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Found 70 results

  1. EDIT: nevermind, the features that could possibly have been a sollution to the crowding problem are hidden in a premium version of this plugin (this version comes at €10). See third reply for a vanilla alternative. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Would this be the perfect plugin to fix Gophers crowding issue when he is streaming MC? https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/party-and-friends-for-bungeecord.9531/ The plugin adds a friend and party system, but most importantly it allows you to toggle player-invisibility in a few different way's by using this friend and party system: Show all players Show only friends and people of the server team (for the plugin a server member is someone who has the permission which can be set under "General.PermissionNoHide") Show only friends Show only people of the server team (for the plugin a server member is someone who has the permission which can be set under "General.PermissionNoHide") Show no one Since Gopher is always complaining about people blocking his view and such while streaming I think this might solve that problem by turning everyone except fellow admins or the player giving a tour of his/her build invisible. I jokingly hinted something like this during the last stream and Gopher really seemed to like the idea. I only accidently stumbled across this plugin today and have no way to test it, but if it does what it promises, then this could be a game changer for Gophers streaming. A nice bonus: the plugin should be MC 1.11 and 1.12 compatible and was apparently designed with bungee-cord compatibility in mind.
  2. Cake Feast on Thanksgiving?

    Now you can get fat in real life , then get fat in a video game immediately afterward. What do you guys think of a thanksgiving get-together? I'm not sure when would be a good time for everyone- what with the actual holiday happening on the same day, but doing something in-server on the holiday could be pretty cool- especially considering how Minionland already has a food "theme". There's a number of cool places we could hold it too! >The World Tree feels the most appropriate if @jeancly were OK with it, but then again a lot of people seem to get lag there so I'm not sure. >There's also the throne room, seems an obvious place. >Sucorse Shores could be a nice spot, since holiday stuff has already been done there. > Or maybe @Magasai's place? The possibilities are figuratively endless man! Obviously we'll need permission from the owners, and stuff. So yeah, any thoughts? What would be a good time? Thoughts on location? Food supply? Would anyone even show up? Can we have other stuff to do there besides just sort of eating cake? Would it just turn out to be a digital version of an awkward family get together? Would members of the north and south attempt to assassinate each other with poison potatoes? Can we all agree that the Turducken is simultaneously the most vile and yet the most unappetizing dish ever devised by modern man? That last one is more of a PSA. Don't eat that. Don't let it near your children.
  3. Gopher and modded minecraft

    Has Gopher ever said anything about playing modded minecraft. By modded i mean something like one of the FTb pack. Because i think it would be really fun to watch him figure out mods like ic2, thermal expansion etc.
  4. Gopher, in order to tour the land as you wanted. - Create a new character with a name no one recognizes and then you can tour the land incognito. - Make sure you install Journey Map, you have no idea how big a difference a mini-map and auto-mapping of covered ground makes. - Get yourself a nice fast mule with saddlebags so you can carry more food and supplies. Be sure to take sword, bow, arrows to defend yourself. And torches of course. - On the note of food, cookies aren't very filling, which is why you went through so many. The best foods are steak and pork chops.. Well actually the best is gold carrots, but lets not go there. The whole idea sounds wonderful and we would love to watch it, whether you do it in the main world or in a mirror with greater view distance, but sadly no people. On that note, ever going back to the adventure with Chay? Side note: cats scare creepers, dogs scare skeletons. Its good to travel with a dog, but he may die to a creeper.
  5. I fondly remember the Minecraft livestreams, which were absolutely awesome. And a huge part of that awesomeness was Gopher figuring out how stuff works. I think that SkyFactory would be perfect for him and a few other patrons to try to figure out on livestreams. Especially with the help of chat) What are your thoughts? P.S. It even has all sorts of blood magic and stuff)
  6. So I'm loving the whole cold war faction stuff. Its genuinely awesome, and something I've wanted to be a part of for a loooooong time. The pseudo-Roleplaying is also very satisfying to see, its bitter sweet when you have to mentally block out all the modern stuff though. I cant help but be disappointed by the lack of themeing in the server. Most people build in a fantasy/medieval style, but every so often you get a modern style build that breaks the immersion(for me at least). The people playing the server seem to like building stuff like trade routes and making up their own faction, I would be willing to purchase a realm to give those players a space to be immersed in. Moderators would be put in place to help keep things fair due to the lack of any claim systems. A starter city would probably be build ahead of time so that players have a place with villagers to buy from. This realm would most likely also have some general rules to keep things from clashing. For instance: no overly large buildings( an example would be the lava tower). What are your thoughts on this idea? My goal isnt to take players from the minionland server, I just can't help but think that a fresh map would allow for more freedom.
