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Found 3 results

  1. Gopher - It seems Steam is the only place NOW to get the Enderal (Updated w/DLC) files and it will only download to a specific target game drive path - Steam will NOT allow it to be downloaded to my desktop, which pooches me being able to place the loader direct into the Skyrim directory as you show in the video - steam downloads ALL the files plus any updates (It's not just a loader.exe anymore), AND installs to a separate folder (parallel folder): (K:) > Steam > steamapps > common > Enderal) How can I get around this? I need to use Vortex now to install mods and it really complicates things for me if I have to migrate mods to my Enderal folder from my Skyrim folder - tried already and F'd up BOTH games, which is why I am RE-downloading both! Any help will be appreciated (NMM is a thing of the past now, as I am sure you know) I wonder if it is possible to simply grab just the Enderal Loader.exe from that directory folder once the download/installation are finished, and copy it into the Skyrim directory? Will The Enderal mod recognize any mods I use if I do so? Nexus Mods downloads direct to Vortex, and subsequently to my Skyrim game data folder via that manager as it does NOT recognize Enderal as a game, so you see my potential problem - I am extremely new to this level of installing mods - it was much easier with FO4 and Skyrim SE once I figured out how to migrate my 300 + mods between those two games, over to the Vortex from NMM. But I didn't have to mess around with game folders in that instance. I originally thought I could simply copy/paste any mods for Enderal from my Skyrim data folder, directly to my Enderal data folder, but now I am not sure this is the best course - I am not yet knowledgeable enough to chance missing a file(s), or accidentally adding files that pertain ONLY to Skyrim, or having files overwrite others that they shouldn't and subsequently ruining the Enderal mod - again. My Game folders are thus: (K:)> Steam> steamapps> common> Fallout 4 Skyrim <<< Vortex installs Enderal mods to this folder from Nexus Mods Enderal <<< How do I get them to work here? Skyrim Special Edition Please advise!!
  2. I started Enderal: Forgotten Staries but in the perk screen (Strange Place/Meditation) the RB does not activate the meditation power to exit the "Inbetween." Any one else having this problem? Anyone solved it?
  3. Hi everybody, i started trying to personalize the house i bought, the one near the market. Bought the house and all the recipes in the bank, buuut well, i lack tons of things. Like candles ecc. Already removed the table on the left with console commands ( disable) to make it more bautiful XD So can someone tell me where to find other house recipes and care to share your houses ? XD
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