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  1. And there are more... Skingrad, Roscrea, Jindo, Anvil, Chorrol, Borders... It is expected al least two of these will be released in 2018.
  2. So, some of you may know I have my own tiny youtube channel, 99% of which concerns a game called Anarchy Online content. I've previously also published playthroughs of FO4 and The Witcher 3, and I've now finally succumbed to the Elder Scrolls itch I've had for a while. Feel free to join me for the journey.
  3. I started Enderal: Forgotten Staries but in the perk screen (Strange Place/Meditation) the RB does not activate the meditation power to exit the "Inbetween." Any one else having this problem? Anyone solved it?
  4. aura0000

    Body Slide

    I recently watched Gopher's Video regarding Body Slide. I thought the video was great! However, I cannot get it to work on my computer, the image is mottled, so mottled that I cannot view what I am doing. I have a laptop with a 960M NVidea card. My OpenGL version is 4.5. The pictures in the Youtube video were so clear but mine is so bad that I cannot see what I am doing.
  5. Greetings fellow nerds! I was just wondering, do you guys think that Gopher will take time and make a Skyrim Mod Sanctuary review of the amazing mod Legacy of the Dragonborn that he uses for his Leonard play through? I personally love that mod and have spend countless of hours with it and I just scratched the surface of that mod most likely. I can tell that he enjoys that mod so I was hoping that it would come a Skyrim Mod Sanctuary video for that one. Have an awesome day /MageThief
  6. Hello Minions I'm a little confused about the ending scene of Leonard's Skyrim SE Chapter 1 LP. Can someone explain the background to that little revenge with tummy acke sweetroll ? I must have missed something. Maybe because I did not have time to continue watching after episode 20 or so, and had the rest of the LP piling in Watch Later for a few months unfortunately. Anyway, I got ill recently and had time to catch up (Gopher LP = best medicine imo ) and now I have watched all the episodes of 1st chapter according to YT. I remember Leonard wanting to steal the Love bug in a jar from the temple in Riften. From the note in the ending I assume he tried, got caught and Maramal sent some bandits on Leonard to rough him up? I would appreciate if someone could give me a short summary, or point me to the episodes where this little story unfolds. Thanks in advance
  7. hey guys just wondering how many people are playing oldrim i have 900 hours over past 6 years i have own it lol .
  8. Title pretty much sums it up. Specifically, the mod manager for Skyrim, if there are any more than one. I saw one in his Special Edition Mod List video, if anyone can tell me it's name?
  9. Hello fellow minions, and potentially Gopher, i am a big fan of the channel and of Gopher's lifesaving modding tutorials, but i seem to have run into a problem that i cant find a satisfactory answer to. You see, a short while ago everything was running fine and all my mods were playing nice (well except for some outdoor lighting inconsistency, but i considered that minor) the trouble aroused when i tried to fix the lighting issue. I had (and still have) the realistic lighting overhaul installed but for some reason when in the south of the map (riften or falkreath) the nights would be absolute pitch black while the rest of the outdoor areas had more than enough light. I tried to fix this by uninstalling and reinstalling the mod in the nexus mod manager. I started up the game to see if this had fixed my problem but as it was daytime in that save i decided to do a bit of exploring and found that when my head went underwater the entire screen was covered by a single sea-green color and that i couldn't see anything at all. I looked around for a bit to find a fix but the fixes i found all caused the water to loose the look of being underwater by either taking away the color and the blur one gets from being underwater, by just taking away the blurriness and the fog that limits underwater view ("the green water fix" mod on nexus), i then tried to download the pure waters mod as this seemed to fix the problem for some people but did absolutely nothing for me. The only page i could find that had a person who shared my wanting of the underwater effect back in its entirety was in an ancient forum and in the end they didn't even try the things suggested (which i did without success), instead he wound up uninstalling and reinstalling his game. Now i would like to avoid re-installation of skyrim as my PC takes quite a few hours to install any game of substantial size, then it would take another good few hours to reinstall all the mods (sadly i simply don't have that kind of time right now and wont for quiet a while). I did notice in my reasearch to fix this bug that this may not be a mod issue as its a bug that also occurs in the base game. So looong story shot, i have the infamous green water glitch with no idea what caused it and no idea of how to PROPERLY fix it (not just doing a half-assed "hey i can see!! Wait.. i can see absolutely everything that's underwater for miles.. welp, forget immersion" i will try nearly anything that is suggested and i will test it as soon as i can.