  7. Hello, Multigk Here! So I feel like a lot of people wanna hang out, and have activities for groups to do together. Some Minions have tried to make this happen over in The Crossroads and has for the most part failed as an endeavor. There is too much history, nostalgia, and the crossroads was never well planned to be something like this in the first place.\ And so this forum is to gather minions together in the enterprise of making a new PLACE (not sure what kind of place) for us to hang, chat, have fun, and do other things. The Purposes of this topic/forum are as follows: 1) To agree on where this place should be, and to plan it out together, this place is to be planned and built with the intention of being a place TO GATHER with others. 2) To discuss what should be at this place: There have been many suggestions, I mainly want this place to be a common/meeting place, others have suggested a theme park, a trading area, even an arena. These are all good ideas, but I'm not sure they are absolutely NEEDED for this to work. 3) To discuss if we even need this, I really do think a meeting place, made for meeting from the start and well planned and what not could be a benefit to the server. 4) I might add reasons in the future as needed after further discussion. Also I may tag people if they would like this? Not sure. Concepts so far: (These depend upon individual interest. and more may or may not be added.) The Meeting Area itself Nether Portal/Slipstream Access (Though I don't think most people use slipstream) (Of Course) (Thanks Starling for the nether idea.) "Build Parks" (A term from Bunyun, basically places anyone can build at any time, that anyone can edit) Parkour Building Competition Area (Think "Build Wars", with an area for a crowd to watch, and big blank areas for building in said competitions) Potentially a Dynamic PVP Arena (Shifting ground, water, Cover..... explosions!) Rented Exhibition Space (A managed space, that you can rent for a period of time to build, each build will be altered after each rent cycle so the space stays dynamic.) Potential King of the Ladder (Minigame) Potential Elytra Course ... STRAWPOLL!!! LET US KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE, THINK, OR WANT! http://www.strawpoll.me/13644119
  8. Trading Hub Construction Thread

    I propose the building of a Trading Hub somewhere in the world, originally it was suggested for giving the Xroads new life, however I think it would be a good addition to the server because: 1.) Unwanted wealth could be left there for new players to take from, this is a generous player-base and two double chests at spawn kind of put a cap on server-wide donations. 2.) It could host a surrounding town with a cohesive theme. This town could be planned out ahead of time to help avoid things like whole sections of the town built in the surface of the ocean. 3.) A road could link it to the crossroads, new players could log in and be directed there from spawn if a [Warp] is never set up. This would also help give a "RPG Feel" to the area in my opinion. 4.) As mentioned, a [Warp] would help bring people to this new area of the server, If a [Warp] can be established, the Trading Hub can be built farther away from the crossroads. Let me know what you guys think
  9. The Tedium and Disaster of Lag!

    BTW, @Tirius82 , I think one of your butchers managed to escape, found one in the Nether, bottom of stairs. See pigman vid. The Disaster of Lag! Coming Soon! Thank you to Paws and Zantheran for recovering my boots and cuirass. I will get them off you when I can next connect properly again, hopefully tomorrow, possibly next week. Anyway, very grateful. Thank you.
  10. Alrightieth then Last time you folks heard from me and Zantharan, it was on a thread about the diminishing population of the server ~roundabouts a year ago- and when the response was a collective "meh" we'd decided it was best if we also took our leave. All in all, we were feeling burned out anyway. About a week ago Zanth popped in out of curiosity, and- if you haven't noticed- we've been on almost every day since then. After seeing people still online after all this time it disproved our old fears, and that old burned out feeling is completely gone for us, so we brought insurance against it happening again: Four of our oldest IRL friends (that might as well be siblings)- >Talkinhornetsnest >Ender_Guardian >The_Endslayer (no, the irony is not lost on us ) >Cono_26 With this new friend-force we will be reinvigorating/vastly expanding our old settlement Mystmarsh (more on that soon), as well as getting more involved this time around in general (alliance role-play ftw man). It's only been about a week but we've already laid the groundwork of Mystmarsh town proper, as well as a new embassy in the Xroads, alongside a planned one in the northern kingdom. All in all, that's way more productivity than we've ever had on the server prior, and we're like totally pumped dudes. Once we get everyone settled in and cozy with our new knightly order of friendos, you will see a post specifically about Mystmarsh- lead by Baron Zantharan. Me personally- I'm the Arch Druid and ambassador, Talkinhornetsnest is our General, Ender_guardian is our Appointed hunter,The_Endslayer is our first knight, and Cono_26 is captain of the guard. But anyways you didn't come here for political intrigue, we'll cover that later- The point is you'll see us all on Minion Land regularly again, and it's good to be back!
