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Found 1 result

  1. For my build I have been farming for sea-lantern parts at the nautilus for quite a while and it's a tedious process of AFK farming. Don’t get me wrong AFK farming is a nice thing but you still need to get back aproximatly every 20min if you don’t want to get kicked for inactivity. Therefor it still take’s time, time that could be used for other things. An extra problem with the nautilus in particular is that it only really has one farm so if someone is AFK farming, the whole nautilus is occupied. You could of course take benefit of someone who is AFK farming and steal the resources that are in the chest but come on and be decent, you wouldn’t like it if that happened to you either. Therefor I have a suggestion that could do the following things and all that without really needing to rebuild or extend the Nautilus. Reduce the time you would spend (AFK) farming Allow multiple persons to farm at the same time The suggestion: Reduce the time you spend AFK farming by adding an alternative that requires you to be active while still being in the area that triggers the AFK part. This could be achieved by using command blocks that would donate 1 item when activated. The activation could happen on multiple way’s e.g. by the use of a presureplate that the player would need to activate… Once the redstone signal is received two things will happen: The command block will trigger once and donate 1 (specific) item it this case either: prismarine shards or crystals The player would be pushed back/ teleported by pistons or an extra command block This way the player would need to be active to use this bonus while also keeping the basic AFK farm active reducing the farming time quite drastically. However these ‘contraptions’ would need to be built in a way that would completely disable the way to AFK-farm them. (An example of what I suggest can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZiW2rIVpac) I know that the use of command blocks could be considered cheating and Gopher wants to do everything pure, but aren’t AFK farms already on the border of cheating? You can get items/ resources/ possibly even exp without even doing anything. In my suggestion you would at least need to move, press a button or something to get a small bonus… And I also know that staff doesn't really like command block suggestions but it's just an idea, maybe this could all be realized without using commandblocks.
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