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Found 2 results

  1. Quick and dirty tutorial for how to setup access to Minionland chat from IRC. 1. Download and install IRC app. I downloaded IRCCloud for Android. (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.irccloud.android&hl=en, https://www.irccloud.com/ ). This one seem alright. Can't say much about it for now. It has two plus sides: 1. my antivirus program does not recognize it as malware, 2. it accesses chat even when you are not logged on and stores it in cloud. Thanks to this you can see end of conversation you missed because you had to log off, or you can see what people were discussing in the middle of the night ;-) One minus of the second function is that you need to create another account on another service... I think any other PC or Android or iPhone IRC client should work as well and, should be configured very similarly. "And if anyone would like to set it up on PC, I recommend HexChat for the IRC client. " - Cherub, 2017 2. Setup our community IRC channel. Your App should ask for this as soon as you open it first time. If not, find "Connections Options" or something like that. Enter as follows. Hostname: IRC.rizon.net Any SSL option/switch should be set to Off (Disabled). Port: 6667 (should be set as such by default) Your Identity: I suggest using the same as in game (disregarding all this blox nonsense ;-) ). This will limit confusion, as for who is speaking, and also enable you to get notifications when someone mentions your in-game name in MC chat. Channel to join: #minionland or #farlands 3. You must register your nickname with server. To do this type in any Rizon chat: /msg NickServ REGISTER [password] [e-mail address] Make sure that your password is longer than 5 characters, and that your email is valid. After a short while you should get confirmation e-mail from Rizon (check your spam if it does not show in few minutes). Copy from this e-mail line which should look like this ! IMPORTANT ! - use UNIQUE password for this one since it will be stored in message logs of your IRC client. /msg NickServ CONFIRM [confirmation code] And paste it into your Rizon chat. If that does not work make sure that it wasn't pasted with /space/ on beginning or end. If that does not work just retype this god damn code (sorry). Important ! Set your login/authentication method in your IRC client to NickServ and use the password you had set up with NickServ commands. https://wiki.rizon.net/index.php?title=Register_your_nickname (nicked above section from here) 4. Get a VOICE: To speak from IRC to in-game chat you need to be given a Voice by admin or moderator (Cherub, Rodzyn, Darkfire i.e.) Just type "Rodzyn (or your favourite admin name), please give me a voice". He/she should get notification (even if is playing Rocket League ;-) ) and give you Voice as soon as she/he can. 4. You should be done (If you managed to find someone to give you Voice that is) Try your newly acquired demi-godly powers ;-) 5. Re-logging and Identifying as your nick owner: In some IRC clients (in IRCCloud after a week or so of trial period) you need to re-log to your Rizon account regularly and identify as your Nick owner after that. IRCCloud asks you to tap on screen to re-log, but to identify as your Nick owner with NickServe you need to type: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY [password you provided in registration process] It's little tedious to do that every time so you can do what I do: a ) go to channel select menu (three horizontal bars in top-left corner of IRCCloud) and select NickServ b ) type there: IDENTIFY [password you provided in registration process] c ) note that this message is registered in plain text, that's why I suggested using unique password for NickServ d ) since it's stored in pain text you can copy your old IDENTIFY message and paste it as new (just deleting some fluff at start) for easy and fast re-logging. Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that getting into our MC chat through this IRC-thingy was my first IRC experience EVER. So, one - it should be simple for anyone to setup, two - if its not, I probably can't help you with IRC related problems. But give me feedback if something is not clear enough, confusing, and I will try to clarify this more. Kind regards to all Minions, Pajoonk
  2. Ok so yeasterday someone mentioned an add-on for Chrome and Firefox called "ReChat" that lets you see the chat chronologically as it appeared when you watch VoDs. Tried it, works fine. Can't remember the name of the person because the post he/she mentioned it got lost, as did his/her introduction post (it was one of the newest members; the name started with an "s", something like shuriken, shuringen, dunno), so can't give him/her credit.
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