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Found 19 results

  1. So I gotta say I love to see to Gopher use his own personality when playing games and he seems to like to play games with multiple endings and have good choices as well as bad. I suggest that He plays Fable Anniversary, and the Older Elder Scrolls games, anyone else on board?
  2. So.. I think I have suggested before to be included in Gopher's Lets Play before, but since Gopher is asking for suggestions (again) I would like to suggest a couple mods, by one of my favorite authors.. which I haven't seen Gopher touch before. (Even in mod review videos) The main one that I think is really good in FNV (that Gopher hasn't touched) is Tales from the Burning Sands, by Puce Moose. It includes a bunch of 'quests', along with a lot of content that i think Gopher (as Jack) would enjoy. It even runs the quests in the way that Gopher would love. Puce Moose is known (he had something like.. 6 quest mods in Fallout 3) to NOT use quest markers. Instead he uses quest objectives as suggestions or hints. He has also released another mod for Fallout New Vegas, that changes gameplay.. which obviously would mean it's too late for Gopher to include in the Jack Let's Play, but for those who are reading this who are also looking for things to include.. there's Puce Moose's Tweak and Balance Center. I would highly suggest reading through the parts of this mod yourself, so that I'm not re-stating things that are already there.
  3. Hello Everyone, and hopefully Gopher, I am very new to this community, but not Gopher's videos. I watch him play games when I am unable to... like during work. I have grown to really enjoy his extremely polite and good-natured attitude towards even extremely morally ambiguous trials in various games. I have played games in the past, which include various moral quandaries, that I want him to tackle. I scoured the internet trying to find out where I can speak to him, or if there is a place where I could make a case to him, or his handlers about what to play next, and am as of yet disappointed. Is there a place which I've yet to find where this is done, or must I create a topic in the forums which he might see? I think he should create a place where his fans can make a case for games they want to see him play, and other fans can vote on it. Does that exist? In case it doesn't, I want to make two suggestions. Dragon Age: Origins. I know he has already played it in his own time, as one of his videos talk about how he has enjoy it a lot, but I want to see how he makes the decisions which lead into the next one, and Inquisition. I can watch anyone play a game, but Gopher is entertaining in that he struggles with decisions and explains his thought processes. I want to see how he tackles these in this ongoing saga in Dragon Age. Bioshock Infinite: While there aren't any major decisions to make in this game, because it is completely linear, the story is pretty intense with powerful implications, and I want to see how he experiences these things. The game can actually be pretty challenging as well, and he seems to like that. I don't want to spoil much for anyone who hasn't gotten the opportunity to experience it, or set up Gopher too much in case he hasn't played it. Is there a better place to post my arguments, or is this it? Ithrian
  4. Hello fellow minions! I have been doing some Let's Play content over the last few months, and I have come to the end of the first one of those, that being Papers, Please (the playlist of which is available just beyond that link for anyone interested). To continue the habit of providing alternating content, I chose Darkest Dungeon to fill in. With the new DLC released, there won't be a more opportune time to begin one, but in case you are interested in fast content, let me warn you: Darkest Dungeon is my secondary game, an episode released once per week on Thursdays with my in character Skyrim Let's Play taking Tuesdays and Saturdays. Anyhow, without further babbling, here is the first episode: I made an attempt to record and render at 60 fps, but if the video stutters too much, tell me it does so so I can change back to 30. After all, a solid framerate hurts one's eyes less, even if it is lesser. Anyhow, I hope you find me worth your time!
  5. Only... it appears not to have saved to youtube yet.. will get back to you.
  6. Stumbled upon this mod and couldn't help but think of Gopher needing this salvation The fix is not perfect but it's a lot less immersion breaking. So now instead of rolling down the stairs, Geralt will do a quick little stutter step and keep on moving. Mod link: http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/497/?
