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  1. This post contains information about the ongoing 'road network' project in Minionland. As one of the chief instigators and 'guy who maps the thing', I wanted to provide some intel on what's going on, for all interested parties. Goal The road network aims to create an easy to travel system of roads between major builds in the overworld, to help minions travel and find their way. History The road project started with the ever industrious Z_Blackblue, as he desired to create a road between his rather remote home at FiveTowers and Spawn (roughly 8,000 blocks away). Z started at FiveT
  2. This is an effort to catalogue all (interesting) builds that can be found on the server, to make things a little bit easier I divided minionland into 4 districts: NE, NW, SE, SW. For each of those districts the builds will be categorized into build types including but not limited to: house, city, community, monument… Community: mobfarms, traders... have there own cathegory so that they are easy to look up. When you add a build please use the following template (red text are required fields): build name builders
  3. It's been kind of quiet on here, so I figured I should show some of Mystmarsh for once! Took me goofily long to work up the nerve to do it, but I'm finally feeling okay with the fact it will likely be a "perpetually WIP" kind of build, and the final goals I'd laid out are still a ways off. I've been getting into the server again so I'll surely be making more progress again, and I hope to still see many of you guys on as well. In the backwaters of the Mystmere swamps and wetlands there lies Mystmarsh, an anomaly in almost all ways. It's enchanted- or perhaps cursed
  4. Hello all, After almost a year of on-and-off work, I am happy to present the final version of Miniopoly - the board game based on your builds in Minion Land. It is intended to be a fun representation of some of the most iconic builds on the server, and I tried to feature as many minions and visually different builds on it as I could. Properties are more or less grouped by a theme, and those I could not fit on the board, are included in the money and cards for as much as I had space. The cards also refer to a few notorious moments that we've had. Below, in the spoiler tags, you will f
  5. As my minion land neighbours rightly noted, our discussions were taking over the main noticeboard thread a bit. I've therefore started this new one, so that people in and around our area can get together and plan/discuss things and/or solve problems in a central location without derailing other parts of the forum. Most of us who have gotten together so far are in very different time zones, and I'm hoping this will allow other neighbours / new settlers to join even if we don't see eachother in-game that much. The region In the spoiler tag below is an overview of our area, located acr
  6. Hello all, As part of the upcoming 2nd birthday of Minionland, a few of us have started preparing for a birthday party on the server. In this post, you'll find information on the event. As we've only started work last Saturday, we have not finalized all the plans yet. As the team's designated 'communications guy', I'll update this thread with new information as it comes available. Date We are running a strawpoll to determine which date might suit everyone best. Please vote below. Time will most likely be in the European evening, a.k.a. 'Gopher streaming time'. https://www.s
  7. Wanted: Dead or Alive New Mistral safehouse plundered by feathered fiends! Security officer Tirius13 found dead at the scene, murder weapon identified as music disc marked ""chirp"". Harbor watchman Tirius79 sacked for failing to uphold port security. Alderman Tirius52 denies blocking needed defense budget, points finger at local bird watchers society. Town council in disarray. Public called in to assist in recovery of stolen goods. Crimimals last spotted fleeing in multiple directions while carrying loot. Attention! Have you seen these parrots? A substantial reward is offered for an
  8. Hi, I decided to do a large build, inspired by those before me doing more than I have so far (World Tree does not count as I merely assisted in fleshing it out not design / initial build).n This is in. the very SE corner of the map X14999 Z 14999. Yes another large tree...bases loosely on the Norse Mythology - a Large multi branched Tree with platforms for the Worlds....I have started & had some much appreciated assistance from Shawn & Brinicio & Generic Overlord & Xanthir and WikingWing for the redstone repair / reworking. If anyone else would lik
  9. 1) Main Nether slipstream upgrade: Since @Pajoonk made me a member of the ministry of transport (for the main nether-slipstreams), I have been going around the main Nether SS. While doing that, I noticed that they mostly use 1 row of ice with 1 row of lowered slabs or something similar next to it (see picture). Because most of them are only 2 rows wide I already started to widen them to a 3 wide SS so 2 people can use it at the same time. (EDIT: east and west SS are widened) Since boats are slightly wider than 1 block, they will always be on top of the ice and lose no speed as long a
  10. Welcome, one and all to the Minionland RP! It has been talked about for quite a while, with multiple forum posts and in-game discussion, but here it is! This will be the Official In Character(IC) Post area for the Minionland RP! If you want to write about your town, kingdom or nation and the things it is doing, this is the place! I hope for everyone involved to have fun:D -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Gopher, in order to tour the land as you wanted. - Create a new character with a name no one recognizes and then you can tour the land incognito. - Make sure you install Journey Map, you have no idea how big a difference a mini-map and auto-mapping of covered ground makes. - Get yourself a nice fast mule with saddlebags so you can carry more food and supplies. Be sure to take sword, bow, arrows to defend yourself. And torches of course. - On the note of food, cookies aren't very filling, which is why you went through so many. The best foods are steak and pork chops.. Wel
  12. Hey everyone, I know a few of you are aware and have participated already but I'd like to know if others are interested. As previously posted by Lert, Im doing videos where you give me a tour or your claims. So far Lert, Ubberblox and Non_ have participated (Nons will release in the upcoming week) and their tours are available to view on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DomImations I want to feature your builds because you are all so talented and creative. And hopefully it will also allow us all to see parts of minionland that may have never been seen by others.
