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Found 4 results

  1. I heard Gopher talking about needing a Old Timely title animation for the podcast if he was going to call it "Gopher News Radio" So I threw this together as a concept. It's really more of a mock up if anything, But I would love to hear your thoughts about it!
  2. This is a retirement card of sorts for Xelphos, retired admin of many hats. I've already said much to the man myself, but it is fitting to say that he has always been enthusiastic and creative in all that he has done behind the scenes and put his whole heart into everything he did. Xelphos, I wish you a relaxing retirement. Take care of yourself, as always. o7 Now it is your turn to add to the celebration of all that he has done for the community over the years. But, first, well wishes from his colleagues and the Dark Lord himself: Gopher: Thanks for all your hard work Xelphos, and thanks for just hanging out and being fun. Hope things go a little more relaxed from now on and you can still stick around and keep in touch Gant: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ He knows what it means. Hope you get better soon Xel. See you around, maybe. Morrandir First of all I would like to thank you as a minion for everything you have done for the community. I would also like to thank you personally for seeing me as worthy of becoming a staff member for this community. Many of us minions may not have been aware of all the hard work and dedication that goes on in the background that allows us to share in this community experience but having been able to witness how much time and work that people like yourself have put in for all of this to work I can only say that it is much appreciated all that you have done for us. Naf We both know im not getting rid of you that easy
  3. Hello Minions! I'd like to inform everyone that @Damon Gant has created a redmine site for Gopher's Minecraft network. https://redmine.gophersvids.com/projects/minionland This is where you should send a support ticket if you need help on the server. This is the preferred way to contact us, it lets all staff see your issue at the same time. It's also the place where we're going to post news about the server e.g. important changes and planned maintenance shutdowns. Direct link to news section: https://redmine.gophersvids.com/projects/minionland/news We are working on a wiki section which will be a compendium of information about plugins and commands that exist on the server. Direct link to wiki section: https://redmine.gophersvids.com/projects/minionland/wiki I'll add that map of Minionland is now available at: https://minecraft.gophersvids.com/map/# Thanks for your attention.
  4. Bethesda learned. http://www.pcgamer.com/fallout-4-wont-have-timed-or-platform-exclusive-dlc/
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