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  1. This post contains information about the ongoing 'road network' project in Minionland. As one of the chief instigators and 'guy who maps the thing', I wanted to provide some intel on what's going on, for all interested parties. Goal The road network aims to create an easy to travel system of roads between major builds in the overworld, to help minions travel and find their way. History The road project started with the ever industrious Z_Blackblue, as he desired to create a road between his rather remote home at FiveTowers and Spawn (roughly 8,000 blocks away). Z started at FiveTowers, and strung his road between villages until he reached the first major player build: my own Miniopoly board. I literally saw him coming over the hill building his road, and being a bit more knowledgeable about the local terrain, offered to continue the project from there towards the World Tree, the nearest major build already connected to spawn by existing roads. Naming this the Great East Road, it was the first major route we completed. After this, both Z and I built a major branch road - I completed my own 'loop' between Sucrose Shores, Boom Caverns and New Mistral, and Z strung another road between villages south of FiveTowers, which also brushed past one of our creeper farms. Little did I know - he had more planned: creating a gargantuan bridge to cross the ocean and reach Non's citadel of Astaroth to the west. What followed was a mad dash between Z and me who could reach there first - Z with his bridge, and me with a tunnel from New Mistral. Atheos got bitten by the road bug at that point, and though he proved a great one-man labor force for my tunnel, it's Z's bridge that really took the cake once it was done. Non helped by building a smaller red bridge to complete the road. Below: road intersection at Astaroth, red bridge (east of intersection) From Astaroth, more southern locals got involved, including Non, Xanthir and Ubbs, who drew the road further south to cross another ocean - crossing Xanthir's island along the way - and on to the major builds in the south. We succeeded in connecting the road to the existing local road network at Claymoria, offering access to the road net already connecting to Walkuria, Al Qaram and the Valley of the Blox, among others. Realizing this offered the potential of a Great South Road, Daalio added a bridge between his place and the shore, offering a direct route south from Crossroads, via Magasai's, to my tunnel and then further south. [update] From then on, Atheos took on the task of building a connection in the west, which is now complete. This connects to the above via Gopher's 'Desert Outpost' island, using the pre-existing walkways between the islands. With that done, Z_Blackblue has started work on a road to connect the (far) east to the north, and I have started - with help from the locals - to forge the existing roads north of spawn into a single path as well, hoping to meet up with Z somewhere eventually, likely somewhere near Dom's New Minion Commonwealth or further north at Portside. [update 2] After the 2018 december holidays, we have a few more updates: Z and I have both completed the first sections of our 'north' road projects; my road can now be travelled from Crossroads to Mystmarsh, with a second branch via Shovelot that joins the main road halfway. This 'Shovelot branch' also connects to Z's road via 2 branches. Z's main road meanwhile has reached as far north as Steelgear's tower. The longest new section however, has been added by Atheos, in the form of a new road in the southwest that connects Farleigh Citadel to Walkuria, via Shawn's Nuka Cola bottle and a great many villages. Finally, Non has worked on a road between his base at Astaroth and the Great West. [update 3] April 2019, and here's the spring update to the map. The roads to the north mentioned above have now all been finished, meeting up at Portside as the 'transfer' point to the existing roads of the Northern Kingdom. Along with general cleaning and checking, the major map updates include the new Woods Road, which runs parallel to the Great East but further north and through more empty land, and the extension of the network: in the southwest corner to Port Smarrow and Mt. Mystery, and in the west to In Fiore, Daalio's new build (right image below). New and expanded builds have been added to existing roads in the form of Brin's Italian-inspired town Simonini on the Great South, Mari's Bely Les on the Great East, and Z's Frostwood (left image below) on the South Bypass. Finally, I've streamlined the color-coding of the roads in preparation of Z_Blackblue's project to mark them with colored banners. Below: intersection of the South Bypass and the Woods Road at Z_Blackblue's Frostwood (left) and the new terminus of the Great West at Daalio's In Fiore. [update 4] August 2019, and we have the summer update for the map. We've added one more road to the map in the form of the Northeast Passage Road (blue), which runs from near the World Tree towards Garsenn and It4edda's builds near the far edges of the map. Anyone looking for a place to settle will find lots of open terrain along this path, and a variety of biomes including the northeast mesa. Extensions to the existing roads have been made as well, with the following major changes: The Woods Road (turqoise) now runs further west, connecting Vault's Ironwood and running all the way to Alethia via Atheos' pyramid. Just beyond the pyramid is a new branch road, which Nextorz has added to her own Dark Forest build - another wonderful example of the locals pitching in for the project! The Great North Road (lime) now runs further north beyond the Northern Kingdom, connecting the old Direwolf Keep, with a new terminus at Peabody's claim. Please ignore the road heading west from there, it's still under construction. The Royal Road (red) has completed its connections to the Throne Room, Phelan's Wolf's Den and Cherubia, offering the first viable land route between the Throne Room and Spawn. Special thanks for this one go to NTClaymore and FairyTailX, who agreed to host the required sea-tunnel on the borders of their claims. Firelight Road (purple) is no long merely a loop around the builds in the southeastern Firelight region, but now has a new branch to Hopevale, passing by jrRedek's old east border crossing on the way. The completion of this road means that all the land-based builds included on Miniopoly are now connected to the network. Finally, a few extra builds have appeared on the existing routes, including the addition of the older secondary builds to the Northern Kingdom Road, Non's project at Rienna on the Great South. Finally, some 'dead end' branch roads not part of the main network have been marked, mostly to villages. Not visible on the map, though certainly in game, is that we have started to provide directional information along the roads with signs. Most builds and major intersections will now feature a wall with road signs and colored banners marking the various roads; the process of adding these is ongoing. Special thanks for these goes to Z_Blackblue, who did not only come up with the design, but also rode down the entire network to measure all the distances for use on the road signs. I myself am presently retracing his steps to add the road signs where they have yet to be placed. Below: Rienna, added by Non near the Great South and South Bypass roads (left) and a sample of new road signs, at the junction between the Great South and Firelight roads north of New Mistral (right). [update 5] October 2019: A few minor updates, including improvements around the Xroads area