  11. Greetings fellow Westerners (and others snoopin' in )! The West is a proud--if seemingly silent--region of our wonderful server, and it has come to my attention that the proud west has not yet pulled together as a unit in the quest for power that has consumed Minionland. This we must set right! I am here to announce the creation of The Western Pact, a union of Westerners strong enough to declare us as a proud kingdom in Minionland! We (well at this moment it's just me, but hey there's always hope!) are looking for people living in the West who are active and interested in making this dream a success. We will need cities, townships, and manors to decorate our beautiful countryside. What needs doing: 1. A Capital In order to create this Western Pact we must establish a capital city somewhere in our proud region, and we must actively work to build it up as a capital. For this purpose I would offer up my humble settlement of the Cloud Forest (pictures are below), though--admittedly--it does need work to meet this end. I am perfectly happy if we decide to set up our capital somewhere else, we just need some suggestions of preexisting locations or enough open space to start building. Please submit your ideas, suggestions, or thoughts in the comments below, thanks! 2. A Banner We will need a banner to unite all of us throughout the land. If anyone would like to submit a banner design for this purpose please post it in the comments below. Please make sure it is unique and not already in use by you or someone else on this server. 3. Leadership We will also need to establish a council of westerners to lead this great endeavor of ours and to coordinate build ideas, thoughts, and designs. I have absolutely no idea how to organize this, so if someone wants to help out with that I would be totally appreciative. 4. Anything Else I don't know what else we will need, so if anyone has any ideas just plop them down in the comment section. Please help us in making the West a force to be reckoned with once more! Thank you!!!! -ER78A --------------------------- Pictures of the Cloud Forest, a potential candidate for the Capital of the Western Pact
  12. I have tried everything to link to minecraft.gophersvids.com and I get the message "Unable to connect to world." I am using a connection through AT&T in California. I have been told by other gamers here that AT&T won't connect to European servers. I do not know if this is correct, but I easily connect to servers in the US.
  13. Ok, we need to get Gopher a winged horse, bit failing that, donate him a few stacks of fireworks so he can elytra fly and won't need to cheat as much. We also need to get an admin to teach him about zh so he can use his horses more and get minions to replace the missing animals at his farm. Also explain to him that he can breed mooshrooms and regular cows and milk mooshrooms. Also have someone point Gopher to this:http://journeymap.info/Download All you need to do Dark Lord is put the .jar file in C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods or whichever drive you have it under. Assuming you have Forge installed which you must as you use Optifine. Jeancle, World Tree has come such a long way since I toured it and it was just a hollow shell, looks incredible inside, I see its still a wip outside, well something that big takes time doesn't it. As for that Cathedral... wow. BTW, ius there a warp for Throne Room? there should be.
  14. Public Iron Farm

    Hello all, @Ovagi here, As many of you may be already aware, the server now has a public iron farm. The Iron farm is currently producing about 945 iron an hour, enough for almost all projects that you guys can think of.... The farm is located at the end of the east nether road. The entrance is surrounded by iron blocks, so it should stand out, but here's a picture just in case: I just want to extend a huge thank you to @Vice Dellos for the help on the main part of the farm, as well as @ubberblox for her help digging out the tunnel. I also wish to thank McMathias, and @Lert for their help with providing food for my 270 villagers. I would like to extend special thanks to Nonsense for his help throughout the building process, and for his help building the collection area, which would look nothing like it does without him. So everyone have fun with your new infinite iron supply!
