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  1. Fixed the problem, don't know how to delete posts
  2. Hey everyone, as a first contribution to this mod section, here's a huge damn mod for Witcher 3 for any people who are still playing it! EDIT: New version posted, if you already downloaded the previous version, please download this one. You just need to drag and drop the Mods folder into Witcher 3 root and overwrite. No additional steps required for the update. It fixes the bug with the Preparation options for restricting talents and level-ups not working. Well, point being, I made it! I would like to look for any people who might want to help test it (it's obviously not done yet, it's at the public alpha stage, it will be in the beta stage when there's only balancing left to be done). The mod is perfectly playable, it should be bug-free, it's fucking expansive (I probably am waay over 10,000 lines of code lol) and has an expansive options menu to go with it (225 options for your customization pleasure). Basically, it overhauls the whole game. That's the short of it, the long of it I will post in a minute. If that is enough incentive for you to try it out (again, it's not just for testing, it's perfectly playable at the moment), then you ought to just scroll down and download it after reading this step: If you are using the talent for medium armor AND wearing any pieces at all, go in-game and remove your armor completely, that's it. Now, for the people who are not convinced and thinking "what's this cunt trying to even say?", here you go: Pastebin Document with Description It's a paste I wrote up for a friend (about 2.5k words if you wanna read that) which lists most (not all) features of the mod and is a smidge outdated. As I stress it in that one, you can find all the information you need in-game, by mousing over skills and reading their description (important to do so and later levels have differing abilities) and opening up your character sheet (press C in your inventory screen) to look at your new and old stats and their modifiers, so you know what to do and what not to do if you want to manage that stat better. If you have any questions, want to talk or whatever else you might need, post on this topic, send me a PM or even better, add me on Steam (and let's be friends! *really awkward hug*) where I am online most of the time and you can expect a quick answer. Any help, feedback or new ideas are appreciated, be they about balancing or new mechanics that I should add. The mod is for the latest version of the game (version 1.22) and is mostly incompatible with other mods. You can freely use texture mods or a mod like AMM (Appearance Mod Menu). Mods like Friendly HUD, Ghost Mode, Preparations, any mod that changes potions in any way, any mod that changes skills, runewords, how skills work, combat, stamina usage, etc are completely and utterly incompatible and even thinking about them will blow your computer up. I have 2 short (and really old) demonstration videos on my channel, here are the respective links: Options Menu and Combat Demonstration (outdated, but a good example) Some Skills, Animations and Low Level Combat Demonstration (again, old, but it does the job of giving you an impression) LINK TO THE MOD: See below. Additional instructions contained inside.
  3. So for the longest time (after the 1.5 patch went live to be specific), I've had this problem with Fallout 4, where my mods would be installed, plugins activated post-Launcher, .inis adjusted, everything (per Gopher's instructions). However, when i go into the game, the mods simply aren't working. No CTD, no "files missing", nothing. They just don't show up in-game. I've looked around everywhere on sub-reddits, looking back on Gopher's tutorials, going to the Bethesda forums, and none of the fixes are working. It's gotten to the point i don't want to play the game because the experience I've set up for myself, (and the work of those dedicated mod authors that i so dearly want to enjoy), is no longer there. I use LOOT, F4SE version 0.1.14, and NMM, I've tried re-installing the game (with my abhorrent 600kb/s internet speed), re-validating, re-installing NMM and all my mods, and nothing has been resolved. I am pleading for the contributions of anyone with a remote idea of what could help me. Thank you Minions. (additionally, the the new survival mode mechanics, and secret data file manager in the launcher aren't working for me either) Specs: load order.txt Fallout 4 version: 1.5.307 AMD A10-5800k APU, Geforce GTX 660, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, 16GB RAM
