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Found 13 results

  1. Thanks to @NafNaf_95 we have a fairly large TeamSpeak 3 server (512 slots). If you are interested in joining us on TeamSpeak you will first need to download the client from Here! If you are unsure of which version to download (32-bit or 64-bit) then just download the 32-bit version. TeamSpeak 3 Server Address: ts.gophersvids.com To get permissions on the TeamSpeak server please refer to this post: https://community.gophersvids.com/forum/4-news-announcements-and-general-site-information/
  2. Hi everyone! I thought I would start this thread because like many of you, I too was also curious about this issue and it seems to be a conversation we all have every now and again. Like many of you, I too am hoping to one day see the server updated. Please be aware that it isn't just a simple flick of a switch. There are currently 29 plugins that the server works with, it may not seem like it but all you have to do it type in /plugins into the chat to produce this information. Because the server we all love is using so many plugins that we all need and appreciate, it makes it harder to perform a MC version update. The plugins have to be up to date as well. There may be a few that were coded a certain way that will cross versioning but keep in mind this is rare. For the most part and as a general rule, all plugins should be up to date to match the MC version in order to reduce any possible errors or glitches. Lastly, I'm not 100% what our server type is, it could be bukkit, spigot, etc. Either way I don't remember seeing this information anywhere or maybe I just missed it. This may make the information below inaccurate. Regardless of this fact, I did a little research of my own and compiled a list of the plugins with there most current available version. I know we all have an interest in this. Maybe by all of us contributing to this cause, we could find solutions to the things holding us back. Maybe some of you have connections with modders that would be able to update some of these mods? Either way, you can see there's quiet a number of them holding us back from upgrading. Maybe we can help the Admins out in these small ways.
  3. Welcome to Farlands A welcome to all settlers and visitors and an invitation to get informed on the established community and the lay of the land. Ask around, we're always ready to help, get you started, get you settled, point a way, inform you on projects and regions. We may be a bit reluctant at first, but once we melt, we're tasty and soft as butter. So, the big question; 'The difference between Farlands & Minionland? Farlands is mostly a rural gateway. Quiet, peaceful, chill. We are a bunch of people who enjoy playing in the Gopher spirit. The Dark Lord Gopher, traveling about Minionland, rarely if at all visits Farlands. We are a small community. We tend to be slightly reclusive. We build for fun and for ourselves mainly, enjoying the company of like-minded people without the need to prove anything. Many Farlanders are storytellers. The community, by large, respects the generated landscape and builds within it to tell our tale and we chose Farlands for this very reason. We generally don't appreciate vast leveling of terrain, oceans or whatnot for 'massive builds' towering over everything else. And while we feel the map is big enough to accommodate the craziness possible in Minecraft, just be respectful around other people's builds and if you are planning something insane ask your neighbours if they are cool with it. Many regular Farlanders are older, and thus also the community. While we cannot be sure of Minionlanders, Farlands could be perceived as a de-facto mature server (+30/40/50) . Naturally we also warmly welcome younger folk who wish to settle here but we aware of this fact and its influence on how we play the game, work and communicate together. We blend together. Blend, blend & blend! So, if you feel this is something for you… hop in through that portal. If not, try it out, we'll blend it. Don't forget Minionland, the folks are equally nice and welcoming, just a different flavour. Same rules and policies as Minionland. Respect each other. No PVP at present. Minionland offers limited PVP possibilities. ***
  4. Hello Commonwellers (my personal name for us), Here's a plan of the Parliament (Home of the Commonwealth). Open it in Paint to see it better.
  5. Hello, Fellow Minion. The Crossroad, the capital of MinionLand, Founded by @Just Louise, however over 30 days ago he kinda quit, so alo of the plots he had under his control kinda stayed empty now. and that lead to the Planning office also stopping. Until @Darkfire gave me the rights to manage the plots, (reason why is because i was mainly the last member of the crossroad planning office). so i guess you can say i have taken over as the "Landlord" or what ever you will call it... what i called Louise... but i simply cant deal with all of it, plus there might be times i can simply not be on. however that is also why i want to rebuild the planning office... Remaster it! (Also for the people who might wonder who where the members of the planning office... JustLouise, The_B0ar, Vice_Dellos and Vault_Gaming(me) ). But to do that i need willing people to help, and if you would like to help there are some requirements i need to set. You should be an "active" player, and creative with building. Trustworthy, i wont be able to trust people whom have soved even worse attitude than i have... at times . Discord, i will either remake or reuse the Discord for the planning office. You should be a current owner of a build at the crossroad. (This can easily be overlooked). Before the Memeber of the Office stoped playing. some stuff where planned for the Crossroad. That i shall try and get done. This Topic also has a second topic aimed for any admins or mods. or even Gopher (dont think he will see it though), about the plot that was orignaly claimed by Xelphos, under a stream. that was gona be where the throne room would be buildt... but that idea is now scrapt as @NTclaymore is not the maker of that in another location and after Xelphos left, he gave the all his claims to Gopher. And with that i would like to take over those plots if there is not real plans for em to give em to someone who would use em. so there is not just empty land. just sitting there collecting dust. Well, this is all i had to say about these Topics anyhow, if there are questions or willingness to join the The Planning Crew. then please do comment. With Kind Regards. Vault_Gaming (Martin) (p.s: Pardon if you find any spelling mistakes, i wrote this at 4:30 in the morning).
  6. Merry Chirstmas Minions. OK, so Me (Vault_Gaming) and PsychoTeddyNesa, have set up some gifts... for all (we could remember and had navned for us from the people that where online at the time)... at the Waterfront district... if you dont see your name and you are a active player... then ask here or Psycho or me ingame if we can add it... a goal is to add as many as possible... You will be able to get what we set up for you... at the 24th of December... and i will remove the chests that are not picked up before the 25th of January... so get em before that... its nothing really spectacular but... the items are named... and... well... some of the items have... well... *cough* yea.. anyway... lets say the items named by me may or may not be... special... now... what can you find in em... wont say... mwohahahaha... Also if you want to add something to someones chest... you can... again ask me or Psycho... to do that. Now i belive this will have aton of miss spelling and horrible grammar... this was written after i have not sleept in over 24 hours... so perfect right? With Kind Regards Vault_Gaming
  7. Since we rarely see moderators or administrators online, this is what we have to deal with daily. This is not okay.
  8. Timmhaze


