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Found 3 results

  1. Hello fellow minions, For this month of October, my gaming club started the "Adventober", pretty much we took the concept of Inktober but applied it to writing brief suggestions for mini- tabletop adventures (since most of us can't draw at all). So, every day we get a single word and we need to put down a suggestion based on it. If you want to contribute it will be great! If you want to share these ideas on Facebook/Twitter/whatever with the hashtag #Adventober that's even better. For October 1st the word is: Moon.
  2. EDIT: Okay, so I think we slowly need to close this tread because it has been derailed quite a bit (not that it is a bad thing) but I feel we are kinda going around in cirkels here. I'm gonna try to summarize everything that has been somewhat agreed upon in this post, sorry if I missed something. Crossroads: We are no longer planning to change or revitalize the Xroads, instead we are now kind off planning a new meeting place which will be discussed here: We might however rework the roads (adding signs and stuff) Spawn/ HUB (new player experience): to make a better experience for new players we would like to add some more info and directions thios could happen in one of the following way's Better signs at spawn or in the HUB Custom advancements to guide players to specific places A welcome book Roads in general: Add more signs with directions to certain places Name the roads Colour-coded roads Possibly clear out unneeded roads Old post: And finally @Vault Memories so he can see this.
  3. This is an overhaul of the economy and gameplay of Fallout 4, similar in scope to the Fallout 3 Wanderer’s Edition and the Fallout New Vegas Project: Nevada. Unlike those two overhauls, however, this one focuses on one of Fallout 4’s most underused assets- the settlement system. Bethesda’s addition of settlement building into Fallout 4 could have been a radical change for the series, instead, it was simply a way of making your own house. This overhaul intends to change that, by adding incentives to build settlements, and implementing systems into the game world that support these incentives. Industry, trade, more cities, ammunition types, and improved enemies all work together to create a deeper and more engaging game world that allows the player to have an impact on the wasteland through more than just his or her actions in the main storyline. War may never change, but it is my hope that Fallout can, through the efforts of the large bethesda modding community. Now, I’m sure that many people, upon seeing a project of this magnitude, would simply decide that they don’t want to have to deal with all this. They would much prefer to simply play the game, and explore the world that bethesda has created for us. To them, I would like to say this- I have designed this mod so that if a player decides they don’t want to make settlements, they don’t have to. The mod is designed to work with any play through, any faction, and any player who wishes for a slightly more realistic experience. What this mod intends to do is implement the underlying systems that are implied to exist within the world of Fallout- economics, long distance trade, manufacturing of supplies and resources, organized scavenging- but have not been implemented by the developers. These systems are what make the world work, and this mod not only adds them to the world, but allows to the player to interact with them and shape them, should he or she wish to do so. In true Fallout style, the choice is yours. However, I am not a modder. I have limited experience with computers, and I don’t know how much, if any of this is feasible within the bounds of the engine and the tools we have available. This will become more clear with the release of the GECK, but even then, I will not be able to do this myself. This post is more of a proof of concept, a pet project, if you will. My best case scenario would be a modder teaching me how to do what I need to do in order to make this mod myself, but as of right now, this is simply conceptual. I would like to see how much support there is in the community for a project of this nature. Now that all that is finished, feel free to look around. Please comment on what you see! I greatly appreciate feedback, though I cannot guarantee that I will implement your idea. As you can see, this mod is separated into sections, each with subheadings detailing certain aspects of that particular section. The three main headings (Settlements, Trade, and Gameplay) all have four subheadings with details. The fourth is focused on Resources and has six subheadings. The final headings are my ideas that I am pretty sure cannot be implemented, even with the GECK, (such as integration with factions or a slavery system), or would not be received well by the community (such as schematics for settlement structures), but would like to detail here regardless. Currently, the sections available in this post are Settlements. -braddensbane Settlements Overview The settlement system in Fallout 4 is, in my opinion, one of the most innovative things that bethesda has done. Never before in an open world RPG has the player been able to have such a visible impact on their environment, and I have spent hours building shantytowns to my heart’s content. However, this system lacks something that every gameplay mechanic needs- an incentive to invest in it. Players who decide to not use the settlement system lose out on nothing in the game, besides the pleasure of trying to make walls around sanctuary using junk fences. This mod intends to change that by adding numerous incentives to build and invest in your settlements, all of which are fully integrated with gameplay and the other aspects of this mod. In short, settlements are now your source of resources and caps, as well as providing powerful bonuses to those who invest in them. Basics Defense Farming Industry Power Resources That's it for the settlement section. Next week, I'll post the section on trade, followed by gameplay the week after.
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