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Found 3 results

  1. Um hello, I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but does anyone know Gopher's computer specs? Are they even public? I've searched for them for a little while now and can't seem to find them. Maybe I'm just dumb...
  2. Good evening to Gopher community!Finally gathered the money to build my dream pc after almost 7 years so here I am!Purpose of the pc will be playing video games on 4K max settings, plus I will probably experiment on streaming/video editing/utubing.My budget is at 1800€ (euros) but I am willing to exceed it for the sake of quality if I need to as it is my dream build and I have high expectations, not more than 100 or 200 € though. The budget includes only the TOWER however if you have any further suggestions for peripherals (especially 4K monitors) you're welcome!I am willing to order the parts as soon as I get the suggestion that mostly fills my needs, max 2 weeks time though.I live in Europe (Greece) so I will be purchasing the parts mostly from my country because of the guarantee given. However I may order some of the parts from other european countries if it is of my interest.As I understand it I will need a good amount of cpu power for the usage of my pc. However right now I don't have the amount of time to oc. I am willing to learn though in the future. I've heard though that it is as easy as pressing a button to achieve mediocre-decent oc so if that is the case I could do it at present.All parts will be new.Regarding special preferences, I think it is essential I go for an amd cpu (Ryzen 1700) as I've concluded that it is way more helpful with multitasking/streaming/video editing. Would like to fit in a 1080ti too as I am going for 4K. If you think you have a better suggestion don't hesitate to throw it as I am by no means an expert. I think Win 10 for OS is just fine.I would love a window on my case. Generally I prefer minimal cases, not too extreme, I want the case to be able to have a dvd driver etc. I want my whole build to be white themed so the case will follow. As an example of a case of my liking take the NZXT Phantom.I would like my pc to have bluetooth, plus I would like suggestions whether I would need a sound card or the mobo is enough. I wouldn't mind having rgb as long as it fits well with the white theme.Thanks everyone in advance for all the answers and suggestions, hope I have been clarifying enough, and if not don't hesitate to ask me any details! Thanks again all!
  3. Hello all. So I've had my Pc now for the past four years, and while I have Upgraded it from stock, with a New Graphics card, power unit, and Ram, It's now really starting to show it's age, Running newer gamers at less then 60 fps and a few Blue screens, some of the USB ports have stopped working or are faulty. So I am looking to upgrade on a budget. I have already chosen a new housing or tower unit, which will be the Corsair CC-9011054-WW Graphite series 760 V2. A friend has it, and the side opening door for me is a feature I would love, as cleaning my current Housing is a chore , and requires tools. Id rather just have a door. The housing also gives me plently of room to upgrade. My Current specs are as followed. CPU: Intel Core i5 3570K CPU Overclocking: 4.3Ghz - Stable OC on all CPU cores CPU Cooler: Xigmatek Loki SDS963 Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V LX RAM: 32gbs (16 usable) Hard Drive: 1TB S-ATAIII 6.0Gb/s Optical Drive: 22x DVD±RW DL S-ATA Graphics card: MIS GeForce GTX 970 4G Sound Card: Onboard 7.1 Audio Case: Zalman Z11 Plus PSU: Xtr 650 Now What I plan to do is Just Move the Ram, PSU , Graphics card, hard drives and Optical drive over to the new Housing. The Main thing I Have No idea what to change is the CPU and mother board, or if i should add a second 970. Ive looked and just get confused, any suggestions ? :S I would rather not play Fallout 4 at below 30fps in some places ... Thank you for your time and suggestions
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