    I'm making this post to inquire about the use of mods on the Minecraft Server. I understand that there is no using anything that would give a player an unfair advantage (I.e. Xray, Hacked clients), but I was wondering if quality of life mods are allows. I understand that HUD minimaps are allowed, but what about mods such as mouse pointer tweaks and inventory tweaks? The end goal of this thread would be to acquire a list of mods that would be allowed that has been compiled by the community.
  9. The address is: Shutdown! Plugins: LogBlock GriefPrevention WorldEdit WorldGuard PvP Manager ChopTree PermissionsEX WorldBorder The server is going down permanently. Due to recent events I am no longer able to host the MC server. Server Files: Download! Server files include all the plugins, configs, and maps. Rules:
  10. Stivarstead Hold is our Minecraft server. It's slightly modded but it doesn't have heavy tech mods like IC2 or BuildCraft. Everyone is welcome here. Some people seem to have problems with running out of memory when loading Stivarstead. Make sure you're using 64-Bit Java and have at least 2GB of memory allocated for the game (in launcher options under "java settings" tab). Server address: stivarstead.com Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Stivarstead (Mostly for update and event notifications) Map of Stivarstead: https://map.stivarstead.com Statistics of Stivarstead: https://stats.stivarstead.com Downloads: Technic Launcher Modpack: Link to modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/stivarstead-hold Installation: About client-side mods: Mod list: Licensing:
  11. Mr_E_Wright

    RIP Server

    Let's all have a moment of silence to remember our beloved Minecraft server and all the people on it who we may never hear from again. I'll miss everyone's witty banter and general friendliness. Perhaps some day we'll meet again.
  12. Hey all, a few weeks ago, when i joined the vanilla server, it was really busy, with 30-40 people at busy hours these days im happy if i see more than 10... are people bored with the server allready? there are still some people building cool stuff here! are some people still having trouble connecting to the new address maybe? have you all given up on minecraft? whos going to help this villager? so many questions!
  13. Please call PETA. http://imgur.com/mXxYcyh http://imgur.com/roIU0hC
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