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  1. I heard Gopher talking about needing a Old Timely title animation for the podcast if he was going to call it "Gopher News Radio" So I threw this together as a concept. It's really more of a mock up if anything, But I would love to hear your thoughts about it!
  2. Gopher, you keep saying you have loads of Fat Mommas, but you haven't actually crafted a single one from what we can see. I believe you are confusing the Fat Mommas with the Fatboys which you do have loads of. Fat Mommas are crafted from Fatboys and are twice as powerful as them. Fat Mommas are the best ammunition in the game, they are absurdly powerful and well worth making. Don't ignore them. When fighting the most heavily armoured Authority goons, they should be your ace in the hole, especially if you don't want to destroy the loot with explosives.
  3. Gopher, Firstly, I love that you've finally decided to give the College a go. In the interest of making this as "magical" an experience as possible I have two suggestions (along with a patch for one of them). The first is Immersive College of Winterhold and please understand that I do know what the word "immersive" actually means. It makes some truly wonderful changes to the grounds, the routines of the wizards, and even restores several little quests that Bethesda left hints for but didn't tie up. I tried it once years ago back in Skyrim and it has been a constant part of my load or
  4. Gopher, I'm a disabled veteran of the US Navy. I'm in my late forties and suffer from several conditions that make leaving the house difficult at best and painful at worst. I'm not saying this to elicit any pity which, frankly, I would likely find both tiresome and mildly offensive. I say it to describe how you've helped me. Over the past decade I've learned the meaning of the word isolation. A few years ago I turned around one day and realized that the only people I'd looked in the eyes and spoken to for the better part of the previous six months were delivery people. As you can imagine
  5. Greetings fellow nerds! I was just wondering, do you guys think that Gopher will take time and make a Skyrim Mod Sanctuary review of the amazing mod Legacy of the Dragonborn that he uses for his Leonard play through? I personally love that mod and have spend countless of hours with it and I just scratched the surface of that mod most likely. I can tell that he enjoys that mod so I was hoping that it would come a Skyrim Mod Sanctuary video for that one. Have an awesome day /MageThief
  6. I would like to contribute to the fashionframe of our dojo. Is there a way that I can get the rank of Architect? IGN: Wholfe1999
  7. So, I know the blueprint mod is PC functionality only. Believe Mr, I'd rather be playing on PC. But, I want to recreate this design in my game. Which means it can only be done in one of two way. 1. Someone builds it as a mod for bethesda.net (far easier but highly unlikely, even if the feature allowing the builds to be exported into xb1 mods gets completed anytime soon.) or, 2. I build it myself from scratch step by step. This is the method I feel most likely I'll be able to get it done. But even by reviewing the full construction series, it's not giving me all the info I need
  8. Im starting to feel like it's soon (in like a year) time for Gopher to start some new lets plays, he has said that too. i do know that the fo4 dlcs and the witcher dlcs will take time but still, the end is nigh what i remember was gopher mentioning games such as the Mass effect trilogy (by Arrhenius arbalest YES!) and TES starting from Morroind(skywind) to oblivion(skybivion) (by the burning beard of Berzelius YES!) i do also understand that its less probable for gopher to play morrowind/oblivion simply because of the age of the games, albeit modding can do a lot. so
  9. Gopher, in order to tour the land as you wanted. - Create a new character with a name no one recognizes and then you can tour the land incognito. - Make sure you install Journey Map, you have no idea how big a difference a mini-map and auto-mapping of covered ground makes. - Get yourself a nice fast mule with saddlebags so you can carry more food and supplies. Be sure to take sword, bow, arrows to defend yourself. And torches of course. - On the note of food, cookies aren't very filling, which is why you went through so many. The best foods are steak and pork chops.. Wel
  10. Um hello, I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but does anyone know Gopher's computer specs? Are they even public? I've searched for them for a little while now and can't seem to find them. Maybe I'm just dumb...
  11. Has Gopher ever said anything about playing modded minecraft. By modded i mean something like one of the FTb pack. Because i think it would be really fun to watch him figure out mods like ic2, thermal expansion etc.
  12. So just a crazy idea i had for some new merch. Between Premiere and a few resources for other projects i realized i could make some pretty fancy DVD box sets and got to wondering how cool would it be to pop a dvd out of a case slip it into the set top box and watch a season of Gopher's lets play, no internet connection required. I dunno just a crazy idea i thought i'd throw out there for our Dark Lord
  13. Private Area Markers (keep settlers out of your house) by 7StarC http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26377/
  14. Well, another E3 is almost upon us, and the consensus seems to be that... no one has a (bleeping) clue what Bethesda will be presenting! Truly impressive silence from Bethesda this year. I haven't been watching Gopher's rampages through Borderlands, so I was wondering - has Gopher mentioned any plans to live stream the Bethesda conference? It would be hellaciously late, no scratch that - 6 AM his time is painfully early - Monday morning (9 PM PDT, Sunday 11 June). Midnight on the US east coast - well, I guess Bethesda knows what they're doing. So, are there any plans afoot? Also, any
  15. Ok, we need to get Gopher a winged horse, bit failing that, donate him a few stacks of fireworks so he can elytra fly and won't need to cheat as much. We also need to get an admin to teach him about zh so he can use his horses more and get minions to replace the missing animals at his farm. Also explain to him that he can breed mooshrooms and regular cows and milk mooshrooms. Also have someone point Gopher to this:http://journeymap.info/Download All you need to do Dark Lord is put the .jar file in C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods or whichever drive you have it unde
  16. Strong back rank 3 lets you move at normal pace while encumbered in exchange for action points. Rank 4 in Survival Mode removes the damage penalty for being over-encumbered - no more broken legs. Rank 5 reduces the AP cost for running while encumbered by 50% Moving Target 3 also reduces the AP drain for running while encumbered by 50%
  17. So I was watching Oxhorn's How Settlement Attacks Work And after all the stuff about spawn points and why attacks appear inside walls when you Fast Travel; 8 minutes into the video he gave some information that was new to me and probably extremely useful knowledge for everyone, including Gopher. Specifically: 1. The higher your settlement happiness the lower the chance of being attacked 2. You actually only need 1 defence for every settler to get the maximum reduced chance effect. 3. The chance of a settlement being attacked never goes below 2%. Meaning that even with 3000 defe
  18. So I was bored last night, and had a spare gold. Made a guild, Minions of Stiv [Stiv]. Now, if anyone is interested in playing Guild Wars 2, or does play GW2, this is an open invitation to everyone. It's on the Ilse of Janthir server, so it's US based. Now, when I woke up, I realized I should have named it "Minions of the Dork Lord [Stiv]". Oh well. Oh, and I will add this. The base game of Guild Wars 2 (which is fecking HUGE, btw) is free, the expansion, Heart of Thorns, is $50 USD. Basically the old price of the game. There is never a subscription fee and it's a ton of fun. I've been pl
  19. Gopher; it'd be great if you could take a leaf out of MxR's book and start selling some Gopher themes merchandise. Mugs, T-shirts, jumpers, etc. The Gopher logo of course, and Jack with his shotgun, but also catch-phrases like Where's Kharjo? and other famous quotes ("Loot!" "Rad-Away!" etc) would be awesome. And Gopher's Minions of course. Here's hoping! Goatcha.
  20. https://www.gog.com/promo/20161201_winter_sale_gopher_collection and thus Gopher's internet fame grows. Dam nice of them to do that.
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