  13. Hello, Multigk Here! So I feel like a lot of people wanna hang out, and have activities for groups to do together. Some Minions have tried to make this happen over in The Crossroads and has for the most part failed as an endeavor. There is too much history, nostalgia, and the crossroads was never well planned to be something like this in the first place.\ And so this forum is to gather minions together in the enterprise of making a new PLACE (not sure what kind of place) for us to hang, chat, have fun, and do other things. The Purposes of this topic/forum are as fo
  14. EDIT: Date moved to the 25th because of technical stuff I'll be hosting a build competition (with free cake) at sucrose shores' Christmas Tree build site. The competition is to see who can build the best Christmas Tree ornament- and the best entry- or entries- will be placed on the Sucrose shores Christmas tree once its built! Huge thanks to @BUNYANSaxe1943 for making this a thing. If you're interested, PM me so we can add you to the claim! There's also gunna be free cake. When: To ensure this doesn't clash with anyone's schedules, The judging will be on the day a
  15. Now you can get fat in real life , then get fat in a video game immediately afterward. What do you guys think of a thanksgiving get-together? I'm not sure when would be a good time for everyone- what with the actual holiday happening on the same day, but doing something in-server on the holiday could be pretty cool- especially considering how Minionland already has a food "theme". There's a number of cool places we could hold it too! >The World Tree feels the most appropriate if @jeancly were OK with it, but then again a lot of people seem to get lag there so I'm not sure.
  16. EDIT: Okay, so I think we slowly need to close this tread because it has been derailed quite a bit (not that it is a bad thing) but I feel we are kinda going around in cirkels here. I'm gonna try to summarize everything that has been somewhat agreed upon in this post, sorry if I missed something. Crossroads: We are no longer planning to change or revitalize the Xroads, instead we are now kind off planning a new meeting place which will be discussed here: We might however rework the roads (adding signs and stuff) Spawn/ HUB (new player experience): to make a better ex
  17. For my build I have been farming for sea-lantern parts at the nautilus for quite a while and it's a tedious process of AFK farming. Don’t get me wrong AFK farming is a nice thing but you still need to get back aproximatly every 20min if you don’t want to get kicked for inactivity. Therefor it still take’s time, time that could be used for other things. An extra problem with the nautilus in particular is that it only really has one farm so if someone is AFK farming, the whole nautilus is occupied. You could of course take benefit of someone who is AFK farming and steal the resources that a
  18. Hi Minions! For some time now I wanted to make semi-official (for now at least) set of guidelines for 4 main slipstream lines (North, South, East, West, maybe more later) mostly in Overworld, but probably should be applied to Nether ones too (with some changes in respect to Nether and its slipstream unique nature). Most of them, at lest all important ones I discussed with @MaximusPower_, and we came to agreement that they are good. Never the less I cant claim that I have his full support in all this. Hope he sees this thread and expresses his opinion. For now please treat it as
  19. BTW, @Tirius82 , I think one of your butchers managed to escape, found one in the Nether, bottom of stairs. See pigman vid. The Disaster of Lag! Coming Soon! Thank you to Paws and Zantheran for recovering my boots and cuirass. I will get them off you when I can next connect properly again, hopefully tomorrow, possibly next week. Anyway, very grateful. Thank you.
  20. Ok, we need to get Gopher a winged horse, bit failing that, donate him a few stacks of fireworks so he can elytra fly and won't need to cheat as much. We also need to get an admin to teach him about zh so he can use his horses more and get minions to replace the missing animals at his farm. Also explain to him that he can breed mooshrooms and regular cows and milk mooshrooms. Also have someone point Gopher to this:http://journeymap.info/Download All you need to do Dark Lord is put the .jar file in C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods or whichever drive you have it unde
  21. I can see this being a delicate thing, but with the whole nether-SS and spawn-SS-station overhaul going on, I was thinking that the Nether-SS-HUB might require some love aswell. At the moment there is only one entrance to the SS around the nether HUB which is situated at the start of the red (north line) and it is quite easily missed in my opinion. With all the work that has already went into and will still go in the nether SS, I think/ hope that they will slowly become a more viable way of travel in the nether (especially over long distances). Therefore I think that we might need a clearer
  22. We are stating that Ministry of Transport is now active, working currently from temporary Slipstream Offices at Spawn. Ministry functions are as follows: Construction and maintenance of main public transport ways: Slipstream (Overworld and Nether) Nether Highways and Railways Construction and Maintenance of main stations on aforementioned ways, including P.U.N.T. Stations. Maintenance of P.U.N.T. Horses Ministry employees: @MaximusPower_-Minister of Transport (absens) @Little_Luca-Chief Engineer and North Slipstream Main Line Custodian
  23. Heya o/ Today we held the 3rd edition of the minionland tours and, while not as many people showed up as last time (i'm going to blame gophers streaming minecraft simlutaneously and not my poor advertising compared to before) we did still have a great time and got to see some amazing creations in the Farlands and managaed not to visit even more. So The next tour ShawnBoucher and I will try and organise will be either on the 7th or 8th of May, I hope you can all make it! Here's an archive of all the tours so far minus the legendary first one:
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