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Found 2 results

  1. 1) Main Nether slipstream upgrade: Since @Pajoonk made me a member of the ministry of transport (for the main nether-slipstreams), I have been going around the main Nether SS. While doing that, I noticed that they mostly use 1 row of ice with 1 row of lowered slabs or something similar next to it (see picture). Because most of them are only 2 rows wide I already started to widen them to a 3 wide SS so 2 people can use it at the same time. (EDIT: east and west SS are widened) Since boats are slightly wider than 1 block, they will always be on top of the ice and lose no speed as long as there are no blocks right next to the ice (on the same top-level). Since the slipstreams don’t have any defences against ghast whatsoever, I’m planning to add walls and ceiling to them. For the walls, I would suggest a design like in the picture above to shield the SS from ghasts. While they can still see you through the small gaps created by the slabs, they cannot hit you because of the fences (I tested it in singleplayer). You can however kill the ghasts from within the SS with the use of arrows. As you can see the pillars in the ‘walls’ have a dyed block (clay in this case), the colour of the dye is supposed to match the colour of the highway underneath giving players a way to easily orientate themselves. A second way to help the player orientating themselves would be by adapting the redstone torch code used in the overworld sipstreams (see this post by Pajoonk) This thing is definitely happening but the design may change. Any help is welcome, just don't place the slabs directly next to the ice yet so that we won't need to remove them if we would actually put the rails there. 2) Possible second upgrade: merging nether SS with the highway rails Now the second upgrade, and this is where we need feedback and approval. While working on the SS, I got the idea to replace the lowered slabs next to the ice with rails basically combining the railway with the nether SS in 1 tunnel (see picture). The rails would be removed from the current highways. Underneath I listed some pro’s and contra’s for this idea. Please provide feedback. 2.1) Stops The use of the RT-code will warn players of important stops giving them enough time to stop so that we won’t need a special unpowered rail for every stop. Simple stops: just a simple 1 wide gap in the guardrail as sugested by Pajoonk, it shouldn't interfere with the slipstream Bigger stops: this would use pistons to cover a gap of 2 or more blocks Requires a 1 block raise of all the SS to use the redstone required to operate the piston doors without breaking the roof of the highway (unless someone finds an other way). The redstone contraption is really simple and looks like this. The button should be accessible from both sides and lowers the piston-guardrail when pressed. The button might be replaced by a presureplate or tripwire, but this would allow accidental activation by pigmen (who seem to be rather common in the SS at the moment). If the gap woudn't be closed, wall-hugging travelers could 'lose control', thats also why we would suggest against using levers so people can't forget to reactivate the gaurdrails. 3) To do list/ progress tracker 4) Requirements These can be dropped off at the ministry’s donation chest near spawn, in the suply cests in the nether SS hub or in my personal MTC slot (slot 7). And @Rodzyn just to let the staff be known on these plans, and get there approval for the second part and the possible 2-3 block raise of the SS. We where also wondering if we could use the schematica printer function to raise the SS if we where to do that. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to vote. - Krikkeee
  2. Since @Gopher released his video with idea of Taxi service mod, thoughts about mod which will resolve fast travel problem haunts me. I'm not much good at modding (value tweaks and simple texture editing/fixing is the best i can do), so i probably won't be able to make mod, that i imagined. Because of this i giving my idea to your judgement - maybe someone would like it and feel that he/she will be able to make it in full scale. Features This mod will allow Vault Dweller to obtain (repair, actually) his/her own nonfaction vertibird and pilot for it, which can accompany him/her through all the travelling around Commonwealth. Quest to obtain it will be able even on 1st level, but completion will depend on player's effort and skill (possible, but hard on low levels, and pretty easy for high leveled character). It will work just like standard BoS vertibird, but with some additional features (of course if it will be possible). 1. It will have slightly increased amount of hit points and minigun with incendiary ammo, but also custom Phoenix paint... or stickers/pinups etc. 2. At the arriving to destination it won't kick our hero from vertibird and fly away. You should get out by yourself if you want it. After you get out the machine it will take off and provide a fire support if enemies attacking you, and land in the same place, when area is clear, then it will remain where you left it, unless you give the pilot different order or untill you call vertibird to another place by shooting flare or placing smoke grenade / radio beacon. 3. When you're calling vertibird into a middle of warzone it will land only when all enemies will be eliminated. 4. Vertibird have some kind of trunk to store loot from your adventures. And lots of it, because vertibird is pretty powerful thing. But it can be accessed only through pilot's dialog (can be implemented like pilot's inventory). 5. When shot down (even with Vault Dweller aboard) it will fall but won't explode. Pilot-mechanic will be injured, but not dead. Vault Dweller will lost 2/3 of his/her Health Points and chest and head structure, hands and legs will be completely broken. Then "Patching the bird" quest will start. 6. It will be able to send vertibird to any owned settlement, but can be repaired only in those which have built "Vertibird landing pad". It will remain there and repair until Vault Dweller call/send it to another place. 7. Vertibird have it's own radio beacon, so you always will be able to find it. About mod name and Story in short For now i have named this mod "Phoenix reborn". Story is based on repairing vertibird, which is lifework of russian prewar-ghoul mechanic and his son (surprisingly smoothskin), and his dream to return back to the fatherland, because he believes that destructive Great War and total atomic annihilation can't really cover whole area of Russian country, especially Siberia and Far East (it's really was no reasons to drop (waste?) warheads into wild Taiga, where population density is 0,5 human on square kilometer). Full Story Special rewards. Additional materials: Description and story isn't everything i've made. Also i found place with existing military post North of Glowing Sea. Built there Alex's workshop as i see it. Not fully detailed. Just some sort of sketch. Recorded a little video, showing what i've made. Made a complete view of Alex, ready to copy to mod with FaceRipper. (One preview and second preview) I've built dialog tree for main quest and repair quest. It's mostly base on male voice files. Don't know if every phresa exists in female version too, but mostly it must be okay. Post Scriptum I'm posting this idea on this forum in first place, mostly because it was inspired by @Gopher, and it's actually his idea, evolved into something more detailed. But also because unfortunately Nexusmods "Request mod" section is flooded by minor mod requests like "i need another slooty suit, like bla-bla-bla... could someone make it?"... Good ideas are very few and hard to find in all that junk. So i believe my idea will be lost in this tonns of useless (IMO) mod request... just like another good ideas (yep, it's selfish, but i think my idea is good... not prefect, but good). I hope, that topic will attract Gophers attention and he will tell his opinion on it... whether this idea worth or worthless to be implemented. P.p.s. As always i apologize for lot's of errors in my text, because English isn't my native language.
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