aside, there are 2 major road additions: Atheos has completed the section of the Great West road between In Fiore and Peabody Estate, connecting Gransys and 3 Villages. On the other side of the server, Z_Blackblue has extended the Northeast Bypass (blue) road all the way to the northeast corner near the world border. Finally, there a long new branch road was added to the blue by a local resident, heading back south. (Thx to Nibunyn for contributing!) Ingame, you'll also now find many more road signs and banners marking where you are. [update 6] December 2020: The updated map now includes 4 new major sections of road: an extension of the Great South road (yellow) to Xanthir's Snowflake in the far southwest; extensions to the green and pink roads, forming an eastward connection to the Northeast Passage road in the north of the map; extensions to the Woods Road on either end; in the east, this now connects to the Great East road at East's End; in the west, it now connects to the Great West road at both Gransys and 3 Villages. This last section crosses the northwest mesa and passes the Guild of Eternal Respawners' Guidhall; extension of the Firelight road beteen Hopevale and Dante's Valley/Redekia (as yet unmarked in the field). Road design Most of the new road sections are built somewhat in accordance with local terrain, but still relatively straight for easy travel. The design itself consists of stone slabs, stone brick slabs or cobble slabs (most often 4 or 5 wide), lined with wood plank blocks on either side. The type of stone and wood differs, as do the bridges and tunnels, which are left to the builder to design. Some pre-existing roads integrated into the network retain their original style, so as not to alter the look and feel of the area. Lighting and signposting is likewise left up to the builder, but advised at intersections. Some roads offer Traveller's Rest 'inn' buildings, mostly near villages along Z's roads, as well as 'hole in the wall' emergency rest stops. At major builds, and a few noteworthy spots in between, I have also added a 'waystation' with a local area map. Below: Waystation at Ebonheart, Traveller's Rest at Avionville Map Just for fun, I've created a subway-style map of the entire road net. It's appeared a few times on Discord already, but I've also enclosed it here. Note that I never intend this to be a complete map of all the builds along the road net, as there are far too many. Rather, it's intended as a guide to find where the road can take you, and to help navigate it. If large builds are close together, only one may appear on the map, such as with the 'Holy Islands' marker, representing both Daalio's 'flying' islands and Walkenaer's grand cathedral island (a.k.a. the Hall of the Dead). An ingame copy of this map (simplified) has been constructed at the Woolly Plains Map Pad at the end of the Northeast Bypass road. Feel free to travel there and create a copy to take home! For more info, please refer to the detailed update 5 post further down this thread. Anyone who wants to connect to the road (or try their hand at creating a whole new section) is free to do so, this is a free-for-all project with no real coordinator. Feel free to ask here if you have questions though. [update 6] Road Map, december 2020 (click to see full size)
  2. This is an effort to catalogue all (interesting) builds that can be found on the server, to make things a little bit easier I divided minionland into 4 districts: NE, NW, SE, SW. For each of those districts the builds will be categorized into build types including but not limited to: house, city, community, monument… Community: mobfarms, traders... have there own cathegory so that they are easy to look up. When you add a build please use the following template (red text are required fields): build name builders coords x: y: z: direction Nether SS line, a certain known road... progress description pictures/ video dynamap visited by Gopher yes/ no By including whether or not Gopher has already visited the place, this list might one day be used as a checklist of sorts when he decides to visit Minionland again. The catalogue itself can be found and eddited here because that seemed like easiest option to make it as accesible as possible: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Tg3oSav0BRN2ngagbsW8MncREdLBVWZILmvHV7_alfo/edit?usp=sharing I hope this can help you on your travels to discover what minionland has to offer. EDIT: if you want, you can even add a prefered texturepack...
  3. It's been kind of quiet on here, so I figured I should show some of Mystmarsh for once! Took me goofily long to work up the nerve to do it, but I'm finally feeling okay with the fact it will likely be a "perpetually WIP" kind of build, and the final goals I'd laid out are still a ways off. I've been getting into the server again so I'll surely be making more progress again, and I hope to still see many of you guys on as well. In the backwaters of the Mystmere swamps and wetlands there lies Mystmarsh, an anomaly in almost all ways. It's enchanted- or perhaps cursed- waters have given the region it's characteristic appearance and atmosphere, this magical well attracting dark magic users, necromancers, alchemists, hedge mages, and other magical hermit types who aren't accepted in civilized society to this one spot. Over the years this collection of hovels evolved into a city of sorts- with major members of their mages college doubling as the city council of self electing officials. In this place a religion has formed based around the odd mushrooms growing around Mystmarsh. Some of these fungi are quite large (which I have yet to build!!!!! :L ) and are said to have a way of speaking directly to an individuals mind- telepathically, though one has to go through extensive self modification to hear their words, often characterized by empty eyes, extended life, an "death like" appearance, and occasionally mushrooms of this same type growing from the individual- in rare cases some even begin to change form and lose their flesh as plant matter replaces muscles and skin- leaving them with almost the appearance an overgrown corpse covered in vines and mushrooms. the procedure is preformed with magic and is of course irreversible. Members of this community claim to not only be able to communicate with these ancient mushrooms, but also each other in the exact same way- effortlessly, almost automatically. A collective consciousness where in each mind can see though the eyes and perspective of each other completely- but with every individual still remaining autonomous, the shared memory and mind of thousands of years and numerous perspectives forming one singular community is the dark magic backwater. https://mystaltree.bandcamp.com/track/the-arborist-speaks I'd long since has this place built, but it was empty. I really didn't know what kind of religion Mystmarsh might even have. Then I stumbled across that album from Mystal Tree and the opening track gave me the inspiration I really needed. I mean heck It's even called the "Mystal tree"! It's perfect! After some thought I'd decided to simply directly post the lyrics. It felt kind of cheesy trying to come up with something similar yet different- I was pretty aware that this is mostly someone else's idea. Felt way better to just make a direct homage to the inspiration. It's a fantastic album by the way, check it out. It also makes me smile that this prayer posted in the church can be actually listened to because of this. Now I just need some mooshrooms for livestock and some better integration of this community into the area and these dudes will be all set. Couldn't be happier with how it all came out!