  7. Gopher, I enjoy your videos and tutorials. They are very helpful when I am at a point I can't solve, or can't find a quest item.... I was recently finished with the Fallout 4 videos you did, so I went looking through your site. I started to watch XCom 2, and it made me decide to buy it. I saw XCom 1 on sale, so I bought that too. I played through both of the XCom 1 scenarios and enjoyed it. Then I started XCom 2. I did not want to ruin the experience so I held off on watching the videos on XCom 2. My first attempt was not good, so I started back to watching the videos you have on XCom 2. I restarted the game and did better. I did find that I do not have the Internet speed to watch live, tried with Minecraft. Sorry I missed the live of XCom 2, I had some advice, but too late. I also have to be honest, I also, at the same time watched Netflix, "Murder, She Wrote" when you spent so much time arguing with the people in the chat. Currently watching the scenario/mission with the downed ship. I kept wondering why you just did not lob grenades OVER the house to get the device instead of trying to destroy the house. Oh well. Keep up the good work, very good quality, format and voice. Confused as to English accent and location in Norway? If I had any money I would donate. Scharfschuetze
  8. So Deus Ex Mankind Divided is finally out and I have a blast playing it. I played 5 hours so far and didn't really progress. I just walk around and explore things, it's alot of fun. I hope Gopher considers this Game to be one of his future Let's Plays. I think this Game would be perfect for his type of Let's Play. EDIT: I finished the Game yesterday and I'm a bit disappointed. The Game and the Story wasn't bad, I just thought it would go in a different direction. Overall I give this Game a 8/10. I like the changes they made from Human Revolution. The Gameplay is familiar but the changes made it "new" and interesting. I played on "Give me Deus Ex" Difficulty (The second hardest) and at some Points it was really hard to get pass some enemies. But that always depends on your Augs. PS: If you play this Game and you are near the End then make sure you have a little bit of extra Time. You can't skip the Credits and something very important will happen. Also you see some funny Pictures of the Dev Team
  9. Hi guys, I wanted to share a let's play I started of Fallout New Vegas. It's just for fun really, and I'm having a lot of it.
  10. Hey, this is the first post I've ever made here but I wanted to ask Gopher if he has ever considered doing a Let's Play of Morrowind when Open Morrowind enters a more complete stage, and specifically when the Open Morrowind Construction Kit enters a far more developed stage. I realize that, having been a long time fan, that Gopher does enjoy the graphics and combat of newer titles, and most importantly wants to please his fanbase by giving them a more visual/exciting experience during his let's plays. Still, I also know that Gopher enjoys great storytelling, dialogue, and worldbuilding which I personally believe is strongest in the third installment of the elder scrolls. More over the morrowind modding community is still active, and the mod makers for the community, given the games strengths and weaknesses, favor making mods that I think provide the most creative content, things like quests, dungeons, and new lands. This is due in part to the fact that the Morrowind engine has very little voice acting within the game so the barrier to entry in making quest mods is rather low compared to the newer elder scrolls games. Like I said before though I understand that a let's play of Morrowind would not be suitable as a replacement for another fallout 4 playthrough, or something similar, I wanted to suggest that one could be done with episodes that release at a slower pace, and that the game be played at a very deep and immersive pace. Aside from that though I was wondering if there has ever been thought of doing Let's Plays of Dwarf Fortress or Mount and Blade Warband?
  11. Hiya! I'm not sure if this is self advertising (I think so, so shameless self plug incoming): I've started a Fallout 4 let's play and was wondering if any of you are interested: The first episode is okay - it does get better. I just feel that if I had more of a backing, I'd be more inclined to upload. NB: NOT A DIG FOR SUBSCRIBERS, JUST WONDERING IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED - ALWAYS HAPPY TO HEAR FEEDBACK
  12. I've finally caught up, I stopped for a bit while playing fallout 4 didn't want spoilers even early game, and only just started really watching more recently. I have finally caught up on all his episodes its like catching up to Supernatural.
  13. I don't know if this is the right place to post this. If not, would the mods kindly tell me where, and how to move it? I've started a Playthrough of Dungeons of Dredmore called, "Will I ever Beat Dungeons of Dredmor" on some rather basic recording equipment. The first three videos are crap quality, but I found the compression settings by the Fourth episode. I'm seriously considering just deleting those first three videos, but I'm not sure if I have a strong enough intro in Episode 4 or not. Maybe you guys can give me some feedback on that, if you even care to check. I wouldn't even have bothered posting the series here, except that someone (can't remember who) had given me the starter info I needed in one of Gopher's Livestreams. And I wanted them to know that I did indeed take their advice, and give OBS a try. Twitch ended up being the easiest way to make/record videos for me, so I've just been livestreaming for a few hours at a time, breaking down and archiving episodes on YouTube. Eventually, I hope to have a WAY more regular schedule, but for now, meh. If anyone has any further advice on streaming/recording/restarting, etc. Please feel free to leave any helpful feedback (including constructive criticism) you want here. I'm sure I'll be keeping an eye on this particular thread, as I keep on trying. Thanks in advance for your time.
