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  1. Hey everyone, as a first contribution to this mod section, here's a huge damn mod for Witcher 3 for any people who are still playing it! EDIT: New version posted, if you already downloaded the previous version, please download this one. You just need to drag and drop the Mods folder into Witcher 3 root and overwrite. No additional steps required for the update. It fixes the bug with the Preparation options for restricting talents and level-ups not working. Well, point being, I made it! I would like to look for any people who might want to help test it (it's obviously not done yet, it's at the public alpha stage, it will be in the beta stage when there's only balancing left to be done). The mod is perfectly playable, it should be bug-free, it's fucking expansive (I probably am waay over 10,000 lines of code lol) and has an expansive options menu to go with it (225 options for your customization pleasure). Basically, it overhauls the whole game. That's the short of it, the long of it I will post in a minute. If that is enough incentive for you to try it out (again, it's not just for testing, it's perfectly playable at the moment), then you ought to just scroll down and download it after reading this step: If you are using the talent for medium armor AND wearing any pieces at all, go in-game and remove your armor completely, that's it. Now, for the people who are not convinced and thinking "what's this cunt trying to even say?", here you go: Pastebin Document with Description It's a paste I wrote up for a friend (about 2.5k words if you wanna read that) which lists most (not all) features of the mod and is a smidge outdated. As I stress it in that one, you can find all the information you need in-game, by mousing over skills and reading their description (important to do so and later levels have differing abilities) and opening up your character sheet (press C in your inventory screen) to look at your new and old stats and their modifiers, so you know what to do and what not to do if you want to manage that stat better. If you have any questions, want to talk or whatever else you might need, post on this topic, send me a PM or even better, add me on Steam (and let's be friends! *really awkward hug*) where I am online most of the time and you can expect a quick answer. Any help, feedback or new ideas are appreciated, be they about balancing or new mechanics that I should add. The mod is for the latest version of the game (version 1.22) and is mostly incompatible with other mods. You can freely use texture mods or a mod like AMM (Appearance Mod Menu). Mods like Friendly HUD, Ghost Mode, Preparations, any mod that changes potions in any way, any mod that changes skills, runewords, how skills work, combat, stamina usage, etc are completely and utterly incompatible and even thinking about them will blow your computer up. I have 2 short (and really old) demonstration videos on my channel, here are the respective links: Options Menu and Combat Demonstration (outdated, but a good example) Some Skills, Animations and Low Level Combat Demonstration (again, old, but it does the job of giving you an impression) LINK TO THE MOD: See below. Additional instructions contained inside.
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