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Found 10 results

  1. We will no longer be checking the Forums for Recruitment, instead please check out the Warframe channel on our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/gophersvidsdiscord.gg/gophersvids
  2. I would like to contribute to the fashionframe of our dojo. Is there a way that I can get the rank of Architect? IGN: Wholfe1999
  3. Hello, I've a couple of questions about the Gopher's Minions clan I want to ask before asking about joining. First off, is it still accepting members? Is the clan limited to subscribers/Patreons? Would we be expected to take part in any PVP events, if they should return in the future? Would we be expected to be active in the clan beyond giving materials to stay? I think that's everything; thank you for your time.
  4. Are you prepared? Seriously, this thing will probably take an assload of Nitain, Neurodes, Mutagen Masses, and other squiggly stuff.
  5. Merry Tennobaum, everyone. To all you wayward Tenno and miscreants, the holidays have come to Warframe. To celebrate the holiday, I will be helping newer people to the game gather credits and affinity. To the veteran players, we all remember that slog to 100k credits just to buy that carrier blueprint, only to find out we need another 25k just to craft it, and so on and so forth. I am inviting those of @Gopher community (and the goofy bar steward himself) who have might of had an interest in Warframe but have never tried it, who stopped because they hit a wall (like with credits), or any other reason, I will help you do what you need to do. There are only a few requirements. 1) You must be part of the clan, or ask for an invite to the clan (just post your IGN here and I will invite you!) 2) I must actually be awake. Sorry, but I am not as fueled by caffeine as I used to be. That and my lady love would kill me if I pulled anymore 24/48 hour gaming sessions. 3) I get a few minutes break (5-10) between farming sessions or missions. I love helping others, but I do have carpel tunnel in both hands (the right is worst than the left) and I do need a few minutes break. And that's it! Hope to see you in game. Merrily, Dat Lobo
  6. I realise this is a very late post to make considering Gopher does not seem to play Warframe much anymore but i was wondering if there was any chance of the Second Dream quest being uploaded to his livestream archive channel? It is no longer watchable on twitch as it was too long ago to watch the archive version and I never got a chance to see him play it (due to my semi-recent warframe start). If there was any chance to watch it i would very much appreciate it Thanks in advance.
  7. The 4GB Update 18.5 for Warframe was distributed yesterday and included a complete lighting and shadows overhaul, alongside new features and content. Although the lighting changes may seem subtle at first, their impact is quite significant. Fascinated by the new look and feel of the game I spend half of my day tinkering to improve the quality of my recordings to capture this as best I could. The YouTube compression will eat most of that of course, but I think it's a big improvement compared to my previous content. I hope you enjoy.
  8. Although I would consider Gopher and TB to be partners in crime if you will, I don't really want to promote another YouTuber on here. Just let you guys know, if you haven't already noticed, that TotalBiscuit got addicted to Warframe Resulting in a few Videos, Streams and a lot of mentions on the Co-Optional Podcast if you can't get enough Warframe entertainment. New Players and Beginners might want to take a look at this though: https://soundcloud.com/totalbiscuit/warframe-primer-draft-take I remember when I started playing and it's still hard to find good up to date starter guides. So I really appreciate this, TB sat down and explains the most important things you want to know.
  9. I guess many people have bugged Gopher by now to take a look at the new content in Warframe, so one more shouldn't make that much of a difference right? I just wanted to say, if you read this, that even if you are not interested in this game at all anymore, I still would suggest playing the Second Dream Quest, so you could end all those mindless hours of grinding on a high note with the best quest they ever did, which also explains everything and would make a great ending. Also, I think I speak for all the clan members, we would really like to see your reaction to the quest. A lot of other Warframe YouTubers did that and it is very entertaining for us, so maybe if you managed to avoid the spoilers till now, you want to think about that, it would make a lot of people very happy.
  10. Hey Minions! Today I spend some time trying to record a spy mission without triggering any alarms and making it look good while doing it. I'm also planing to record a game with some of the other Clan TS regulars, maybe to showcase and explain some special mission types or something along these lines.
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