  4. Hello all, After almost a year of on-and-off work, I am happy to present the final version of Miniopoly - the board game based on your builds in Minion Land. It is intended to be a fun representation of some of the most iconic builds on the server, and I tried to feature as many minions and visually different builds on it as I could. Properties are more or less grouped by a theme, and those I could not fit on the board, are included in the money and cards for as much as I had space. The cards also refer to a few notorious moments that we've had. Below, in the spoiler tags, you will find the main board, as well as the individual images of the builds I chose to feature, and the additional assets of the game. If you want to visit one of these builds, the coordinates and creator's names are listed as well. FAQ Q: Why was my build not chosen? A: Unfortunately, there are far too many builds on the server to show them all. I may not be aware of your build, or simply did not have space. Your build may also be too recent. I do not intend to mark any of these builds as "better" than ones that were not chosen. In some cases, it was simply a matter of chance. If you wanted to be there, and are not, I am sorry. Q: Your credits are incorrect/incomplete! A: Please let me know and I will correct them. Q: I don't like my image! Can you change it? A: Of course, it's your build after all. Contact me. Q: Why is my plot cheaper than X's? A: I've grouped builds by location or theme as much as I could. Again, my intent was purely to have the board look nice. Don't read too much into it please. Q: What settings are you using? A: Chroma Hills for textures and SEUS for shaders. Q: Can I contribute? A: The picture board is mostly done. You can still help build the ingame variant. Contact me if you don't know what to do. Some info can be found on page 3 of this topic. Q: I have another question? A: Please post below and I'll get back to you. NEW Q: Why is the main board image a bit fuzzy? A: Sadly, my image host compresses the file slightly, leading to artifacting. If you want the source file, just ask in this thread or PM me. NEW Q: Is it done? A: Yes. Note that I do not intend to update the images for the featured builds, even if they change in-game. Q: How do I get to the in-game version of Miniopoly? A: The board is located at roughly x=2800 and z=1000. Going through the nether from spawn, you can either follow the east road and turn off at the purple road heading south (look for the map art on the wall), or follow the south road and turn off at the purple road heading east and continue straight ahead as far as you can go. You can also ride there in the overworld from spawn, by following the Great East Road. A map is advised. There is a single road sign at the starting point of the Great East, located on the road leading south out of Crossroads, pointing towards the tunnel to Shady Glen and the World Tree. Follow this road from here, down the tunnel and then straight ahead as far as you can. Turn left at the end, and follow the road up the hill to where you'll find a big sign with directions. From there, the design of the road is destinctive, and can be followed easily. The Completed Board: Properties, side 1: Properties, side 2: Properties, side 3: Properties, side 4: Chance cards (80% done): Community chest cards (60% done): Money:
  5. As my minion land neighbours rightly noted, our discussions were taking over the main noticeboard thread a bit. I've therefore started this new one, so that people in and around our area can get together and plan/discuss things and/or solve problems in a central location without derailing other parts of the forum. Most of us who have gotten together so far are in very different time zones, and I'm hoping this will allow other neighbours / new settlers to join even if we don't see eachother in-game that much. The region In the spoiler tag below is an overview of our area, located across the sea to the southeast of Gophershore, and directly east of the Azure Islands. The first map included some rough sketches of the current claims in the region, as well as the inactive ones and features like roads and places-of-interest. ("Current" being claimed areas, regardless of the actual last-time-seen date of the owner.) As the map's area expanded a bit over time, I've reduced the amount of markers on it a bit, though also added a legend for easy reference. As one of the more sparsely populated but still relatively central regions, most the early settlers in the region have managed to stake out rather large claims compared the hustle-and-bustle of the Crossroads, but we've also seen new people settle in the region on a regular basis. We're going for a bit more of a "natural look" to the land so far, but there's still place to settle if you're interested. The later maps expanded the initial Firelight Region map to include the neighbouring southern region of Sucrose Shores, as well as the eastern lands around the Miniopoly board. The formatting of the map changed a few times to accomodate this. The most complete ingame version of this map can now be found in the Map Rooms at New Mistral (accessibly via the library or the Map Office), and inside Boom Caverns. Smaller local maps are also found at the waystations along the Great Roads. Current Map: please refer to the link in my signature. Sixth Map (30 january 2018) - Note: for variants between this and nr.5, please consult pages 12-13 of this topic). Fifth Map (26 april 2017) Fourth Map (6 march 2017) Third Map (4 february 2017 - now including Sucrose Shores) Second Map (30 november 2016) First Map (31 october 2016) Main development The major build sites in the region are as follows: Port of New Mistral. My own plot, intended to serve as a transit and trade hub. I've incorporated Seawatch village as part of it, though it'll remain a public area. Also in this area are the private claims along the coast that belong to Andracos, Goatcha and Zanfino. Boom Caverns. A large underground city of connected caves, intended as a community build. Plz see the separate post elsewhere on the forums. Sucrose Shores: home of @BUNYANSaxe1943 and @Smartboy53, who landscaped an entire biome with profits from their sugar trade. Home to Strose the giant snowman and the Hall of Capitalism trade center. Easter Exhibit: dependency of Sucrose Shores, where a plus-sized rabbit settled among too many haybales. Miniopoly: Minionland's first game board, a community project by yours truly. Plz see the separate post elsewhere on the forums. Nearby one can find the unofficial 'road of cute things', including Hampstead and the BoteBoys Memorial. Overland road network: the Great East and Great South roads both pass through the region, connected by the 'Firelight Loop' road that runs along the builds named above. Parallel to the Great South road one can find the Great South Railroad, which runs from Shady Glen, via Villagerville, New Mistral and Seawatch to Astaroth. Nether Road: branch line to the main nether highways, runs from the south to the east road. This is the purple line connecting to the South Road, with exits currently available to the above as well as several other private claims. The main line extends beyond the end of the purple road onto the 'sugar line', with the main gate to Sucrose Shores and the spawn grounds at its end. On the far end of the purple, one can find the gate to Miniopoly That's all for now. Any questions, suggestions or other minion opinions are welcome. Oh, and if the neighbours feel I've forgotten something: don't hesitate to correct me please.