  4. I'm really new to modding and am still feeling my way around. I would like to update Fallout 4 to 1.5 but have read on the internet about players who have updated with mods and corrupted their save. Should I uninstall mods, then update, and reinstall mods? What's the best way to do this? I don't want to start the game over. Thank you in advance for the help. Vlad
  5. This is an overhaul of the economy and gameplay of Fallout 4, similar in scope to the Fallout 3 Wanderer’s Edition and the Fallout New Vegas Project: Nevada. Unlike those two overhauls, however, this one focuses on one of Fallout 4’s most underused assets- the settlement system. Bethesda’s addition of settlement building into Fallout 4 could have been a radical change for the series, instead, it was simply a way of making your own house. This overhaul intends to change that, by adding incentives to build settlements, and implementing systems into the game world that support these incentives. Industry, trade, more cities, ammunition types, and improved enemies all work together to create a deeper and more engaging game world that allows the player to have an impact on the wasteland through more than just his or her actions in the main storyline. War may never change, but it is my hope that Fallout can, through the efforts of the large bethesda modding community. Now, I’m sure that many people, upon seeing a project of this magnitude, would simply decide that they don’t want to have to deal with all this. They would much prefer to simply play the game, and explore the world that bethesda has created for us. To them, I would like to say this- I have designed this mod so that if a player decides they don’t want to make settlements, they don’t have to. The mod is designed to work with any play through, any faction, and any player who wishes for a slightly more realistic experience. What this mod intends to do is implement the underlying systems that are implied to exist within the world of Fallout- economics, long distance trade, manufacturing of supplies and resources, organized scavenging- but have not been implemented by the developers. These systems are what make the world work, and this mod not only adds them to the world, but allows to the player to interact with them and shape them, should he or she wish to do so. In true Fallout style, the choice is yours. However, I am not a modder. I have limited experience with computers, and I don’t know how much, if any of this is feasible within the bounds of the engine and the tools we have available. This will become more clear with the release of the GECK, but even then, I will not be able to do this myself. This post is more of a proof of concept, a pet project, if you will. My best case scenario would be a modder teaching me how to do what I need to do in order to make this mod myself, but as of right now, this is simply conceptual. I would like to see how much support there is in the community for a project of this nature. Now that all that is finished, feel free to look around. Please comment on what you see! I greatly appreciate feedback, though I cannot guarantee that I will implement your idea. As you can see, this mod is separated into sections, each with subheadings detailing certain aspects of that particular section. The three main headings (Settlements, Trade, and Gameplay) all have four subheadings with details. The fourth is focused on Resources and has six subheadings. The final headings are my ideas that I am pretty sure cannot be implemented, even with the GECK, (such as integration with factions or a slavery system), or would not be received well by the community (such as schematics for settlement structures), but would like to detail here regardless. Currently, the sections available in this post are Settlements. -braddensbane Settlements Overview The settlement system in Fallout 4 is, in my opinion, one of the most innovative things that bethesda has done. Never before in an open world RPG has the player been able to have such a visible impact on their environment, and I have spent hours building shantytowns to my heart’s content. However, this system lacks something that every gameplay mechanic needs- an incentive to invest in it. Players who decide to not use the settlement system lose out on nothing in the game, besides the pleasure of trying to make walls around sanctuary using junk fences. This mod intends to change that by adding numerous incentives to build and invest in your settlements, all of which are fully integrated with gameplay and the other aspects of this mod. In short, settlements are now your source of resources and caps, as well as providing powerful bonuses to those who invest in them. Basics Defense Farming Industry Power Resources That's it for the settlement section. Next week, I'll post the section on trade, followed by gameplay the week after.
