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  1. I heard Gopher talking about needing a Old Timely title animation for the podcast if he was going to call it "Gopher News Radio" So I threw this together as a concept. It's really more of a mock up if anything, But I would love to hear your thoughts about it!
  2. So, in the process of doing the Fort Strong mission (Fallout 4 is actually minimized right this very moment) I came across a terminal describing the production and affect of M42 Launchers and T-51B Armor. It seemed like such a neat idea to have a Fallout China where we can experience the parity of Fallout: Boston that I started theory crafting in Discord. @Silverthorn1111 @Sugarhigh ,and @HollyDunmer have been right at it with me creating sense from my vodka fueled typos. We hit upon the idea of Fallout Cairo with the single amazing mental image of an irradiated glass forest (Like the Glowing
  3. So, I know the blueprint mod is PC functionality only. Believe Mr, I'd rather be playing on PC. But, I want to recreate this design in my game. Which means it can only be done in one of two way. 1. Someone builds it as a mod for bethesda.net (far easier but highly unlikely, even if the feature allowing the builds to be exported into xb1 mods gets completed anytime soon.) or, 2. I build it myself from scratch step by step. This is the method I feel most likely I'll be able to get it done. But even by reviewing the full construction series, it's not giving me all the info I need
  4. Now this is a place for my Fan Lore, but any suggestions will be welcome. I intend to use this in a few RPs that I may currently be in, or have planned. Some may make the cut, others are just for fun. Updated At August 5 2016 Let me take a minute to thank my contributors in no particular order. AnimeSniper bosmight342 Prizrak232 PaginatedEar58 Schmuty Buncis WastelandMadGod And a few friends from work Flora and Fauna Intelligent or Humanoid creatures Writer's note . Since Super Mutants would be completely unrealistic in terms of setting, I’ve d
  5. ABOUT This page is mainly for my own personal project, thanks to @VATROU inspirational Alaska Lore page I have decided to post some lore relating to my own project, Lost in New-North. This was going to be purely for the development of my art portfolio, but now I have decided to expand more to it then what i first originally planned. Nothing within the lore will be set in stone, i will be slowly adding to it as I go. I'm acting as if I'm creating an add-on for Fallout 4, so ill be covering a lot of things along side the lore. NOTE: I am not a hardcore Fallout fan.... yet, I have only
  6. So just a crazy idea i had for some new merch. Between Premiere and a few resources for other projects i realized i could make some pretty fancy DVD box sets and got to wondering how cool would it be to pop a dvd out of a case slip it into the set top box and watch a season of Gopher's lets play, no internet connection required. I dunno just a crazy idea i thought i'd throw out there for our Dark Lord
  7. Private Area Markers (keep settlers out of your house) by 7StarC http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26377/
  8. Hello minions! Anyone know how to fix a low GPU usage in Fallout 4 ? My 1080ti only gets to 40-50% with low frequency most of the time, even when my Fps drop to 30... I've been trying to figure it for days... Even reinstalled windows... Seems to be happening since Windows creator update. The odd thing is, I have no problems with any other games playing Battlefront or Shadow of mordor at Ultra 4K with constant 60fps... it's just Fallout 4... (haven't tried if I get it in Skyrim yet) I also seem to get the same issue on my "older" PC, which I used to setup my mods
  9. So yeah, the GTA V stream I tried the other day only managed to record 5 minutes of a 2 hour play, probably because I closed the internet down, won't make that mistake again. Such a waste, I complained about all sorts of things, from griefers to steering wheels blocking the view of the speedometer and sadly you missed it all. On more positive news, I have started recording my current Fallout 4 playthrough, using Shadowplay to avoid fps loss, so it tends to cut out without warning, still its processing. Created a playlist for it, will try GTA again when I next play it. Still need t
  10. So I was watching Oxhorn's How Settlement Attacks Work And after all the stuff about spawn points and why attacks appear inside walls when you Fast Travel; 8 minutes into the video he gave some information that was new to me and probably extremely useful knowledge for everyone, including Gopher. Specifically: 1. The higher your settlement happiness the lower the chance of being attacked 2. You actually only need 1 defence for every settler to get the maximum reduced chance effect. 3. The chance of a settlement being attacked never goes below 2%. Meaning that even with 3000 defe
  11. I've recently started playing New Vegas again and im loving it. But it suddenly just stopped working. Everytime id start a game (new or loaded) it would crash. I've tried for hours trying to fix the problem, because i thought a mod was causing the issue. I even uninstalled all mods and redownloaded the entire game, but it still crashed. Thats when i remembered a Windows update between my last time playing NV and now. After some research google confirmed that it was indeed the new Windows 10 Update that made Fallout NV (and apparently even Fallout 3) unplayable, if you have an Nvidia Card
  12. He's right this is terrifying but also makes me cackle with the bits of mad scientist I have in me. I would probably sign up to be "improved" or not..... anyways LINK!