  15. Welcome everyone! This is a topic dedicated to all things Statue related. Here I'll be answering all of your questions regarding the statue, the idea behind the project, etc, etc... This is also a place for disscussion and further probing my mind about things you might want to know but were not mentioned so far(and trust me when I say this, the stream barely scratched the surface). I predict this is going to be a rather big topic. Therefore, please start your posts as follows: "Q:" -if you want to ask me a question "I:" -if you want to propose a new idea (building sites, design dilemma solutions, materials, turning armour into a tutu, etc, etc...) "D:" -if you want to discuss an idea (quotation of the idea would be nice, so we know what you are discussing;) ) Colour coding is not exactly necesary but I might miss your comment. Posts that are not tagged at all, I'll treat like off-topics and most likely not respond. If you think there is a immportant category that I haven't thought of, please let me know so I can add it. "A:" -Answer to your questions. I reserve answer tags form myself. (If you want to answer my question or someone else's, use the "D:" and @nametag ) --- --- --- I've seen the stream yesterday and I've tried to note as many things as humanly possible while simultaneously watching, listening, going in and out of fullscreen, reading and writting. So if I've missed some of them you should know - I did my best. I'll now adress that bellow (using Twitch names if I don't know someone or the name hint won't pop out). @jeancly Props for noticing immediately. Eagle eyes on this one! Please don't cut Stiv in parts. The bottom part was roughly almost every free evening across three months. And the boots with shin guards... don't even get me started on this part... Scalling down will simply not work. It wouldn't look like the original in the slightest. Even with this size, I still wasn't able to give it a lot of details. Besides it will fit the world dimensions for sure. @Slushy_Bucket (I think) said: Go big or go home! -I concur wholeheartedly Would you really like this in colour, guys? That would take away a lot from the intimidation factor IMHO. Not to mention the difficulty. Don't think it's a good idea. To all the minions in chat asking questions about it's name. It has a name actually: Stiv Sentinel and The Temple of Bunny-eating God. It's also the name of topic on the forums where I posted it first. Final blueprints will reveal why I called it like that Stiv should obviously face away from the Lava Tower and everything else to be honest. (Do you recall LotR? It's the kind of border-marking sentinel like Gates of Argonath. Google it guys, it's awesome. Pointing it towards the tower kinda tells @Gopher to "stay the fluff away". It would have a simmilar effect if you put it somewhere in the center of the domain/city like Crossroads. Kinda beats the purpose of the Sentinel his pose.) @Dionyzos_ and @Hoothor know exactly what I mean judging by the chat replay. Whatever you want to be it's neighbour should be situated in the opposite direction than the extended hand is facing. The book floating above Stiv's hand is a Conjuring Tome. Stiv's a necromancer. I don't get where is this confusion comming from guys... Nether is to small to fit this thing inside. I was actually considering making Bill in two halves (bottom- cut off by the conjuring portal in the nether, and top- emerging from the conjuring portal in the main world. But for now this is too time consuming. Maybe after the Stiv is ready. @Quarico said: "Beat my own lava tower"....*snorts* -I'm gonna design you a Fire Stiv for this one @Gopher You should probably tell people there is suppose to be 8 of these... You know, like on the picture I sent you... A pair for each of four world directions. So we need 4 sites not only one. The material MUST be something that you can make stairs of. Helmet is layered with stairs to add more details. You can rule out any materials that doesn't support crafting stairs from it. Smooth Sandstone is one of my first choices too. It would go well with the tower made of the same material (that's why I sent previews in this colour, so you could imagine it better). Just no dirt filling, pretty please. There will be stuff going on in some areas of the statue. Don't worry about making eyes. That is already being taken care of (amongst other cool stuff). @Apocalypso said: Isn't the way the head's turned a bit unnatural? It's 90 degrees xD -Ivan, have you tried making symetrical head, turned at 63.75 degrees from square blocks? I can assure you, you don't want to ever find this in your job description... ;P @Apocalypso said: Can't you also include his internal organs? -Funny you said that... @DJFreakyB said: The portal should be inside the book, seeing as it has the Conjuration symbol on it -Guess what? @survivor2021 said: What about a magic orb in his hand? -One of the community versions of the statue was planned this way, although it's more like a fire ball. The one with the Tome is specifically designed for @Gopher to enjoy. The hight is circa 221 blocks. The place I saw as a perfect spot for @Gopher's Sentinels(this is from the msg I sent him): "MINECRAFT #47: Finishing the Lava Tower. In the first minute(pause at 0:26) I see the perfect spot. When you're on the balcony and looking at the Tower, imagine Twin Sentinels symmertrically on both sides of the tower, far away on the horizon(end of your view range). If you'd build it there you could actually see them without going there first to preload that chunk. Any other direction around your house is kinda taken or visually cluttered, as I've seen on the last stream. Additionally, if I'm getting MC physics right, you could glide from the Tower and use The Spell Tome as a landing pad, which would save you a ton of time. It's pretty hard to miss it (I think you could easily fit your house inside of it). " This is the animation of legs plans @Gopher wanted to show you on stream. It shows all layers one after another (building it would go in reverse. didn't thought of that back then.) It didn't work because I've set it for only 10 repeats loop, because infinite giffs tend to slow down webpages. This way it won't run forever in the background. Just open it in new tab and refresh if it stops. @Gopher said: "I don't want to pressurize him to much" -Well, that ship is sailed... I'm pressurized like a Russian submarine right now. ;D
  16. Starting any minute now, assuming OBS is a bit more reliable than Shadowplay, Shadowplay consistently stops sending data after a minute or two for some inexplicable reason. Trying to find @BUNYANSaxe1943's and @Smartboy53's giant Easter Bunny, no idea if I will succeed.
