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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all. I decided to start a new Skyrim SE game from the ground up. I did a complete wipe (mods and game) and redownloaded the game from Steam. I am now using Vortex. I installed SKSE64 and it seemed to go fine. However, I am receiving an error when I try to launch Skyrim with the skse_loader.exe stating 'Couldn't find TESV.exe.' My skyrim folder contains SkyrimSE.exe and SkyrimSELauncher.exe but no TESV.exe. I am able to launch Skyrim via Steam, Vortex or the desktop icon that was created when the game was installed, but of course SKSE will not work. I took screenshots of t
  2. I was wondering why when I go to SAVE or LOAD - the system menu does that annoying thunk multiple times - Having recently started nearly 10 games as I experiment with different mods, such as Skyrim Unbound (and 144 others) I noticed a bit of a pattern. So, I was up to level 20 with my current play (which I'm planning to take to the 'end', and I get 4 THUNKS every time I go to save. Yet, newer games with fewer saves had none or 1, or even 2 - So, I pulled up ShowRaceMenu and saved my character with a new name - which has the effect of creating a new save list for the character (previous sa
  3. Finally - perhaps Gopher will be able to find a sword that fits Lenny better than those big, clunky things that just don't fit with his refined sense of style. Note: there are patches for Wildcat and WILCO. - also Legacy of the Dragon Born has and update to the recent 4.0 that patches for Immersive Weapons.
  4. Greetings MINIONS! For your consideration: Introducing ENB series for Skyim Special Edition! A detailed overview and noob-friendly installation guide for the ENB 0.310 (ENB 310) graphics mod , including some tips for basic setup and configuration. We also cover the process for updating ENB in the future, and many other little tips and tricks. Learn about the features of ENB for Skyrim Special Edition from the ground floor with the first entry in this new video series.
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