  14. I can see from the episodes #1 up to #46 that you have some of the same frustrations I have experienced. In Episode 46, defend a settlement. Yes. I have built up defenses in excess of 100 rating, and yet if I am not there and return to the settlement later, all the turrets are broken. It appears that the settlers cannot be killed, the number are still there. If I had not repaired the turrets, they might have left. It is also frustrating that settlement A is in need of my help. I help them. I report back to Preston afterwards. He then gives me another assignment, settlement B is in trouble. I fix this one, report back to Preston and then he tells me that settlement A is under attack from the same spot. I have not attempted to ignore all the attacks and see if the settlers leave the area and go away or go to another settlement. I am not sure I dare to. Very useful videos. I have gotten a lot of ideas from watching you. I have also begun to look at the mod videos. I have installed a few, mostly dealing with adding stuff to build in settlements. Finding the resources to build is so very difficult. I wanted to see some buildings, so I cheated to get the supplies, just to see what it what be like. Now, going through the ruins like you, getting excited at finding a stupid aluminium can, desk fan, and stupid clipboard.
  15. Greetings Fellow Minions! As many have said in some of the previous introductions I've skimmed, I am also a quite a long time fan of Gopher and his entertaining Let's Plays, Rambles, Instructional Videos, Mod vids and basically anything and everything Gopher. The journey began back in 2011 when I became obsessed with Skyrim, on the Xbox360......now now now! Before anyone berates me (just kidding, I'd expect nothing less than awesome attitudes from anyone involved in a Gopher-oriented community) I had just taken quite a long break from major gaming during my college years and I'm not sure what I was thinking when I bought Skyrim for the 360 but I had just had a terrible 2 year long experience with an Alienware laptop so that may have influenced my decision. I stopped playing Skyrim due to starting to work for a major corporation here in the US and my taste for PC gaming wouldn't come back until a few months later when I finally ordered a monster desktop and played Mass Effect 2 and 3 on it. After those games I moved back onto the 360 to play Fallout 3 New Vegas as I got a knack for it and then I somehow stumbled upon a video about mods, and mods on the PC with amazing graphics nonetheless. I started research about modding and had another lucky break, and stumbled upon Gopher, who at the time was purely there for me to instruct me how to mod. I said to myself "Wow...this guy is truly awesome," I loved how he would slowly explain modding and instruct you in a clear, defined way and decided to subscribe. I then underwent an elective surgery and was home for about 3 weeks from work on short term leave and was unable to game for long periods of time so I discovered Gopher's Let's Plays and instantly was hooked by his role-playing play style, hilarious personality and organized work ethic towards his videos and channel - I never looked back. Fast forward nearly 5 years and here we are, I've watched most of his Let's Plays but my favorites by far are the Skyrim, Alien: Isolation, Fallout 3: New Vegas, STALKER, Metro 2033, Outlast...almost every Let's Play. A little about me. I used to live and work in New York and moved down to Georgia in July 2014 with my girlfriend to seek a better place to live (cost of living in NY is sky high) and work (job market in GA is strong). We recently moved into our first house together and she's also a very avid Gopher minion and a gamer. My favorite games for the past few years have been XCOM, Skyrim, Witcher 3, Wolfenstein, Metro Last Light and obviously...Fallout 4. So....did I miss anything? Are there any rules I should abide by here other than the universal rule of: don't be a troll? Look forward to participating with you all in Gopher-themed chats!
  16. Since I know there are some members of this community playing the new Rebel Galaxy, from the developers behind Diablo and Torchlight, I wanted to share my playthrough with you guys. Although it might not be the best representation of the game, because I pretty much ignore the Main Quest completely in order to become a feared Pirate Captain!
  17. First off, sorry if this is in the wrong area, I couldn't find a thread that seemed more accurate, please don't ban me mods. Thanks. Does anyone know if Gopher has intent to play SOMA (on camera, obviously) when it's released? It comes out on the 22nd of this month and year. I would imagine he does, seeing as it is made by Frictional Games, makers of the Amnesia franchise. You can find a gameplay trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syhcF0Mx0j0&feature=share If by some miracle Gopher sees this, I would love to see an LP of the game, it looks absolutely incredible thus far. Would love to hear from other community members too!
  18. Title pretty much explains it. Which episodes of the Let's Play Skyrim Again series contained the Aetherium Forge quests? I can't seem to remember seeing as how long ago it's been already. UPDATE: I found it! Lets Play Skyrim Again : Chapter 4 Ep 7 is where it starts. Thank you Jasch for the tip, would have taken a lot longer if you hadn't told me it was in Ch. 4.
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