff member Xelphos is using the TeamSpeak server to rally people up against other staff members and Gopher himself. I just go there to play games and have fun, not to be confronted with his personal drama. I confronted him with that in a private conversation, asking him to take his drama out of the gaming channels. Because he didn't like what I had to say he permanently banned me from TeamSpeak. All I wanted to have a drama free time playing games with people, now being punished for standing up for that. So I have to ask the question who does this TeamSpeak server actually represent at the moment? It doesn't seem to be Gopher or his interests, it seems to be run by people who are not interested in Gophers community at all anymore, creating drama and banning people who don't like it.
  10. I think it's a website question, but whenever I go into the calendar I can create a event, so I just wanted to know what's up with that because I never see any events on the forum. Also the event section on the home page is gone.
  11. Just wanted to say that during my membership registration process, the email validation was very quick. The email arrived instantly and the link recognized my login with no problem. Whatever system you are using, it works great.
  12. I don't think there already is one. It seems easier to manage than Teamspeak (and free!) I know a few minions have it, so might be useful. Thanks, Brin
  13. how do i put a pitcher on my profile like other people have? whats the difference between website & forum? there both the same aren't they?
  14. I am confused about the location thing on my profile. I used to have my location on there but then it just disappeared. So then I tried typing it again, but now all I can do is type California plus 2 other characters so yeah anyone have any ideas on what's going on?
  15. Mods I am not sure where this question should go. Please move it to the right location on the forum. I am currently supporting gophersgaming thru the paypal auto monthly donations in the channel. I would perfer to donate to the main channel since I don't watch the regularly scheduled streams over there. I know it all goes in the same bank account but donating to the programs I like is my way of saying I prefer these types of games over the others. I know I'm weird like that...
  16. Has anyone cataloged by topic, quest, or title Gopher's episodes? I noticed he didn't use titles so much in the early years and there are times I would like to go back and see a specific episode.
  17. So when you highlight "Mouse Over" a section of your drop down navigation it is highlighted in white (the same color as the font) if you could just change the font color of the text when it is being scrolled over/moused over/whatever you want to call it.
  18. Right now im going back to modding my games after significant pause (with two goals - trying out STEP suggested setup for Skyrim and TTW for FO3+FNV, both using Mod Organizer) - and re-watching some of the Gopher's tutorials in the process. I have found all tutorial playlists on his channel without much problems, but at some point i have remembered about certain video with memory problems/solutions testing - and i could not find it myself... And so i decided to test search function on this site - by just entering 'memory' in the search field. And there it is - 4th in the results, Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 84: Skyrim Memory Patch (Fix freezes and crashes) In fact all search results were highly relevant, 3 videos and 5 mods. So i guess this is success - right?
  19. So I checked the website and am not sure if I found a typo or something... (if it's automatic, it could be repeating itself, which could be a problem, i guess... not an IT guy, as you can tell by now). Attached a photo. It says 2014. even though the videos were made this year. Only noticed it here, could be elsewhere too. My apologies if I'm just imagining things and everything is as it should be. wut.dib
  20. It would be cool if we could watch a video, while roaming around the site (for instance participating in the forums) and the video continues playing in the top right hand corner (orany customisable position). I realise if I open the video in a new tab and then participate in the forums in a secondary tab, I would be able to continue listening to the video, (which is fine for videos where visuals are not important such as minions monthly) but this is an inadequate solution for a lets play video. This may require a repositioning of certain interactive interface items with the prioritisation of the video. Example attached:
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