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  1. Hi I`m new here.What can I do with the account I just made?What is possible?
  2. I try dont have textures either. I followed his video step by step but he has all the slider and stuff but I don't. Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wkwtgp3x25s&vl=en
  3. Is this a new thing??? I've not noticed it before today.
  4. i haven't play fallout 4 for awhile and when i reinstalled the game my mod gun is missing. as always i came sniffing around here & realised there's no loot. that's fine. i have 3 ?'s 1} do i uninstall loot 2} will i need to download all my mods again in vortex 3}should i uninstall loot before installing vortex please can any help me? as i stated before a long time ago i just play games { no i still haven't learn to type & i still take forever type this} thankyou ]
  5. There's a new, and HUMONGOUS overhaul mod to Fallout 4 called "Horizon", and I was wondering if anyone here had played it, especially Gopher. If anyone has played it, I was wondering what your overall thoughts on it are, and if not....well here's a link to the mod page: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17374?tab=description Also, being on the suggestions page, I'm just leaving a suggestion that maybe @Gopher give this mod a shot, as it seems to be right up his alley
  6. So yeah, This question was brought up from me because I was wondering what ever happened to that comment the Bethesda guy said where there would be a Bethesda game coming out before the end of the year? I have no idea where to look for such a thing on this forum and I thought it might be good if there were some way to categorize games by developer team (ex. Bethesda Game Studios, Bioware, Ubisoft ect.) I tried doing a search about this a few days ago thinking I had missed a release or something by bethesda (which is exactly where my $25 gift card for steam I got for Christmas would go straight towards). Sadly I don't know what happened with that. So you could say this thread is a double function between wanting to know what/if a new Bethesda game is coming out And if there was a way to separate things by Dev team.
  7. This commutiny continues to surprise me - in a bad way - lately. Which is very unfortunate.
  8. Given we just had a Gwent giveaway, I could see a Gwent subforum seeing some use. I, for one, would like to share strategies with fellow minions.
  9. does anyone know how to turn off tinas glowing loot / dismember ? because 1] i don't go around collecting all the loot from killed enemies till i've killed them all (too much weight = can't run) & the problem i've found using tinas is glowing balls roll away & also disappear all together after some time has gone by. 2] the bodies disappear also after some time has gone by which i've found helps me to know if i've been in that room / part of building /corridor when i'm hunting raiders from a quest. has anybody else had this problem & found how to stop it ? yes i have turned off every single control panel in her upstairs room . no i haven't done her cookies quest yet as settlers quest is what i'm doing when she transported me to her & so far on this new game run through [ with mods ] the synths have't even come up by anyone yet [ only been told to go to diamond city to maybe find info about shaun ]. thank you.
  10. is there a mod that has various size cbbe presets for fo4 in one mod? preferably for all groups at once not just separate groups like raiders this size, settlers that size etc but all mixed together.
  11. i was watching & have been installing mods i liked from the vault series. when in #11 you show the satellite pip-boy mods which i liked. done like you told me - used nmm , went to my fo4 custom.ini file added the 2 lines i'm supposed to when i come across my problem. i only have 2 headings (display & archive) gopher has 4 more (controls / pip-boy etc) so how do i add the 3rd line in the pip=boy header if its not there in my custom.ini files. could someone please help me ? as i really like the look of the 2 satellite mods in #11 mod vault thank you
  12. Hi all, it has come to my attention that a few folk have joined the site to place advertisment posts, we all know that the admins cant be omnipitent here so how about adding a flagging system so we lowly minions can make their job easier. Mayb add a system of punishment for people that abuse the system flagging non spam stuff too. Just an idea what you think?
  13. Whenever I try to insert an image from my imgur account it just turns red and doesn't do anything. And when I post it directly to the forum it says "The link could not be embedded because of an unexpected error: Forbidden: "Something went wrong. Please try again."." So does anyone have any idea what's going on, because I cant get my Insanity on if I cant post my memes and kitty pics.
  14. Need more. Is it an easy add-on for you at ADMIN? A workaround is to insert off site jpgs. Will do that in the meantime. Cheers!
  15. For example, exclude threads belonging to certain sub-forum(s) from the list. Or, as an alternative option, to display sub-forum each thread from this feed belongs to.
  16. Hi all I dont know if this is possible to implement, but can a mute member option be brought into the forums? This is a place where like minded individuals come to talk discuss and share opinions. At least this was the case until the MC server went live now there are arguments and bickering and this I do not want to see on the recent discussed section. Now I know people want to share their views and opinions, but I would like the option of not seeing someones posts as I know they are not the content I am not interested in.
  17. How do i change my name on the forum? My name is different on this forum then on the Minecraft server.
  18. I have looked about but do not see an option to delete post's. Is it not an option or am I just missing it?
  19. Whenever I try to load the forums while signed in and using the Dark theme, Microsoft Edge gives the page error shown in the image.
  20. Unfortunately there seems to be a problem using the messaging system and dark theme together. I've attached a screenshot to show what the problem is.
  21. I mostly only use the 'Unread content' option to read the forum, so I can see all posts together in one place that I haven't read yet. Super useful, fast and easy. NOW THOUGH..is there a way to make it so when you open a thread from unread content list, it automatically takes you to the LAST page..where the actual messages that you haven't seen yet are? Right now it just takes you to the first page of the thread, so you have to click to go to the last page and then scroll to see the messages you haven't seen yet. It's not a big problem, but would be nice if it just took you to latest messages automatically. Also apologies if there already is a way to do that but I just don't know and am being stupid.
  22. Hello guys, I've joined only few moments ago and first of all tried to upload my profile picture. Do you know that profile picture upload feature made on flash technology and Flash is really unsafe these days? First of all I thought that didn't work at all, but then I turned on flash and uploaded. I really suggest that forum admins change this feature (o any other feature made on flash) to something else, because lot's of people have turned off flash at all, because it's used only for ads and things like that these days.... :)
  23. So I noticed while browsing the forums, that there are Mod subsections to some of the games (namely Bethesda titles) in the Games section of the forum. Better demonstrated with a picture so everyone knows what I'm talking about. ^ That is what I meant, you can see the "Mods" and "Mod Development" subsections for those. Now my request would be to add such a subsection to the Witcher sub-forum for any minions (such as myself) who mod the game extensively, be they users or developers. That part, if added may get more use than the main sub-forum and it would help distinguish mod posts from story and / or lore discussions or what have you. I, for one, would definitely use it to keep sort of a contribution page for the mod I'm developing where the community could enhance it with ideas which they may want added to the game, be they new mechanics, new stats or whatever else they may think about. It would also provide a better place where people could get modding help or suggest / review already existing mods. I like the community because it's mature and friendly, so such discussions would be very beneficial to everyone who plays. I just registered to the site the other day, but I've been a member of the community since just before the first Skyrim mod review when Gopher started them and the Twitch one since he first streamed, so I know the people here are not fans of drama, but of friendly and beneficial discussion. Not sure how others see it, but I think it would be a worthy addition (this isn't a complaint either, more of a suggestion because I love the design of the site overall).
  24. texture mods ( lite & full ) now have at the top ( just under disc / files etc.) have complete versions as well as stand alone ( cites / dungeon etc ) versions but the tutorials says to do single ( there is no complete version option to be seen in vid ) mods. does the complete version you now can get actually compact all the single mods in one package? or is it like getting the unofficial skyrim patch which nexus says "no longer supported get legendary patch" so you do & get the legendary patch but the skyrim dlc remain red in the plugings until you ignore the "get legendary" message & download the "no longer supported" unofficial patch which then turns the dlc black like all the other plugings.
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