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Found 35 results

  1. Has anyone cataloged by topic, quest, or title Gopher's episodes? I noticed he didn't use titles so much in the early years and there are times I would like to go back and see a specific episode.
  2. Greetings Fellow Minions! As many have said in some of the previous introductions I've skimmed, I am also a quite a long time fan of Gopher and his entertaining Let's Plays, Rambles, Instructional Videos, Mod vids and basically anything and everything Gopher. The journey began back in 2011 when I became obsessed with Skyrim, on the Xbox360......now now now! Before anyone berates me (just kidding, I'd expect nothing less than awesome attitudes from anyone involved in a Gopher-oriented community) I had just taken quite a long break from major gaming during my college years and I'm not sure what I was thinking when I bought Skyrim for the 360 but I had just had a terrible 2 year long experience with an Alienware laptop so that may have influenced my decision. I stopped playing Skyrim due to starting to work for a major corporation here in the US and my taste for PC gaming wouldn't come back until a few months later when I finally ordered a monster desktop and played Mass Effect 2 and 3 on it. After those games I moved back onto the 360 to play Fallout 3 New Vegas as I got a knack for it and then I somehow stumbled upon a video about mods, and mods on the PC with amazing graphics nonetheless. I started research about modding and had another lucky break, and stumbled upon Gopher, who at the time was purely there for me to instruct me how to mod. I said to myself "Wow...this guy is truly awesome," I loved how he would slowly explain modding and instruct you in a clear, defined way and decided to subscribe. I then underwent an elective surgery and was home for about 3 weeks from work on short term leave and was unable to game for long periods of time so I discovered Gopher's Let's Plays and instantly was hooked by his role-playing play style, hilarious personality and organized work ethic towards his videos and channel - I never looked back. Fast forward nearly 5 years and here we are, I've watched most of his Let's Plays but my favorites by far are the Skyrim, Alien: Isolation, Fallout 3: New Vegas, STALKER, Metro 2033, Outlast...almost every Let's Play. A little about me. I used to live and work in New York and moved down to Georgia in July 2014 with my girlfriend to seek a better place to live (cost of living in NY is sky high) and work (job market in GA is strong). We recently moved into our first house together and she's also a very avid Gopher minion and a gamer. My favorite games for the past few years have been XCOM, Skyrim, Witcher 3, Wolfenstein, Metro Last Light and obviously...Fallout 4. So....did I miss anything? Are there any rules I should abide by here other than the universal rule of: don't be a troll? Look forward to participating with you all in Gopher-themed chats!
  3. ive long been interested in the question: "what if gopher is Sithis, the dread father, chaos, the void" Sithis was before all else -- Gopher is older than most of us and created the channel before we watched it Sithis is without face -- Gopher doesnt use a Face-cam, Sithis is the dread father -- Gopher is a father, perhaps even dreaded Sithis is the terror of midnight -- Gopher made Horror vids and often visit scary areas and finally if he isnt sithis, why does the "sweet mother sweet mother" poem sound so good with "gopher" in it? "Sweer Gopher, Sweet Gopher send your streams unto us for the sins of the nonminions must be baptized in blood and fear"
  4. Edit: False alarm. After the next restart, Skyrim was back to ~50 fps, as before, and the cooling fan was back to normal levels as well. Whatever caused this apparently only happened once, immediately after the installation. Original message: I got notified of a driver update today and installed it as usual. I'm pretty sure this one is geared specifically at improving performance for Fallout 4, but I noticed something that makes me a little afraid. After the install, I noticed that the framerate in Skyrim (which is using the previous version of the same engine) was noticeably improved - but the cooling fan of my GeForce GTX 970 was howling! Now I'm scared that they may have gone a little too far in boosting things for the Fallout 4 launch, and I'll end up overheating my GPU. Of course, if it's safe, a performance boost for older games using the same engine would be very welcome.
  5. Hello i'm using skyrim redone and i can't find stalhrim shortbow anywhre in the crafting menu. i using skyui v5 please help!!!!
  6. Here is a little design I did some time ago for Gopher's YouTube channel. Feel free to give me feedback and please make sure, in what ever way possible, that he sees it. Since I do not have Twitter, I could not really find any other way of showing it to Gopher himself. Cheers, Centific YouTube DeviantART Google+
  7. Just curious about all the quest mods out there for the Elderscrolls and Fallout Series. For Oblivion it has to be Knights of the Nine Revelation. This was an extremely well done and extremely fun mod. Voice acting was great (except for the Prophet ick) and the story was very well put together. Some elements do feel rushed though. An example being your supposed to form a close bond with a character who you don't really talk to all that much. Some things don't have a purpose yet as the mod author has plans for things on the mod page which have not been implemented yet. The main campaign is finished and like I said very polished. There are tons of extremely cool moments and some of the events will make lore nuts like myself go total fan boy. The final reward for the main quest is quite frankly the best and most useful player home I have ever seen. It has tons of useful features but doesn't feel like a cheat home. For Skyrim it's Konahriks Accoutrements. This one is a quest building on the miniquest of collecting all the dragon priest masks in order to get the final mask, Konahrik. This mod adds full matching robe sets for each of the masks on their respective dragon priests. In addition it adds a new crafting station called the dragon forge. This allows you to forge your own custom dragon priest robes and masks! I just loved the vanilla dragon priest masks so much and this built on that so well. It is just the coolest thing to be running around wearing my own unique dragon priest mask. For New Vegas it's obviously the Someguy series but of all those mods New Vegas Bounties 2 was my favorite. I've loved the idea of bounty hunting since I played as Jango Fett in Star Wars Bounty Hunter. Lot's of bounties that are a lot of fun to track down and take out. One in particular revealed what a monster I am. Overall just tons more shooting, money and fun. And as anyone who's watched Gopher's Jack playthough will know, a moment of absolute uncontrollable rage. So what about you guys? What are your favorite quest mods? (I'll post links to those mods as soon as Nexus stops being an absolute pleb and loads. >.<) Knights of the Nine Revelation - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42490/? Konahrik's Accoutrements - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32458/? New Vegas Bounties II - http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/41184/?
  8. Much less broken than the previous one. What do you guys think? In case it wasn't clear in the video, you can have un-matching load orders, but things from your load order that aren't on the other persons load order wont appear on your screen, and vice versa.
  9. Title pretty much explains it. Which episodes of the Let's Play Skyrim Again series contained the Aetherium Forge quests? I can't seem to remember seeing as how long ago it's been already. UPDATE: I found it! Lets Play Skyrim Again : Chapter 4 Ep 7 is where it starts. Thank you Jasch for the tip, would have taken a lot longer if you hadn't told me it was in Ch. 4.
  10. A conversation I had with Josh Yebba of the Shoddycast and SAGE on Paid Modding.
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