  13. Now I'm not a fan of this, but for the people that play Fallout 2, recently they launched the English version of the mod Fallout 1.5: Resurrection (before it was only available in Czech). I found out about this via this article: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/fallout-15-resurrection-gives-us-the-fallout-3-we-always-wanted?utm_source=mbfb
  14. As a huge fan of both the original Fallouts (1,2, and yes, even Tactics) and the Bethesda ones, I always felt like the Bethesda games were missing some of the main points/nuances of the Fallout series, although Fallout: New Vegas did bring some back. Anyway, I found this INSANELY long video (you thought that Gopher made long videos) all about what Bethesda didn't do right when making specifically Fallout 3, and what they could have learned from the first 2 to make it better. This was like a light switch turned on for me after watching/listening to the entire thing. I knew that I enjoyed Fallou
  15. Ive been rewatching gophers "Lets Play Fallout 3 (modded)" and on episode 5 at time 15:10 he says "if you have seen the fan fiction nuka break go watch it...." and i did and i found it surprisingly good so heres the entire first season
  16. From the Nuka Break team comes a new episode of The Wasteland, check it out.
  17. So I'm bored and it's late (for me) and I thought I'd share this as I was browsing youtube. Thoughts on this?
  18. You seriously have to check out Fallout Shelter again Gopher. In addition to the ability to craft Legendary weapons and clothing which has been around for a while, you can now send dwellers out on quests.
  19. http://imgur.com/5Nof8Ya But look at all those pixels!
  20. When I watch Gopher's livestreams of his "Barry" playthrough on the XBone, I'm always amused by his silly answers to the repeated question why he's playing on a console now. So, just for fun, let's come up with some more "reasons" for him to have switched: All those comments that he should play Fallout "as it was intended" worked! So now he's playing on a console, min/maxing his stats, always using VATS, and fast-travelling everywhere. New scientific research shows that the human eyeball explodes if it is exposed to 60 frames per second, so now he's safe on an XBox at 25 fps on a
  21. Hi guys, I wanted to share a let's play I started of Fallout New Vegas. It's just for fun really, and I'm having a lot of it.
  22. Hello! I'm new to the forums and I just want to share these two Images I have made for 1920x1080 desktop monitors. Feel free to use them for yourself, have fun, and thank you for taking the time to read this Types of Background A Vault Boy poster, telling you to Prepare for the Future! https://gyazo.com/0dfcb28334069ced5feff4ca71635d64 A Brotherhood of Steel background to look at you as you play! https://gyazo.com/a4766312582ee38dfb9703d56a3cfd54
  23. Jack The Gunsmith drunk of the wastes was a great character and i personally would love to see something more along the lines of his RP but here is an idea i think would be interesting for a sequel. It is not hard to see that Jack could have had a long day, longer than normal to say the least, so being the Alcohol Enthusiast that he is i think it is possible that even he could have gotten wasted one night and made some questionable decisions during the night. Imagine the Tale of a Girl who was raised on the Legends of their Father (of whom never learned that he accidentally made himself a
  24. Thanks to a comment in the stream "Mods I'd Like To See" from Recyclex Here is the mod that allows you to scrap all of that annoying junk in your settlement! http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3184/
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