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Found 15 results

  1. There's a new, and HUMONGOUS overhaul mod to Fallout 4 called "Horizon", and I was wondering if anyone here had played it, especially Gopher. If anyone has played it, I was wondering what your overall thoughts on it are, and if not....well here's a link to the mod page: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17374?tab=description Also, being on the suggestions page, I'm just leaving a suggestion that maybe @Gopher give this mod a shot, as it seems to be right up his alley
  2. As many of you will have noticed, the Nexus site is in full motion by now. New mods are added like every 15 minutes or so. And even though there are no official modding tools yet, or an updated Mod Manager or Mod Organizer, people seem to be modding their game to their heart's content already. So, what mods are you running already in this first week after release? And which do you think are must-have's?
  3. I'm currently making a mod that makes Nuka World more interesting. My first step is making the quest for wiping the raiders better by giving new options like bringing in the Minutemen with you to wipe them out. The video attached is my progress so far. You can also recruit any human and your robots to join you to fight the raiders. My future plan is to allow you to actually command your raiders and make nuka world functional where you can fix the rides and have people all over the commonwealth to visit the place and enjoy the park(and rob them of their fucking money : )
  4. Atomic Radio - Live Stream if you need a bit of Fallout music, or 1950s and a cool radio channel this is the one for you. It brings the Mod Atomic Radio to YouTube with all it's music and Fallout themed adverts. Really great stories and radio hosts.
  5. Did you think that after finally placing a bucket under your waterpump your water-wasting days were over, only to find yourself pouring a literal river into the dirt when you upgraded to a more advanced waterpump? Do you put 10 buckets under this new-fangled industrial pump only to have them blasted away in an instant at the unrelenting tide of liquid? New from Schlock Industries, it's high-tech water collection technology to keep pace with high-tech pumps! (or just a bathtub, but the patent office was wiped out 200 years ago) I got a number of requests to do the powered water pump, so here you go! http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/16730/?
  6. Hey Minions, I just released my first mesh-replacement mod. No more wasting water by pumping it into the dirt. Put a bucket under there! Updates the water pump mesh to include high-tech water collection technology (actually, just a metal bucket). Enjoy! Update 1.1.0 added the metal bucket to the crafting recipe. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/16336/?
  7. UPDATE 1.1.0 is live for "-Turrets". The Turret recipes now require the weapon they shoot as well! ________________________________________________________ Hey Minions! I just put my first mod up on the Nexus, "Realistic Construction Recipes - Turrets". If you're like me and wish more crafting recipes actually required specific junk items, and or thought the turret recipes were way too lenient, you should check it out! Feedback is appreciated! http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/16120/?
  8. Ok, I don't know if this question has been already answered in the forums, I did a quick search and found nothing of relevance so here it is: What the heck happened to the Lyons? I know that Elder Lyon was... well, old, but what about his doughter? Does the game addresses why there is no Lyons Pride, and/or why the DC Chapter is now aligned with the Western BoS ideas Once again? I mean, apart for Maxson being the new Elder, which was to be expected, the BoS Chapter we left in FO3 was way more "open minded" than this... did the Outcasts finally take over or what? Or it's just me not getting it? Maybe this one tough.... uhm... anyway, since I do not have the game (could not play it on my steam powered machine), I've no other way to know but to ask you guys.
  9. Hey all I working on a base but I having some problems getting all the stuff I need to make it the way I want it, wondered if I should just cheat and make the base in godmode. I really wanting to play legit but man taking forever to build up my base tinker town. My character I playing as is based on sonic's robotnik aka eggman, Yes I know it silly but like the character a lot. I playing more like the Satam version of robotnik though.
  10. Hello all, fellow minion here and here are a few mod ideas I like to try to make but not sure I can do them, but like to post the ideas here get some feed back on the ideas at least. First idea I had is a faction creator mod, sense you can build own base like to build own group as well. Own faction have perk system, so say starting groups you can pick first perk once you start it the mod. Like say pick trader perk mean group would start with a single trade which bring in caps too the faction, or pick raider perk which would have your people become raiders. I not worked on much detail yet, wanting to know what you think. Next one is quest or a exploring mod, mostly a dlc size area of a city partly sunken with a quest to come to area to find loot. Wanting to use some like power-armor underwater exploring, find lost treasure stolen by the sea. Maybe work on way to have special power-armor allow melee combat underwater, maybe a few weapon to allow gun to work underwater. This just a idea details not fully done yet. Last one a robotic companion with a sad past, a robot made for entertaining kids before the booms fell the robot was downloading a update and having some old army programming removed when a power surge stop the update turning it on mid update which sadly triggered the army program which is half removed. The robot errors badly as it main normal program and army programming are fighting for control which end up happen at a birthday party and it hurt people, the robot now hiding in some ruins to protect others from it outbursts of madness. It found sing a lolibye to a empty baby carrige, only thing it can do to keep it self from going nut again.
  11. Hello friends! I am creating this topic to see if we can create an organized list of all the tweaks, fixes, etc we can find in the Net. A.- Third party software F4SE(silverlock.org) by Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel, and Purple Lunchbox (ianpatt, behippo, and plb) ENBseries(enbdev.com) by Boris Vorontsov with his ENBoost(nexusmods.com) Shadow Boost(dev-c.com) by Alexander Blade NMM(nexusmods.com) by Robin Scott B.- INI Tweaks Fallout4.ini Fallout4Prefs.ini C.- Performance Mods Fallout 4 - Texture Optimization Project(nexusmods.com) (by torcher) Vivid Fallout - Landscapes - Textures in HD - ORIGINAL SIZE - LOWER RESOLUTION(nexusmods.com) (by Hein84) FAR - Faraway Area Reform (LOD)(nexusmods.com) (by SparrowPrince) D.- Immersive/Must-have Mods Darker Nights(nexusmods.com) (by unforbidable) Improved Map with Visible Roads(nexusmods.com) (by mm137) Full Dialogue Interface (New Dialog English and CN-DE-ES-FR-IT-PL-PTBR translations)(nexusmods.com) (by Cirosan) Lowered Weapons(nexusmods.com) (by lesma666) Power Armor Fast Exit and Enter(nexusmods.com) (by Ulithium_Dragon) E.- Others Do you miss in the Fallout 4 Launcher the "Data" option? to fast check you load list? Well you still can, it is just hidden. Check this picture and click in the marked area. Apparently this doesn't work anymore after Fallout 4 v1.2 Update patch. But who knows, maybe it will change again in the future.
  12. I am trying to use the same mods as Gopher and as you know recently he added survival rebalance does anyone know the exact settings he's using for the damages etc.
  13. Hey Everyone, Hi Gopher! I just found a nice mod on Fallout4nexus, that might be great for all those roleplayers out there who hate the new dialog System: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1235/? And as i see that gopher seems to not like it in his playthrough, maybe that ist something for you to. I did not create nor tested the mod yet but it sounds great :-) Loki12345
  14. http://kotaku.com/fallout-4-devs-have-no-plans-for-paid-mods-1712305902# This will settle precisely zero, I understand (grin).
  15. I know it's not here yet, but maybe we could give Fall Out 4 it's own thread under Games, instead of having under other games? I believe the posting and hype will really kick in come Sunday after the E3 show. Just a thought.
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