  6. Hello all, As part of the upcoming 2nd birthday of Minionland, a few of us have started preparing for a birthday party on the server. In this post, you'll find information on the event. As we've only started work last Saturday, we have not finalized all the plans yet. As the team's designated 'communications guy', I'll update this thread with new information as it comes available. Date We are running a strawpoll to determine which date might suit everyone best. Please vote below. Time will most likely be in the European evening, a.k.a. 'Gopher streaming time'. https://www.strawpoll.me/16555446 Location @Z-blackblue has donated land north of his base at FiveTowers for a party location. We are setting up a party venue there, at roughly x = 8000 and z = 550. If you do not know how to get there, and don't wish to fly to the above coordinates, you can find directions in the spoiler tag below. Construction plans Work has started on building the party venue. A few groups of minions have set up teams to work on specific parts of the build, but you can also help with odd jobs and resources. If you want to help, please post in this thread (or ask in the in-game chat, one of us is bound to be online). @Xanthir has kindly offered to oversee the project, but as we are on Z_Blackblue's claim, for building assistance will need his claim permission first. Note that I am not yet sharing here what we are building, to avoid spoilers. Activities Activities are currently being developed. While we have no definite plans yet, the following are being worked on: Ice dancing Boat race Scavenger hunt Gopher While we have not finalized the date yet, we have recieved word that Gopher will not be able to attend, if the party is during the weekend immediately after the anniversary date. As he has also mentioned during his Patreon video that his Minecraft setup currently needs a lot of work, we are proceeding under the assumption that the Dark Lord will be with us only in spirit. -- If you have any questions, want to help or are trying to follow my travel plan and are completely lost now, please post below.
  7. Wanted: Dead or Alive New Mistral safehouse plundered by feathered fiends! Security officer Tirius13 found dead at the scene, murder weapon identified as music disc marked ""chirp"". Harbor watchman Tirius79 sacked for failing to uphold port security. Alderman Tirius52 denies blocking needed defense budget, points finger at local bird watchers society. Town council in disarray. Public called in to assist in recovery of stolen goods. Crimimals last spotted fleeing in multiple directions while carrying loot. Attention! Have you seen these parrots? A substantial reward is offered for anyone who can uncover the whereabouts of the infamous 'Parrot Posse', a gang of 10 beaked hudlums. They are winged and dangerous, and suspects in many ongoing investigations. Please contact Tirius82, chief investigator, with any information. "It's a bad day for honest parrots." - Fish, spokesperson of New Mistral bird watchers society. --- Following GrogStache's cheese hunt, I am pleased to announce a second 'scavenger hunt' on the Minionland server. Your goal is to find 10 parrots hidden across the map. Each parrot has a name with a number attached to it, found on a sign. Put the names in alphabetical order, and the numbers will form a set of x and z coordinates (xxxxx,xxxxx). Travel to these coordinates to collect a prize. There are 10 prizes available, which decrease in value as more are claimed. Notes: There are no parrots in the Nether or End. There are no parrots underground. If you stumble upon the prize location without having found all 10 parrots first, you may still collect a prize. One prize per person. If you're doing the hunt with a friend, you may collect one each. All parrots look like the picture in the wanted poster above, but each is slightly different. Clues: Are you having trouble? In the spoiler tags below, you will find some clues. Good hunting, have fun, and beware... these birds mean business!
  8. Hi, I decided to do a large build, inspired by those before me doing more than I have so far (World Tree does not count as I merely assisted in fleshing it out not design / initial build).n This is in. the very SE corner of the map X14999 Z 14999. Yes another large tree...bases loosely on the Norse Mythology - a Large multi branched Tree with platforms for the Worlds....I have started & had some much appreciated assistance from Shawn & Brinicio & Generic Overlord & Xanthir and WikingWing for the redstone repair / reworking. If anyone else would like to assist I would be more that willing to accept sugestions / build assitance etc. I have plenty of partially started sub builds & some ideas but open to more. Part builds needing completion - A) Tunnel from teh SE corner Slipstream to tree base - only a lit rock tunnel at present needs work to make it presentable. b) Lights around the top of the pyramid walls need completing c) Ground level entrance through the wall & into a third root needs constructing d) Minionland platform mostly done but needs some additons (Midgard Level) e) Arboria level done & trees placed but needs lighting & a little building added (Alfheim Level) f) Bone boat sailing out of Ice Portal (Helheim) done but could be better g) Double spawner (Spider & Cave Spider) done by Brinicio & Generic Overlord) h) Trunks of tree slowly rising up to 160 on one as main trunk being split then branches added so the other Worlds will be added over time. Any assistance offers go to the Crossroads Waterfront district, the Eternal Respawners Guild office to apply. Good building to all Draesham. (aka Oh my goodness what have I started...#Blame Jeancly)
  9. 1) Main Nether slipstream upgrade: Since @Pajoonk made me a member of the ministry of transport (for the main nether-slipstreams), I have been going around the main Nether SS. While doing that, I noticed that they mostly use 1 row of ice with 1 row of lowered slabs or something similar next to it (see picture). Because most of them are only 2 rows wide I already started to widen them to a 3 wide SS so 2 people can use it at the same time. (EDIT: east and west SS are widened) Since boats are slightly wider than 1 block, they will always be on top of the ice and lose no speed as long as there are no blocks right next to the ice (on the same top-level). Since the slipstreams don’t have any defences against ghast whatsoever, I’m planning to add walls and ceiling to them. For the walls, I would suggest a design like in the picture above to shield the SS from ghasts. While they can still see you through the small gaps created by the slabs, they cannot hit you because of the fences (I tested it in singleplayer). You can however kill the ghasts from within the SS with the use of arrows. As you can see the pillars in the ‘walls’ have a dyed block (clay in this case), the colour of the dye is supposed to match the colour of the highway underneath giving players a way to easily orientate themselves. A second way to help the player orientating themselves would be by adapting the redstone torch code used in the overworld sipstreams (see this post by Pajoonk) This thing is definitely happening but the design may change. Any help is welcome, just don't place the slabs directly next to the ice yet so that we won't need to remove them if we would actually put the rails there. 2) Possible second upgrade: merging nether SS with the highway rails Now the second upgrade, and this is where we need feedback and approval. While working on the SS, I got the idea to replace the lowered slabs next to the ice with rails basically combining the railway with the nether SS in 1 tunnel (see picture). The rails would be removed from the current highways. Underneath I listed some pro’s and contra’s for this idea. Please provide feedback. 