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Found 4 results

  1. 'Twas the month before Christmas, and all across Minecraft, players were building. Claymore's throne room was well-staffed. The tree stood by the throne, a blimp hung in the air, but one Christmas treat just wasn't there. There was cake aplenty, the hall finished with ease, But nowhere, not anywhere could Gopher find his cheese! (Disclaimer: Cheeses may vary widely in color) The Dark Lord himself had made it, this giant fermented wheel, and at its sudden loss his mind did reel. Only one Minion would be so brazen and brash, That dastardly villain, the wicked GrogStache! (Culprit seen fleeing the scene. Image Credit: Xmas Blimp) So fly, good minions, to places near and far! Win back the cheese bits for you lord Goph...ar? Player Event! GrogStache has stolen Gopher's Cheese! All across MinionLand, 12 sizable slices of Christmas Cheese have gone missing! Can you find them before the big day and save Christmas?! Rules: No Spoilers Please Please take only one item per location. Please message or mail GrogStache in game if you find a cheese empty. He'll meet you at spawn with your reward. Once you have discovered all 12 cheeses, bring the evidence to GrogStache at spawn. Rewards: The first player to complete the scavenger hunt will be awarded the "Cheese Sleuth" trophy, erected at a location of their choosing (claims and troll locations notwithstanding) Subsequent finishers will be given a named "cheese wheel of victory" item to hang on their wall. Players are encouraged to keep each item they discover within a cheese as a keepsake, regardless of their progress in the game. Starter Hint:
  2. Merry Chirstmas Minions. OK, so Me (Vault_Gaming) and PsychoTeddyNesa, have set up some gifts... for all (we could remember and had navned for us from the people that where online at the time)... at the Waterfront district... if you dont see your name and you are a active player... then ask here or Psycho or me ingame if we can add it... a goal is to add as many as possible... You will be able to get what we set up for you... at the 24th of December... and i will remove the chests that are not picked up before the 25th of January... so get em before that... its nothing really spectacular but... the items are named... and... well... some of the items have... well... *cough* yea.. anyway... lets say the items named by me may or may not be... special... now... what can you find in em... wont say... mwohahahaha... Also if you want to add something to someones chest... you can... again ask me or Psycho... to do that. Now i belive this will have aton of miss spelling and horrible grammar... this was written after i have not sleept in over 24 hours... so perfect right? With Kind Regards Vault_Gaming
  3. Merry Tennobaum, everyone. To all you wayward Tenno and miscreants, the holidays have come to Warframe. To celebrate the holiday, I will be helping newer people to the game gather credits and affinity. To the veteran players, we all remember that slog to 100k credits just to buy that carrier blueprint, only to find out we need another 25k just to craft it, and so on and so forth. I am inviting those of @Gopher community (and the goofy bar steward himself) who have might of had an interest in Warframe but have never tried it, who stopped because they hit a wall (like with credits), or any other reason, I will help you do what you need to do. There are only a few requirements. 1) You must be part of the clan, or ask for an invite to the clan (just post your IGN here and I will invite you!) 2) I must actually be awake. Sorry, but I am not as fueled by caffeine as I used to be. That and my lady love would kill me if I pulled anymore 24/48 hour gaming sessions. 3) I get a few minutes break (5-10) between farming sessions or missions. I love helping others, but I do have carpel tunnel in both hands (the right is worst than the left) and I do need a few minutes break. And that's it! Hope to see you in game. Merrily, Dat Lobo
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