  10. ok now i know playing on pc with mouse and keyboard is better then playing with controller, but i like to play some single player games with controller. on the og skyrim when i panned my character left to right it stutters but the movement is fine. also when using skyui opening the inventory seem to 3 seconds slow for some reason would like some help please and thank you;
  11. hey people i was just wondering about skyrim since skse64 is now out for skyrim se, but i want to do a play through with mod like skyre.been thinking about it for awhile now, i know the special edition is more stable and performs better then og skyrim, just wanting opinion on the matter thanks
  12. I have searched the internet for an explanation on why MO suddenly will not execute an SKSE boot of Skyrim after having what I think was a corruption issue with one mod which I removed. MO can boot a vanilla Skyrim but issues a "failed to spawn "Mod Organizer": failed to start process (Access is denied. [5[). I searched several websites in which this particular problems was brought up, none having the cause or fix. I removed SKSE and reloaded using Gopher's direction in the No. 4 video for MO. This was installed on a Windows 10 Pro OS. I went so far as to ensure even though I have Administrator's rights on the Skyrim folder and that all subfolders and files also have full rights, I gave my user login full rights as well with no change. I didn't see any forum mention of the problem so I bring it up for you to consider. I'm out of ideas. Thanks guys. -dmz
  13. Hello everyone! Gopher's recent announcement that he was starting up XCOM 2 again (with WOTC) made me quite excited... partially because I've spent several months making mods for XCOM 2, two of them being Skyrim-based! It seems fitting. I created an account here to share them here, in hopes he'll use them in his playthrough (they're purely cosmetic): Ebontech Armor (based on Ebony Armor, has customizable lights via Secondary Color): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1148565732 Derejin Helmet Pack (based on the Iron and Ebony helmets): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1124260414 And while not Skyrim-based, Adam Jensen Arm Prosthetics: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1190827510
  14. Couple of weeks back when skse was released, i managed to port SkyUI and other mods with SSE. Ever since i wanted to try to port Requiem but the Skyproc patcher was causing problems. So i decided to use an older requiem version. 1.8 still had the skyproc, so i used the 1.7 version. Reinstalled SSE fresh with just SkyUI, SKSE and the unofficial patch along with Climates of Tamriel. Game starts of well, for some reason the game wants to troll Ralof and made him look like an African American, but i feel that might be due WICO. WICO just makes the vanilla character faces butt ugly, so i had to install it. Faced some graphical glitches in the initial cart scene, but nothing once i started the game. Considering i died like half a dozen times, combat seems to work fine. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198024417755/screenshots/?appid=489830 Below are the screenshots Carry weight, damage, the perks seems to work fine. So far so good, had no crashes till now, everything is smooth and i am standing right outside the cave...
  15. So just a crazy idea i had for some new merch. Between Premiere and a few resources for other projects i realized i could make some pretty fancy DVD box sets and got to wondering how cool would it be to pop a dvd out of a case slip it into the set top box and watch a season of Gopher's lets play, no internet connection required. I dunno just a crazy idea i thought i'd throw out there for our Dark Lord
  16. Please someone, anyone help me. I'm so tired of all this technical issues with pc. I jumped right in off xbox1 with having very little to no pc experience. I love mods and the way the game looks. That being said I bought skyrim the original because it has a ton of mods on nexus. However the game will not load with any mods, cuts out right after Bethesda logo pops up. I don't get error code or anything. I Have nexus mod manager and have been using it for oblivion and skse. Yes, I do own skyrim special edition as well and can mod somewhat ok. I bough the original cause there is like 8x more mods. This does me no good if I cant play the game with mods. If I disable mods the game loads fine. I don't see how it could be mods when no matter what mod it is even the patch it wont load. Getting tired of this and don't know what to do. Please if anyone has any suggestions explain it as simply as possible. Thank you
  17. I really got hooked on mods with xbox and skyrim. I bought a pc so I could get deep into mods. Recently been playing skyrim and have mods threw nmm and haven't had "too" much trouble. Just a couple days ago I downloaded Oblivian and went to the scan part on nexus to get set up. Oblivian never showed up and now when I try to get into my nmm manager a grey box pops up and says skyrim is not set up to work on nexus and if you have game installed, to rescan. On the top of the box it says unrecognized game. The major problem is I cant open nexus to scan any games now because I cant get past the grey box. I really enjoy mods and would like to continue but this is a bit overwhelming. Could anyone please help with terminology for a beginner. I have watched Gophers video on installing Nexus but I need help on getting into it now. PLEASE HELP!