2.1) Stops The use of the RT-code will warn players of important stops giving them enough time to stop so that we won’t need a special unpowered rail for every stop. Simple stops: just a simple 1 wide gap in the guardrail as sugested by Pajoonk, it shouldn't interfere with the slipstream Bigger stops: this would use pistons to cover a gap of 2 or more blocks Requires a 1 block raise of all the SS to use the redstone required to operate the piston doors without breaking the roof of the highway (unless someone finds an other way). The redstone contraption is really simple and looks like this. The button should be accessible from both sides and lowers the piston-guardrail when pressed. The button might be replaced by a presureplate or tripwire, but this would allow accidental activation by pigmen (who seem to be rather common in the SS at the moment). If the gap woudn't be closed, wall-hugging travelers could 'lose control', thats also why we would suggest against using levers so people can't forget to reactivate the gaurdrails. 3) To do list/ progress tracker 4) Requirements These can be dropped off at the ministry’s donation chest near spawn, in the suply cests in the nether SS hub or in my personal MTC slot (slot 7). And @Rodzyn just to let the staff be known on these plans, and get there approval for the second part and the possible 2-3 block raise of the SS. We where also wondering if we could use the schematica printer function to raise the SS if we where to do that. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to vote. - Krikkeee
  10. Welcome, one and all to the Minionland RP! It has been talked about for quite a while, with multiple forum posts and in-game discussion, but here it is! This will be the Official In Character(IC) Post area for the Minionland RP! If you want to write about your town, kingdom or nation and the things it is doing, this is the place! I hope for everyone involved to have fun:D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story Prologue: Game Details: Player List: Rule List: Other Information:
  11. Gopher, in order to tour the land as you wanted. - Create a new character with a name no one recognizes and then you can tour the land incognito. - Make sure you install Journey Map, you have no idea how big a difference a mini-map and auto-mapping of covered ground makes. - Get yourself a nice fast mule with saddlebags so you can carry more food and supplies. Be sure to take sword, bow, arrows to defend yourself. And torches of course. - On the note of food, cookies aren't very filling, which is why you went through so many. The best foods are steak and pork chops.. Well actually the best is gold carrots, but lets not go there. The whole idea sounds wonderful and we would love to watch it, whether you do it in the main world or in a mirror with greater view distance, but sadly no people. On that note, ever going back to the adventure with Chay? Side note: cats scare creepers, dogs scare skeletons. Its good to travel with a dog, but he may die to a creeper.
  12. Hey everyone, I know a few of you are aware and have participated already but I'd like to know if others are interested. As previously posted by Lert, Im doing videos where you give me a tour or your claims. So far Lert, Ubberblox and Non_ have participated (Nons will release in the upcoming week) and their tours are available to view on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DomImations I want to feature your builds because you are all so talented and creative. And hopefully it will also allow us all to see parts of minionland that may have never been seen by others. So let me know if you'd like to participate. Take me on a tour! Non_s will release 10-6-17 at 6am est.
  13. Hello, Multigk Here! So I feel like a lot of people wanna hang out, and have activities for groups to do together. Some Minions have tried to make this happen over in The Crossroads and has for the most part failed as an endeavor. There is too much history, nostalgia, and the crossroads was never well planned to be something like this in the first place.\ And so this forum is to gather minions together in the enterprise of making a new PLACE (not sure what kind of place) for us to hang, chat, have fun, and do other things. The Purposes of this topic/forum are as follows: 1) To agree on where this place should be, and to plan it out together, this place is to be planned and built with the intention of being a place TO GATHER with others. 2) To discuss what should be at this place: There have been many suggestions, I mainly want this place to be a common/meeting place, others have suggested a theme park, a trading area, even an arena. These are all good ideas, but I'm not sure they are absolutely NEEDED for this to work. 3) To discuss if we even need this, I really do think a meeting place, made for meeting from the start and well planned and what not could be a benefit to the server. 4) I might add reasons in the future as needed after further discussion. Also I may tag people if they would like this? Not sure. Concepts so far: (These depend upon individual interest. and more may or may not be added.) The Meeting Area itself Nether Portal/Slipstream Access (Though I don't think most people use slipstream) (Of Course) (Thanks Starling for the nether idea.) "Build Parks" (A term from Bunyun, basically places anyone can build at any time, that anyone can edit) Parkour Building Competition Area (Think "Build Wars", with an area for a crowd to watch, and big blank areas for building in said competitions) Potentially a Dynamic PVP Arena (Shifting ground, water, Cover..... explosions!) Rented Exhibition Space (A managed space, that you can rent for a period of time to build, each build will be altered after each rent cycle so the space stays dynamic.) Potential King of the Ladder (Minigame) Potential Elytra Course ... STRAWPOLL!!! LET US KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE, THINK, OR WANT! http://www.strawpoll.me/13644119
  14. EDIT: Date moved to the 25th because of technical stuff I'll be hosting a build competition (with free cake) at sucrose shores' Christmas Tree build site. The competition is to see who can build the best Christmas Tree ornament- and the best entry- or entries- will be placed on the Sucrose shores Christmas tree once its built! Huge thanks to @BUNYANSaxe1943 for making this a thing. If you're interested, PM me so we can add you to the claim! There's also gunna be free cake. When: To ensure this doesn't clash with anyone's schedules, The judging will be on the day after Thanksgiving. You have until the end of Thanksgiving (23rd) to get your ornament built! That's when we'll have the cake too, but if you want some while building feel free. There's more cake there than any reasonable person should ever make. Where: It's the unfinished Christmas Tree at sucrose shores, or as I've taken to calling it, the Christmas Spike. Basic Directions: Go to Sucrose Shores from the nether highway(south, then down purple), then follow the signs to the snowman. Directly Southeast of you is the build site. There will be designated spots for players who have entered. The Rules: -NO LAVA. -Minimum dimensions for any side is 3 blocks, and the maximum allowed dimensions is 7 blocks. Anywhere in between is totally fine, as well as mixing dimensions- I.E. having a build that fits in a 5x3x7 space. Having a hook is optional, but if you choose to have one it's allowed to go outside the 7 block limit. Examples of largest and smallest possible shapes without hooks : -You will need to bring your own blocks! We will not be judging how difficult the blocks are to get, only how well they fit your build. If your ornament is just a rectangle of beacon blocks, it'll probably lose to the awesome angel statue made of Birch wood, or something. Of course if you lose you get your blocks back. Show off your building skills and creativity, not your wealth! -Don't tear up the floor, or tree, or anything. Reminder that this is a build site! That was like the singular stipulation from BUNYAN. Build up, not down! And that looks to be it! The winning build(s) will be left for Bunyan to move onto the tree, and everyone else will need to come over sometime soon afterward to gather their stuff, lest their rectangle of beacon blocks be lost to them forever! Again, if you want to join in PM me and we'll get you added to the claim as fast as we can! Good luck to anyone who joins in!
