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Found 10 results

  1. Gopher, in order to tour the land as you wanted. - Create a new character with a name no one recognizes and then you can tour the land incognito. - Make sure you install Journey Map, you have no idea how big a difference a mini-map and auto-mapping of covered ground makes. - Get yourself a nice fast mule with saddlebags so you can carry more food and supplies. Be sure to take sword, bow, arrows to defend yourself. And torches of course. - On the note of food, cookies aren't very filling, which is why you went through so many. The best foods are steak and pork chops.. Wel
  2. BTW, @Tirius82 , I think one of your butchers managed to escape, found one in the Nether, bottom of stairs. See pigman vid. The Disaster of Lag! Coming Soon! Thank you to Paws and Zantheran for recovering my boots and cuirass. I will get them off you when I can next connect properly again, hopefully tomorrow, possibly next week. Anyway, very grateful. Thank you.
  3. Alrightieth then Last time you folks heard from me and Zantharan, it was on a thread about the diminishing population of the server ~roundabouts a year ago- and when the response was a collective "meh" we'd decided it was best if we also took our leave. All in all, we were feeling burned out anyway. About a week ago Zanth popped in out of curiosity, and- if you haven't noticed- we've been on almost every day since then. After seeing people still online after all this time it disproved our old fears, and that old burned out feeling is completely gone for us, so we brought insurance ag
  4. Ok, we need to get Gopher a winged horse, bit failing that, donate him a few stacks of fireworks so he can elytra fly and won't need to cheat as much. We also need to get an admin to teach him about zh so he can use his horses more and get minions to replace the missing animals at his farm. Also explain to him that he can breed mooshrooms and regular cows and milk mooshrooms. Also have someone point Gopher to this:http://journeymap.info/Download All you need to do Dark Lord is put the .jar file in C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods or whichever drive you have it unde
  5. Starting any minute now, assuming OBS is a bit more reliable than Shadowplay, Shadowplay consistently stops sending data after a minute or two for some inexplicable reason. Trying to find @BUNYANSaxe1943's and @Smartboy53's giant Easter Bunny, no idea if I will succeed.
  6. Hello, Fellow Minion. The Crossroad, the capital of MinionLand, Founded by @Just Louise, however over 30 days ago he kinda quit, so alo of the plots he had under his control kinda stayed empty now. and that lead to the Planning office also stopping. Until @Darkfire gave me the rights to manage the plots, (reason why is because i was mainly the last member of the crossroad planning office). so i guess you can say i have taken over as the "Landlord" or what ever you will call it... what i called Louise... but i simply cant deal with all of it, plus there might be times i can simply not be o
  7. Merry Chirstmas Minions. OK, so Me (Vault_Gaming) and PsychoTeddyNesa, have set up some gifts... for all (we could remember and had navned for us from the people that where online at the time)... at the Waterfront district... if you dont see your name and you are a active player... then ask here or Psycho or me ingame if we can add it... a goal is to add as many as possible... You will be able to get what we set up for you... at the 24th of December... and i will remove the chests that are not picked up before the 25th of January... so get em before that... its nothing really
  8. Hey guy's I'm UniqueAlien and I've been waiting for this server for a long time and it did not disappoint me and so I did a video series on this server and if any of want to check it out that would be awesome
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