  17. Still experimenting, trying to find the best way to stream or record, streaming failed with this video as it did for my last GTA and Fallout ones so I recorded it instead, took 29Gb which took all night to upload, clearly I still need to work things out. Might go back to OBS, but Shadowplay doesn't kill my frame rate. Also did pt3 some time ago. And I've noticed I have no views for Fallout 4 - The hunt for beer
  18. Ministry of Transport

    We are stating that Ministry of Transport is now active, working currently from temporary Slipstream Offices at Spawn. Ministry functions are as follows: Construction and maintenance of main public transport ways: Slipstream (Overworld and Nether) Nether Highways and Railways Construction and Maintenance of main stations on aforementioned ways, including P.U.N.T. Stations. Maintenance of P.U.N.T. Horses Ministry employees: @MaximusPower_-Minister of Transport (absens) @Little_Luca-Chief Engineer and North Slipstream Main Line Custodian @Pajoonk-Chief Architect and East Slipstream Main Line Custodian @ShawnBoucher-Shovelmaster ??? Slipstream Main Line Custodian ??? @Vice Dellos-Chief Designer ??? Slipstream Main Line Custodian ??? @Krikkeee-Nether Slipstream Specialist , Nether Slipstream Main Lines Custodian @sanamia-Stablemaster ??? Slipstream Main Line Custodian ??? Employees and functions (or names of functions) are subject to change (some of them don't even know yet they are employed by Ministry :-) ). Ministry powers: For now we ask admins for demoi-godly power of /trust along all Main Slipstream Lines for all Custodians, so we can maintain them without posting redmine ticket every time. Proper offices will be added for other employees or built in new building, outside of spawn.
  19. As many of you know already I started remodeling Spawn Slipstream entrance and station. Why? Because I feel entrance to this very useful and impressive feat of work of @MaximusPower_, @Little_Luca, @ShawnBoucher and many others (sorry if I forgot/don't know) was not fitting, not grand, or just not visible, inviting enough for what it led to. Because I design on the fly I can't show you any pictures of what I have in mind, and so far I was mostly busy gathering resources, receiving them and excavating area of the future station. You can roughly see the scope of new structure, as I am trying to work out good proportions, vistas and comfort of use. Keep in mind that after today's visit by Rodzyn plans changed a little and I'm in middle of re-excavating parts of build. As for the plans, in broad strokes. Materials: Quartz, Prismarine (all types including lamp), Packed Ice, Glass and panes as railings. Maybe some carpets for colour coding. Some stone bricks where needed. For decor - original Maximus emerald blocks from previous station, valuable ores for Slipstream tunnels close to station. Features: Many ways up and down: stairs (horse friendly), minecart escalators (rabbits friendly), water drop (like NT's now, and maybe one for boats), water (or vine, or minecart) elevator with original quotes from Royal Architect (taken from existing water elevator). Slipstream and nether entrances at spawn level will be somehow, aesthetically joined in one wall (original Nether entrance by Xelphos will not be changed). Along the stairs, in entrance hall and on mezzanine of station I plan placing display cases for banners and maybe items and quotes from 10-20 most deserving, hardworking Minions (including mods/admins of Minionland)...probably I will take list from Minions Temple, and with those people try to work out the rest. Boat dispensers with various boat types. Some kind of pixel artwork on main wall (if it will be big enough in the end). List of major travel destinations on main Slipstream lines. Map of world (is it possible?) Some other things probably... Any discussion of those features is encouraged and appreciated, but I reserve the right to have final say with exception of staff opinions. After all it's Gopher's land and near of one of last remaining Xelphos'es builds. Materials needed? Honestly, everything listed as materials, above. Especially quartz and prismarine stuff. How much? I don't know yet. Like I said, I design as I build so I will ask on the fly too. For first parts of prototyping wall segments, making temporary, usable stairs down etc. I think I have enough. However if you wish to donate contact me or put materials (preferably with some form of info what and from whom it is) to my MTC chest (No 25) at World Tree. Tomorrow I will make donation chest (done) and extend temporary workshop and warehouse at spawn, cause your generosity extended beyond my chests capacity already (Donators wall is, and for some time will be at spawn, will make more permanent one after all is finished). OK...I'm to sleepy now to write more with minimum of sense. Good night good Minions o/ Pajoonk