  15. Now you can get fat in real life , then get fat in a video game immediately afterward. What do you guys think of a thanksgiving get-together? I'm not sure when would be a good time for everyone- what with the actual holiday happening on the same day, but doing something in-server on the holiday could be pretty cool- especially considering how Minionland already has a food "theme". There's a number of cool places we could hold it too! >The World Tree feels the most appropriate if @jeancly were OK with it, but then again a lot of people seem to get lag there so I'm not sure. >There's also the throne room, seems an obvious place. >Sucorse Shores could be a nice spot, since holiday stuff has already been done there. > Or maybe @Magasai's place? The possibilities are figuratively endless man! Obviously we'll need permission from the owners, and stuff. So yeah, any thoughts? What would be a good time? Thoughts on location? Food supply? Would anyone even show up? Can we have other stuff to do there besides just sort of eating cake? Would it just turn out to be a digital version of an awkward family get together? Would members of the north and south attempt to assassinate each other with poison potatoes? Can we all agree that the Turducken is simultaneously the most vile and yet the most unappetizing dish ever devised by modern man? That last one is more of a PSA. Don't eat that. Don't let it near your children.
  16. EDIT: Okay, so I think we slowly need to close this tread because it has been derailed quite a bit (not that it is a bad thing) but I feel we are kinda going around in cirkels here. I'm gonna try to summarize everything that has been somewhat agreed upon in this post, sorry if I missed something. Crossroads: We are no longer planning to change or revitalize the Xroads, instead we are now kind off planning a new meeting place which will be discussed here: We might however rework the roads (adding signs and stuff) Spawn/ HUB (new player experience): to make a better experience for new players we would like to add some more info and directions thios could happen in one of the following way's Better signs at spawn or in the HUB Custom advancements to guide players to specific places A welcome book Roads in general: Add more signs with directions to certain places Name the roads Colour-coded roads Possibly clear out unneeded roads Old post: And finally @Vault Memories so he can see this.
  17. For my build I have been farming for sea-lantern parts at the nautilus for quite a while and it's a tedious process of AFK farming. Don’t get me wrong AFK farming is a nice thing but you still need to get back aproximatly every 20min if you don’t want to get kicked for inactivity. Therefor it still take’s time, time that could be used for other things. An extra problem with the nautilus in particular is that it only really has one farm so if someone is AFK farming, the whole nautilus is occupied. You could of course take benefit of someone who is AFK farming and steal the resources that are in the chest but come on and be decent, you wouldn’t like it if that happened to you either. Therefor I have a suggestion that could do the following things and all that without really needing to rebuild or extend the Nautilus. Reduce the time you would spend (AFK) farming Allow multiple persons to farm at the same time The suggestion: Reduce the time you spend AFK farming by adding an alternative that requires you to be active while still being in the area that triggers the AFK part. This could be achieved by using command blocks that would donate 1 item when activated. The activation could happen on multiple way’s e.g. by the use of a presureplate that the player would need to activate… Once the redstone signal is received two things will happen: The command block will trigger once and donate 1 (specific) item it this case either: prismarine shards or crystals The player would be pushed back/ teleported by pistons or an extra command block This way the player would need to be active to use this bonus while also keeping the basic AFK farm active reducing the farming time quite drastically. However these ‘contraptions’ would need to be built in a way that would completely disable the way to AFK-farm them. (An example of what I suggest can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZiW2rIVpac) I know that the use of command blocks could be considered cheating and Gopher wants to do everything pure, but aren’t AFK farms already on the border of cheating? You can get items/ resources/ possibly even exp without even doing anything. In my suggestion you would at least need to move, press a button or something to get a small bonus… And I also know that staff doesn't really like command block suggestions but it's just an idea, maybe this could all be realized without using commandblocks.