  18. download mods off nexus sight without using mod manager? I cant get into my nmm manager and I would like to download knew mods but I cant because I have a grey box that tells me skyrim is not set up too work on nexus. I cant get into it and scan games or anything. Just started this crap because I had xbox and got hooked on mods. Really starting to regret that decision. Also what about mod order? Downloading manually I don't know if it would mess up the order? Sleepless in Pasco!
  19. I can't get into my nmm. I have it downloaded and some mods already working. I tried to scan oblivian and now I can't even get into nmm anymore. Grey box open and says nmm is not set up to work with skyrim. I can't get past grey box to scan any games now. Should have never got oblivian. Please help with terminology for dummies please.
  20. i already have script extender for my skyrim mods. do i need to add another script extender for mods i want to do to f.o new vegas?
  21. Greetings MINIONS! For your consideration: Introducing ENB series for Skyim Special Edition! A detailed overview and noob-friendly installation guide for the ENB 0.310 (ENB 310) graphics mod , including some tips for basic setup and configuration. We also cover the process for updating ENB in the future, and many other little tips and tricks. Learn about the features of ENB for Skyrim Special Edition from the ground floor with the first entry in this new video series.
  22. I am trying to figure out why Skyrim NPC voices are cutting in the middle of sentence, of missing entirely. This is not personal help request, but information gathering. I am poking around different forums, trying to gather what I can about this problem. There are currently two problems appearing in PC version of Skyrim. NPC voices are cut out in the middle of the sentence, like they would leave one word out. Some players are telling me that they can not hear NPC voices at all. What we have tried? So far Steam Skyrim forum regulars have considered this being either a third party software issue, or extended problem from Esbern voice bug. As we know, Esbern's voice isn't always working correctly during the quest Cornered Rat. Simple solution was to delete Skyrim.ini and than allow the game to reconfigure and generate a new file. This forced game to register sound archive correctly, so that Esbern got his voice back and the quest could proceed normally. I have recommended trying this method for fully disappeared NPC voices as well, but for some reason it does not seem to work for all players suffering from problems with entirely lost NPC voices. Some players found that unpacking Skyrim - Sounds.bsa to their game folder solved the problem for them. I need to stress out that I do not consider this as a good practice and would rather find a proper solution for this. It looks more and more that Skyrim is just unable to register NPC voices for some players. Other voices work just fine. The problem with cut voices has been around for a while, but completely missing NPC voices is a new one. What I am asking? New ideas from peoples in this forum. Maybe willingness to test out possible solutions, if you are suffering from this problem. I am trying to follow the conversation in several forums. So far I have not found a proper solution, which follows good modding practices. Edit: After posting this here, discussion in Steam took a step forward. Right now it looks like every person who did not benefit from redoing their Skyrim.ini file was returning from Enderal. So far peoples having problems with lost voices and did not come from Enderal seem to have fixed their problems by redoing Skyrim.ini file. I asked about relevant game changes and even Enderal directly in some cases, but apparently some players decided to withhold the information from us. They decided that this information was not relevant for us to know, or that Enderal changes were fully removed from their game. TL;DR: Currently it looks like that redoing configuration files should fix the problem. I will update the post, if new information comes up - if only to keep the information in this forum as well.
  23. Dear Minions and Dark Lord, The other day when searching for nice music to listen to while doing boring work, I stumped onto the youtuber Malukah and the covers she has for Skyrim, and some more very good songs (in my opinion), including the cover for The Wolven Storm (Priscilla's Song in The Witcher 3). And... I found that this great artist has worked with the youtuber miracleofsound in: SKYRIM SONG - Legends Of The Frost by Miracle Of Sound ft. Malukah Later when listening and looking on his songs I found this comment of miracleofsound: Special thanks to Gophergaming for mod expertise and video capture on this one Check out his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/GophersVids under the video titled SKELLIGE WINDS - Witcher 3 Song by Miracle Of Sound So nice to find this! I really like the music from both artists!! Probably lots of you already knew this (sorry), however for some of us, new to these lands, I think it can be a nice discovery to enjoy! Just wanted to share this PS. I hope this is the right place to put this topic (first topic I create and not sure where it should go).
  24. So I'm getting ready to start a new playthrough in Skyrim, and I'm aiming for a Kingpin-esque Dark Lord (Necromancer Arch-Mage, Assassin, Thief, Vampire). My thought is to take charge of the darkest aspects of Skyrim, and I need a good suggestion for a player home mod that would be appropriate. I've never actually done a fully evil playthrough (even my vampire playthrough, he was unwilling, and became a vampire hunter type vampre), so I'm completely in the dark (hah. hah. hah.) about the types of sinister dwellings are out there. Thoughts?
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