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Found 3 results

  1. Ok, so now we have the framework (yay!) Now, we need everyone to gather together so that we can convince our Dark Lord and Master to upload the blueprints to his completed settlements. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22442
  2. Stumbled upon this mod and couldn't help but think of Gopher needing this salvation The fix is not perfect but it's a lot less immersion breaking. So now instead of rolling down the stairs, Geralt will do a quick little stutter step and keep on moving. Mod link: http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/497/?
  3. Edited again with italic explanations. Gopher's new character is: A massive fatso with 10 agility, This prompted me to say: ROFL. And 1 int, this could be fun, assuming they kept the dimwit response laughs from the earlier games. I really hope he keeps the live-streams of this going. He is essentially making a comedy character, a very sarcastic and selfish one, its very funny. He is playing on console 30fps cap and of course a controller, which he has almost no experience with. That frame-rate is really painful though, really painful. And I am starting to see the problem with the voiced protagonist now, it really does not match the character Gopher is now playing. The least they could have done is give a pitch slider so you could make the same voice gruff, whiny, etc. One thing Gopher, if you leave the rumble on and can get used to it, its often useful feedback as to whether you are being shot or not. But yeah, it is annoying sometimes. He made a comment about hammers should be usable as weapons, something which I am fairly sure I have thought myself a number of times, anyway: Oh, so need a hammers are weapons mod now. Oh god, once he gets outside (the vault) the frame rate is even worse, its making my eyes hurt and I am three meters from my screen when I watch this. Would love to see this Let's Play, but on console? Needs to be a way to make it run smoother. Hopefully that'll be one of the first mods. The cotroller hotkey system, three slots in each cardinal direction on d-pad. Yeah the new favourite system is very wonky, I much prefer the NV one, I mean this one does offer 12 slots as opposed to 7, but at least in the old system it was one button press to switch weapons, even if half the time the angled slots chose a side slot by mistake, still better than the new system. That's what the paddles (on his fancy new Elite Xbone controller) should be for, extra hotkeys. Trying to decide on whether to specialise in automatic or non-automatic weapons, bearing in mind that Gopher cannot aim to save his life with a controller. Certainly should focus on automatic weapons if you do continue this save further into the game Gopher. With spray 'n 'pray you won't have to worry about precision aiming so much, useful for when VATS isn't an option. On choosing whether to go for a comic look with vault suit under leathers on his tubby bruiser (his face is literally covered in bruises), or just leathers and well is is playing a bad guy, insomuch as this game lets you. Definitely want to be the bad guy, but I think metal armour, leather is to cool looking for Barry. Yes, Metal Hoon. Oh Just realised the perfect companion for Barry, after his comments in the museum. We weren't that bad... The British are coming back, took a while, but we are taking the country back. Framerate making him nauseous is a running commentary, quite understandably, now he mentions he feels the character is drunk. Heh, if you feel like the character is drunk, make that part of it, Barry is a boozer. Won't help the nausea though sadly. Speaking of which, when you are climbing the lava tower in Minecraft, why don't you just close your eyes to avoid getting dizzy? You should really all know what I mean here, you meet Garvey and he says, right, grab the PA and go nuts, not played the wife, but if he says the same.. well.. it really annoys me. PA needed training in every other game. God the early power armour thing still bothers me, its alright for the ex-soldier, but if you were playing the wife? Raiders wearing it is also as annoying. PA should require training, need a mod that gives you -5 or 10 dex, -5 or 10 agility and -5 charisma if you don't have the Power Armor Training perk, which comes free with the male character, but otherwise is obtained after becoming a Brotherhood Knight or else can be learned from some cool cats one might encounter, and perhaps a book in some old bunker, if you have enough int and the right perks. There is one good way to learn controller aiming, play the original Halo (remastered). Its actually very well set up for training controller noobs, plus the remastered edition runs at 60fps on XBone iirc. If you can get used to it, well, Halo is just a fantastic game, H3 isn't bad either. But for a pc efficienado like yourself, yeah it'll never be as good as KM. After 2 and a half hours and completing the rescue Garvey quest he has had enough for one night, and gets into an argument about synth rights with the chat for half an hour. Or to put it more accurately, he gets abstractly philosophical and goes on about how does anyone know that they are not the only "sentient" being in the entire world. Sapient, not sentient. Thought you knew that. A dog is sentient. The capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively Which applies to synths if you are merely concerned that they are able to suffer, its an animal rights argument. Sapient, as in Homo sapien (lt. Wise Man); is the correct word to use when discussing the concept of free will, individuality, self awareness, etc. Gods dam Roddenberry to Heck for getting it wrong in a show which has shaped science-fiction concepts for the past 50 years.
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