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Found 1 result

  1. I am trying to figure out why Skyrim NPC voices are cutting in the middle of sentence, of missing entirely. This is not personal help request, but information gathering. I am poking around different forums, trying to gather what I can about this problem. There are currently two problems appearing in PC version of Skyrim. NPC voices are cut out in the middle of the sentence, like they would leave one word out. Some players are telling me that they can not hear NPC voices at all. What we have tried? So far Steam Skyrim forum regulars have considered this being either a third party software issue, or extended problem from Esbern voice bug. As we know, Esbern's voice isn't always working correctly during the quest Cornered Rat. Simple solution was to delete Skyrim.ini and than allow the game to reconfigure and generate a new file. This forced game to register sound archive correctly, so that Esbern got his voice back and the quest could proceed normally. I have recommended trying this method for fully disappeared NPC voices as well, but for some reason it does not seem to work for all players suffering from problems with entirely lost NPC voices. Some players found that unpacking Skyrim - Sounds.bsa to their game folder solved the problem for them. I need to stress out that I do not consider this as a good practice and would rather find a proper solution for this. It looks more and more that Skyrim is just unable to register NPC voices for some players. Other voices work just fine. The problem with cut voices has been around for a while, but completely missing NPC voices is a new one. What I am asking? New ideas from peoples in this forum. Maybe willingness to test out possible solutions, if you are suffering from this problem. I am trying to follow the conversation in several forums. So far I have not found a proper solution, which follows good modding practices. Edit: After posting this here, discussion in Steam took a step forward. Right now it looks like every person who did not benefit from redoing their Skyrim.ini file was returning from Enderal. So far peoples having problems with lost voices and did not come from Enderal seem to have fixed their problems by redoing Skyrim.ini file. I asked about relevant game changes and even Enderal directly in some cases, but apparently some players decided to withhold the information from us. They decided that this information was not relevant for us to know, or that Enderal changes were fully removed from their game. TL;DR: Currently it looks like that redoing configuration files should fix the problem. I will update the post, if new information comes up - if only to keep the information in this forum as well.
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