  18. Hi Minions! For some time now I wanted to make semi-official (for now at least) set of guidelines for 4 main slipstream lines (North, South, East, West, maybe more later) mostly in Overworld, but probably should be applied to Nether ones too (with some changes in respect to Nether and its slipstream unique nature). Most of them, at lest all important ones I discussed with @MaximusPower_, and we came to agreement that they are good. Never the less I cant claim that I have his full support in all this. Hope he sees this thread and expresses his opinion. For now please treat it as WIP, open to suggestions, even though its in some (or most) places written like strict rules. Where I could I made east and west main slipstream lines to follow those guidelines. All examples shown below are from those lines. I think we may also need some people to take care of those lines, check passibility, maybe even to have trust along whole line to make repairs and enforce guidelines swiftly. One or two persons for each line should be enough...where is Ministry Of Transport when you need one? ;-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Why I propose those guidelines? Simply to make use of main Slipstream lines as easy and comfortable as possible. In my time I almost daily travelled from spawn to east border, not without some issues and to alleviate those issues I tweaked this route where I could to make those trips fast and without problems. You are not expected but are encouraged to follow those guidelines on all Slipstream lines, especially longer ones and with more than one, two destinations. For now I feel like it should be for each line builder(s) and/or majority of owners of stations along each line to decide whether those guidelines (and if all or some) should apply to their line. When such decisions are made then anyone else joined or joining or travelling such line should obey those guidelines. When situation like this arises we may need some more regulations in terms of how Major lines should connect with those other regulated lines (i.e. do we change Redstone Code to signify that you are entering regulated one, do we allow some stop blocks/lines on such junctions and in what pattern etc.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Some universal terms and rules: Redstone Torch Code? (RT Code) Redstone torches are used as a way to mark various points of interest along slipstream. Since speeds on SS are quite high there is no way to communicate info by signs or other means. That's why I devised this simple, yet effective code. Stop blocks? Stop lines? Any kind of non-ice block or line of non-ice blocks embedded in ice layer causing boats to slow down. Signs? Any signs with any description are allowed but they cannot interfere with Redstone Torch Code, and cannot block space of 2 height above ice level. Signs pointing to main directions (East, West, North, South, SPAWN, Crossroads) are very welcome on any junction, or station. Widening of main tunnels? No widening of main tunnels, regardless if its done with ice or with other blocks is allowed. Wall hugging is sometimes needed to travel especially with higher lag. Any unnecessary widening of tunnel will always be problematic, will just stop wall-hugging travellers. If you need to widen tunnel for access or aesthetic reasons please use halfslabs or stairs on edge of ice. Be aware that many other blocks like fences or chests are not fully 1 block wide, and generate stopping edge, so as far as I know only full blocks, halfslabs and stairs should be allowed in 1 heigh space on ice edges. This two-wide gap, though filled with chests creates stopping edge! Suggested FIX. Can I mine Slipstream walls and make holes, niches in them? Yes you can, but keep in mind above rule about widening of the tunnel. Whatever you mine out, whatever hole or niche you make, always make sure that one block above ice on each edge of SS is made of full block, half slab or stairs block. It can be cobble, smooth stone, dirt...preferably not sand or gravel so it does not fall if someone mines below. Anything permanent. Theoretically, one wide holes should not stop wall-hugging boat but I had some issues with higher lag, so please cover or halfslab them too if you can. Also, while mining be very careful to not let lava get on Slipstream. Dude, where is my boat? When you go away from boat, even for a minute or half please take it with you or store in any chest. If your boat vanished after disembarking walk away 50-75 blocks and return and it should be visible and ready to pickup (I believe its Optifine bug). If you see abandoned boat in middle of slipstream, please stop for a few seconds and at least "destroy" it so it despawns. If you see a boat on claimed land and you are true angel, move with your boat outside claim, destroy it and return for the one blocking tunnel and continue your journey on it. If you see boat partly embedded in ice, blocking traffic on claimed land post on redmine about it. If you have ice (or silk pick on you) and its not on claimed land please free it yourself. LIGHT!!! You are encouraged to properly light unclaimed pitch black parts of Main Lines and if Main Line crosses your claim and you don't grant public /trust on this part you are required to provide and maintain proper light levels. It can be moody, but not so dark that you can't see anything. BUT BEWARE: Until all SS ice is replaced with packed variety most of it will melt when to close to any light source like torches, redstone lamps, glowstone, sea lanterns. I'm not entirely sure on exact numbers, but light source can't be closer than 3 blocks above ice, and for now, lets say 5 blocks beside it. If you see such atrocity please remove light source if you can and ask in chat if anyone can replace melted ice, or replace it yourself. If no one can, or land is claimed post on redmine. Describing location on Main SS Lines. Maybe its obvious, but having especially redmine in mind I think precise description of location on Main Lines should be i.e. East 5650, West 1520... I mean no need to put "minus" or the other coordinate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Points of Interest alongside tunnel and guidelines regarding them: 1. Junction All junctions where you are able to steer your boat to other direction should be marked by 3 Redstone Torches on each side of joining tunnel, as close to its edge as possible, ideally just on edge. If you want to make more elaborate design try to incorporate this rule into it. Any additional info on signs should be on the ceiling or opposite wall, of course leaving free space of at least two blocks above ice. Why? When you ride the slipstream hugging one wall it is most important that you will have clear signal about incoming edge, so you can steer away from it, and not stop...or steer toward it if you want to turn. No stop blocks are allowed, beside Major junctions, by Major I mean crossing of N-S and E-W lines, and junction to such places like Dark Lord's Castle or Crossroads where official Minion events are held. And please, do not make junctions to lines shorter than about 100 blocks. Any junction is problematic for fast and easy travel on main SS lines. If you are closer than about 100 blocks from main line just make a station and walk the rest of distance. Pleas note that below junction is a little fringe case. I would prefer that torches incorporated into elaborate design were closer to the edge of joining tunnel. Ideally right on its edge. Also, please try to avoid making cross-junctions, or junctions on left and right of Main Line closer than about 75-100 blocks from each other, so wall-huggers will always have time to switch walls they hug. If your Slipstream has to cross Main Line consider making it above main line with drop to it. Or block one part of junction (less used one) with halflsabs and do not mark this side with Redstone Torches. If there already exists a cross-cross junction (other than the crossroads of main lines) from the time before guidelines were published and it can't be changed according to aforementioned suggestions there is new RT code to mark it, to make it distinguishable from Major Station. 4 set of torches. 2x3 torches on main crossing line, and 2x2 torches (two on top and two on bottom blocks with middle empty!) on secondary (i.e. shorter) crossing line. But please do not over-use it as this type is hard to navigate while hugging the wall, and its torch code could be confusing. 