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Found 12 results

  1. We made a change last week to the Discord community requiring everyone to post a message containing @GopherBot to the newly added #welcome channel before being able to chat in other channels. This was done to prevent drive-by flood bot attacks against the public channels. If you cannot chat, send "@GopherBot" to the #welcome channel and you'll be able to chat again. New to Discord? Join us here! https://discord.gg/gophersvids Have feedback? Let us know below or on Discord.
  2. I'm retiring! I've been giving it much thought, for a very long time now. Today feels like the right time to step down as community admin. Today's Witcher episode, the last I will post on the forum, is called "The Great Escape" which amuses me so much. It has been a long long time since I started this adventure, all those livestreams, the guild, starting the original forum, and all; it has been a very great pleasure. I wanted to thank particular people who've been there along the journey but they're so numerous I don't even know where to start. And so I will just o/ to you all.
  3. Hello again! It looks like we may have caught the Minecraft server issue. So we're going to have a little stress test tomorrow (22. Oct) at 18:00 UTC. Click the link to get converted time. Please connect and go after your usual business if you can. We will start with 100 slots and then continue to bump up slots as long as the server remains stable. See you there!
  4. A lot has gone on this week so I'm going to do my best to sum things up as effectively as I can. Keep in mind, though, that a lot of things are still in flux. And I'll be keeping this post short as well because even what I do know "for sure" may change shortly. It's that kind of week. Whenever there are changes in a group, when some leave or others join for whatever reason, there is always some chaos. The issue this week is that we had multiple changes pile up rapidly. We've had a lot of new members due to the new Minecraft server, most of @Gopher's admins retired within a short space of
  5. So we now have an Official Discord server. You guys kept asking me about it, so it is finally a thing now. You can connect to it by clicking the "Connect" button on the Discord widget which is on the right hand side of the forum index. Or you can use this invite link: https://discord.gg/RDZywxC
  6. So as some of you may know already, our beloved Community Admin @Philosophercat has retired. Don't fret though, she has taken on the role as Gopher's Advisor which means she will still be active within the community, it just means she won't be getting involved in moderation, and Staff work. Anyways, first off I would like to welcome our 3 new moderators: @Morrandir, @Just Louise, and @OutandBack. Please treat them well cause if you break them then that means I have to hunt down, and capture new ones. Also, no feeding them after midnight, I don't need them turning into gremlins. =P
  7. As some of you might have noticed, there is a new TeamSpeak viewer block on the right side of the forum (Not visible to guests.). This addon allows users to link their TeamSpeak ID with their Forum account. Doing this will give you the Gopher's Minions server group on TeamSpeak. For users who already have the Gopher's Minions group on TeamSpeak, you do not need to worry about it. Adding your TeamSpeak ID will do nothing as you already have the group applied to you. To get your TeamSpeak Unique ID, connect to ts.gophersvids.com in your TeamSpeak 3 client. Once connected
  8. Ok, for anyone who doesn't know, the English version of Enderal has been released, and from the 10 minutes I have played, it is awesome so far. Enderal is a Skyrim Overhaul mod which is basically a completely new game on the Skyrim engine. One recommendation I have is don't go into Enderal thinking it is just some Skyrim Quest mod. Go into it as if it was an entirely different/new game. Anyways, if you are playing through it I ask that you don't post spoilers, but if you do, please put '[Spoilers]' at the beginning of your titles, and use the spoiler tags in your post. I haven't fo
  9. So some of you have requested that we add more ranks. Currently we have only 3 ranks: New Minion, Minion, and Well-Known Minion. So this thread has been created so that you guys can suggest new ones. I ask that any title you suggest have something to do with Gopher, whether that be something he said, did, etc. (Example: In Gopher's Skyrim play through as Stiv, he always had his minions do things for him, so I might suggest something like "Meat Shield".) The title does not have to contain the word "minion". You can also suggest the title requirement. (Example: "Meat Shield" req
  10. We now have a subforum for modding Witcher games. Thanks to @Reaperrz for the suggestion. I have tried to move all existing threads re: modding Witcher to the new subforum but if I've missed any please let me know. Enjoy!
  11. In the interests of streamlining Clan management and ClanTech research, lab permissions have been assigned to certain active people within the Clan to assist in activating and progressing ClanTech research projects and similar administrative duties. The people assigned these responsibilities are: Alex Utopia Mouse Hexmortis Rawrshuga If in the likely event that Digital Extremes releases more ClanTech gear as the game progresses onwards, it will be up to them to initiate research projects and open it to resource donation from the rest of the clan to get things star
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