  20. Horse insurance.

    Quick idea. Some important horses disappeared lately from /zh plugin. It's tragic, cause much work and time went to breeding them. Also races will be held soon, so missing a champion would be devastating for some stable masters. I have an idea for horse insurance. 1. We need to determine which hud mod gives relevant info about horse identical (or closest) to info that admins/mods see with their tools. 2. We make screenshot of a horse with this info displayed and send it to pinned forum post (only such posts are allowed in this thread). 3. If horse disappears from /zh we post on redmine with link to forum post and wait when someone from staff will have time to recreate such horse through console. To minimize workload on staff we may put a hefty price on such insurance, so it would be used only for best and/or most beloved horses (like my 9 speed 3.5 jump Claim ). Price in quartz or obsidian. Something, you can't farm and have to put time to gather. Those donations could be put to good use in the name of our Dark Lord (legendary entity). Decent horses are pretty cheap anyway so there is no need to make such insurance widely available. I'm not a breeder (like @sanamia, @PsychoTeddyNesa, @Sosinchen or @jldoner), nor a good rider, nor an admin, so maybe this idea is stupid...let me know. Regards. P.
  21. Lets talk about the end

    End-raiding has been more sought for than ever before since the upgrade to 1.11 and this has caused a set of problems. what problems does the end have? I would like this to cotain as much infomation as you and especially the admins would want to its gonna be quite the wall o text. Ill divide each section with bold text to you can (you shoudnt!) skip in it. So to make sure everything is covered lets start with how end-raiding worked before 1.11 So. Before 1.11 Getting the first elytra would have been a nightmare if not for the dragon dropping 1 each death but once you had aquired your first it was atleast for the hardcore end-raiders quite common to use it as much as possible. I myself made a nerdpole on the highest point of the endcity and flew from there. with the combination of the ability to /sethome in the end and journeymap being allowed on the server it was easy to create a sphere of visible map around you and move on once everything was cleared. at the time Dynamap was used to check where others had been so you didnt ran into looted cites. What changed in 1.11? 2 major things really if we do not concern ourselfs with the new loot. 1: the main islands teleport "things" where missing giving you a hard time as a person without a /home there to get started. 2: the use of rockets allowed to basicly traverse the end without ever landing. I personally had a /home set at around -25k in both X n Y for the server update and I carried on into the negatives from there, other than that nothing really worth mentioning. The basics are unchanged. What caused troubles then if not much changed? well demand changed. Alot more people are itching to go raiding, Shulker boxes mainly but allso more Elytras. With the lack of dynamap we cant see where the others have went and without the starting teleports its hard to get started for a new person. This has lead to people calling out to the admins for help making the process easier. now possible solutions? well has much as we would like it to be the easy way is not allways the right way and I would like you guys to tell me your ideas for a potential solution. My idea that could solve the end problem is as follows: Reset the end on a regulair basis. Lets say every 30 day. Longer might not be an issue either. Its crucial tho that the portals at the main island is there and works! the main island along with the ender-ender can be pasted in with a tool like worldedit or MCedit after the reset of the end has happend. Im sure none of us would mind if the end is closed of for maintrance in the duration it takes to paste that in. Disableing /sethome from the end gives everyone a fair starting point to raid the end with aswell. It might be in the best interrest to leave /sethome so the hardcore raided start 20k+ blocks out where the less hardcore people might never even hit but for the sake of fairness lets set /sethome is disabled. the end is big but with the right mindset and tools to do so raiding it isnt as scary as it appeared for people new to it. Before you start ill defend my choice of waiting 30 days or longer for resetting the end with 2 points. 1 the end is really really big. as long as the starting teleports are enough spread out and placed deep enough into the end you wont have much chance of finding an allready raided city. 2: lazyness. Im sorry but I cant really think it will require a large downtime for the server to reset the end and if it does consider changing the way the server works. (by large downtime i mean 2-5+ hours.)It will allso likely require manual imput from the admins the ender ender isnt gonna past itself in. With regulair resets of the end people wille expect alittle longer maintaince that 1 day at the month and the problem with a dry end (I personally havnt been able to find an allready looted end city since 1.11) will be solved and every piece of loot will be there. the diamond armor. the saddles. the shulkers and the elytra. The cities will even be in new locations each time. But if you guys have better ideas that makes it both fair to everyone. include all the loot and does not kill off the fun of end-raiding then please, dont be shy! ill be listening! -Royal Architec NTclaymore