2. Major station And I mean Major, like SPAWN, Crossroads, or other places where official Minion events are held. RT code is 4 sets of 3 torches, on each side of tunnel on both edges of station platform, or on edges of more elaborately designed walls. Stop blocks and stop lines are allowed on such stations (and only on them). Such station should always have publicly accessible Boat Chest. 3. Stations important for community By those I mean such places like public or semi-public spawners, farms, Villager-Trade posts etc. public exits to rare and sought of biomes like Mesa, Flower Forests etc. Generally something that many people will look for, constantly, not only visit once and forget...so some Minion Land Heritage Sites could be added to the list too. RT code is 4 sets of 2 torches (2,3 blocks above ice level) on each side of tunnel on both edges of station platform, or on edges of more elaborately designed walls, or beside door (some spawners i.e. have only door directly accessible from slipstream). Stop blocks and stop lines are NOT allowed on such stations. You know general coordinates, you see RT code, you have time to slow down. Such station should always have publicly accessible Boat Chest. 4. Normal Stations Your home, random (but proper, with stairs or some kind of elevator an lights) exit from slipstream i.e to your new Dragon Statue build (seems all the craze these days ;-) ) , your mine (not random place when you mine at the moment, place you use constantly, build in it etc.) etc. Something that probably only you and your buddies will look for and use. But use constantly, not once or twice, and abandon. RT code is 4 sets of 1 torch (3 blocks above ice level) on each side of tunnel on both edges of station platform, or on edges of more elaborately designed walls, or beside door, hole in wall (remember to put half slab on stairs just above ice! ) Stop blocks and stop lines are NOT allowed on such stations. You know general coordinates, you see RT code, you have time to slow down. Such station should have publicly accessible Boat Chest but are not required to. 5. Minor Points Of interest Wild exits from Slipstream (i.e. through cave system, without proper lighting or stairs), workplaces (i.e. workbench+chest embedded in slipstream wall, may be with additional tools), even important message to claim owner etc. But please do not overuse it. And don't feel urge to mark every single one such place if you are not the one strictly interested in using it or pointing someone to it. Redstone Torch Code is one torch (3 blocks above ice level) on one side of tunnel, above or beside hole in wall, or workbench. Stop blocks and stop lines are NOT allowed... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ That's all I can think of right now. Feel free to comment, add more suggestions, insight etc. Remember its all WIP. Happy and fast slipstreaming, especially hugging that sweet, sweet wall ;-) Pajoonk
  19. BTW, @Tirius82 , I think one of your butchers managed to escape, found one in the Nether, bottom of stairs. See pigman vid. The Disaster of Lag! Coming Soon! Thank you to Paws and Zantheran for recovering my boots and cuirass. I will get them off you when I can next connect properly again, hopefully tomorrow, possibly next week. Anyway, very grateful. Thank you.
  20. Ok, we need to get Gopher a winged horse, bit failing that, donate him a few stacks of fireworks so he can elytra fly and won't need to cheat as much. We also need to get an admin to teach him about zh so he can use his horses more and get minions to replace the missing animals at his farm. Also explain to him that he can breed mooshrooms and regular cows and milk mooshrooms. Also have someone point Gopher to this:http://journeymap.info/Download All you need to do Dark Lord is put the .jar file in C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods or whichever drive you have it under. Assuming you have Forge installed which you must as you use Optifine. Jeancle, World Tree has come such a long way since I toured it and it was just a hollow shell, looks incredible inside, I see its still a wip outside, well something that big takes time doesn't it. As for that Cathedral... wow. BTW, ius there a warp for Throne Room? there should be.
  21. I can see this being a delicate thing, but with the whole nether-SS and spawn-SS-station overhaul going on, I was thinking that the Nether-SS-HUB might require some love aswell. At the moment there is only one entrance to the SS around the nether HUB which is situated at the start of the red (north line) and it is quite easily missed in my opinion. With all the work that has already went into and will still go in the nether SS, I think/ hope that they will slowly become a more viable way of travel in the nether (especially over long distances). Therefore I think that we might need a clearer entrance from the HUB to the SS. I have copied the nether HUB with schematica and have been trying different things. The following should all work without too much changes and deffinitly no portal movement. At the moment I have made space for 2 banners next to each line, which would honour their original creators, and an extra 2 banners showing the colour of each line resulting in a total of 16 banners in this designplan. This amount of banners might already give a fps drop. If this is the case I suggest to remove the banners showing the line coulours because I have put coloured wool in the ground before each line's entry point. The changes that I would need to made in the new design are: Moved @Phelan potion storage to a different spot to make room for 1 of the stairs --> no longer necessary see second comment Moved the entrance of an unnamed portal near the HUB to a different already existing entrance. --> no longer necessary see second comment Moved the ‘lava-wall’ in the first part of the south SS 2 blocks back Pictures (I guess the design finished, but you're free to suggest changes): My suggestion for the new SS design: The new HUB entrances (2 stairs on both the east and west side) --> changed see second coment The old and new spot of Phelan's potion storage: --> no longer necessary see second comment What do you think about this idea? Is it to big, are there to many stairs to the SS-station from the HUB, some other concern's? Everything can change with your imput. I can provide a schematic-file if necessary - Krikkeee
  22. We are stating that Ministry of Transport is now active, working currently from temporary Slipstream Offices at Spawn. Ministry functions are as follows: Construction and maintenance of main public transport ways: Slipstream (Overworld and Nether) Nether Highways and Railways Construction and Maintenance of main stations on aforementioned ways, including P.U.N.T. Stations. Maintenance of P.U.N.T. Horses Ministry employees: @MaximusPower_-Minister of Transport (absens) @Little_Luca-Chief Engineer and North Slipstream Main Line Custodian @Pajoonk-Chief Architect and East Slipstream Main Line Custodian @ShawnBoucher-Shovelmaster ??? Slipstream Main Line Custodian ??? @Vice Dellos-Chief Designer ??? Slipstream Main Line Custodian ??? @Krikkeee-Nether Slipstream Specialist , Nether Slipstream Main Lines Custodian @sanamia-Stablemaster ??? Slipstream Main Line Custodian ??? Employees and functions (or names of functions) are subject to change (some of them don't even know yet they are employed by Ministry :-) ). Ministry powers: For now we ask admins for demoi-godly power of /trust along all Main Slipstream Lines for all Custodians, so we can maintain them without posting redmine ticket every time. Proper offices will be added for other employees or built in new building, outside of spawn.
  23. Heya o/ Today we held the 3rd edition of the minionland tours and, while not as many people showed up as last time (i'm going to blame gophers streaming minecraft simlutaneously and not my poor advertising compared to before) we did still have a great time and got to see some amazing creations in the Farlands and managaed not to visit even more. So The next tour ShawnBoucher and I will try and organise will be either on the 7th or 8th of May, I hope you can all make it! Here's an archive of all the tours so far minus the legendary first one:
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