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Found 2 results

  1. I would like to contribute to the fashionframe of our dojo. Is there a way that I can get the rank of Architect? IGN: Wholfe1999
  2. With Gopher giving the go-ahead (on stream no less) of freeing us from the rather limited green options of clan colors, I've decided to open up the decision making to the wider community in a form of a poll. So, as it stands the top-level of the Dojo (the Courtyard level) where the labs are and where you first enter the Dojo is currently in a garden-tree-green motiff (and exorbitantly expensive to change), I've decided to open the decision making of the color of the Temple floor (crew section, floor below the Courtyard) to the community. Decorations and similar can wait XD Lets decide on the color first. Do keep in mind that this will also decide the color research direction of the entire clan, as we only have 1/3rd of the available colors right now out of a 5x5 grid of colors (so we only have 25 colors to choose). Limited and as such, not many colors will fit, as well as the limited areas of each room that gets the coloration. So we have to work within those limitations. Given this, it is possible to do some themed color direction anyway, so we can at least do that. EDIT: This poll has been running long enough, and the last day will be called for today. Unless there is no change as I type this, Red and Green are tied. Due to the fact that we already have a Green motiff for the Courtyard, I will choose Red for the Temple level.
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