  22. Block MODS

    OK. We all had our feel of vanilla MC. Can we at least start considering adding some block mods? As for me, simply adding slab and stair block, maybe wall, for any block type would be amazing. TBH it's something that Mojang should have done long time ago. They have textures, just need to realign them to fit new types. Looking at Terraria i.e. it's really shameful that after so much time such basic blocks are not in the game. I don't know much about MC modding. It's my first, and probably last MC MP server, and my SP was 100% vanilla. I heard that mods adding such blocks change much more in game...but for Goddess sake, we are modding community, centered around Dark Lord of HUD Mods...i think we can make a MOD tailored to our needs. Hell, I even had idea that we can somehow convince Gopher to help with modding our server, to maybe rekindle his passion for MC this way. Anyway just a thought. I think it's worth to start this discussion here (or rekindle it if it was already had). Much have changed from launch, most of us playing now know each other well, and I think we BUILT our right to slowly steer away from this abandoned by devs Vanilla. Even by little would be huge improvement!
  23. This is a short list of mod-category’s each with some examples of mods that are confirmed to be allowed on the server. If you know of any other confirmed mods that are not yet in the list feel free to leave a comment and I will add it to the list. If you are not sure about a mod and it isn’t in this list, then it doesn't mean that it is not allowed on the server. I suggest making a redmine ticket with some info on that mod, so that the admins can take a look at it and give you a deffinitive answer. Feel free to leave a comment with the answer to help out fellow minions with the same questions. General rule's: Client side mods that don’t allow cheating are allowed Any Resource packs is allowed (expect for x-ray kind of things) Any shader is allowed Underneath each mod-name/ mod cathegory, there is a spoiler section which contains some more info (as listed below). If a mod-name/cathegory has a red color, there are functions that don't work on the server or for wich you need to ask premission (preferably through redmine and not in this tread). what the mod does functions that are not working/ not allowed on the server other requirements a link to its web-page Correct me if I made a mistake somewhere. (The most used) Confirmed mods that are allowed on the server: 1) Preformance enhancing mods: 2) Minimap mods 3) HUD mods (they should be fine but there might be some that are not, the ones listed here are allowed) 4) Inventory Managment 5) Recepie mods 6) Chat mods 7) Building help 8) Light level meters 9) Utility mods 10) Cosmetics/ gimmicks Mods that aren't confirmed but should be fine (at least not that I'm aware of, but I don't know everything) To quote what Rodzyn said below: "Most of client side mods should be good to use unless they let you see through walls, automate actions etc." Instalation instructions for Forge/ Optifine/ Liteloader combo's Instalation of different launchers Multi MC: check this tread by @malice936: https://community.gophersvids.com/topic/3800-noob-guide-to-client-mods-multimc/?page=2#comment-45403 Modpack @BloodiestCODY once created a modpack for the server which can be found here: https://mods.curse.com/modpacks/minecraft/251725-practically-vanilla-1-10 It contains most of the mods listed here since I basically bundeld his list with some other ones posted on the forum and gave some more information on what each mod does.
  24. The time many of you have been waiting for has finally come. The update is ready and we're doing final checks on a test server. Some time on Saturday the 18th I'll shut down all servers and perform the update. The process will most likely take several hours because there are things I can't prepare in advance. Keep in mind, the date might change if we encounter any major issues before or during the updating process. I'm not giving precise time since I don't know when exactly I'll be available. Make sure to change your Minecraft version to 1.11.2 when the server gets updated.