  6. Hey there ladies and gentlemen I hope you all had a good christmas or if you don't celebrate christmas a good break! But on to my question, what mods would be suitable for a warrior/werewolf playthrough in Skyrim? Since a lot of you mod Skyrim, I presume you have some mod recommendations for this kind of character; or even a mod list if you have one. Thanks for reading NextStopFun
  7. Gopher has been trying to role play Fallout 4, but my attempts to role play the game are really bad. Settlement defense is unrealistic and enemy spawning is stupid. We need mods to keep it real. No supermutants dropping out of the sky or spawning in walls. Brotherhood only drop from Vertibirds, not spawn on ground. Stingwings must fly from swampy areas. Etc. For better role playing in Fallout 4 we need mods that do the following: 1. Build a Vertibird and fly it anywhere. No restriction when you are overloaded. Make Vertibird flares in the Chemistry Station. Gopher would like to jump out of Vertibirds when he sees something on the ground to check out. (Gopher hates magic-travel.) 2. No enemy spawns in settlements. Enemies spawns only in 1000 dens which can be cleared. Cleared dens do not respawn unless a new enemy group migrates to the location and takes over a den. Spawns in a den are always dictated by the group that owns the den. Enemies can only attack settlements by sending a raiding party overland. These raids must actually travel through the world. We should see battles between opposing raiding parties on the roads. (The battle mod for Skyrim was demanding on computers so the battles can't be that massive.) Gopher has mentioned something like these mods and said, "Somebody will make them." I expect they will, eventually, but I think the modding community should be aware that there would be a real demand for these mods to make role playing more immersive and realistic. Gopher actually came up with these ideas and I love them.
  8. Oh Mighty Minions of our Miraculous MasterMind, May you Mesmerize Me Mit (german for "with") Mods Modular to Oblivion. Thats enough of silly M:s, anyway I'm planning to revisit the awesome game of Oblivion and I was thinking about modding it for the first time in my life and I need suggestions on mods that would make the experience even more awesome. i do know of some essential mods such as -"HD remake" -"leveling fix" -"bug remover" but i dont know the real names of the mods or which ones i should install, also i do believe there is a Mod Manager for Oblivion on Nexus? So do share of your wisdom on the subject and recommend mods that would make my rerun even more amazing. - Sithis be praised love Dalitas
  9. For Gopher and anyone else who can't play with the vanilla controls and is annoyed by auto-hotkey, tyhere is now a solution. New to the Nexus its: Interface Hard Coded Key Tweaks Fallout 4 version by SomeThingEviL http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10106/
  10. I have decided to reactivate my Skyrim saves; which I haven't played since before Profiling came out and... I have no idea what mods I had installed on each save. I know Gopher did have a video which explained how to detect what mods a save file is dependent on; can anyone point me towards it please? Or just explain in a few do-points what to do?
  11. Hi hi, first time user of this site. I hope this is the right spot to suggest the review of a mod, the Loads of Ammo mod by The Talkie Toaster. -Link- http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/9057/? I've been play testing the mod myself, and it seems to work exactly as intended, keeping in mind that I've only really been playing with Rifles and the 10mm pistol, I haven't had much time to play with Heavy Weapons or less conventional fare at all yet. I thought this mod might also be a wonderful oppurtunity for Mr Gopher to help turn a ravenous audience of consumers into producers of content, via the simple method of adding new ammunition types or modifying ammunition, if he might very graciously run through the print edition of the guide on how to create weapon types in his patent, methodical step-by-step style of teaching. Of course the theory behind this being that teaching how to create a simple mod might lead to other things as long as one has a basis in understanding how to use Xedit and so forth. I do apologize if this is the wrong forum for such a post as this one, please let me know if I've committed some kind of faux pas, and I shall do my best to correct future posts. Have a nice day, and thank you for your time Gopher, or anyone else who might read this post.
  12. the body mods are here, and so the hotfiles on the nexus are hereby listed as nsfw for the next year and a half. that, and skimpy armor conversions. summary: if you want to check nexus in public, either be careful, or switch adult content off
  13. A mod project I've started working on is a Stiv Themed retexture of the Vault 111 suit. Unfortunately my google-fu is failing me in regards to finding a high-res Stiv logo without the background portion. I'd really like someone to point me to where I can find one, and I'd be glad to showcase my results.
  14. OOC: Ave! I am doing an english/hungarian language playthru on youtube (don't know it it's forbidden to link), which cannot be understood if you aren't from Mordor. As I did tabletop roleplaying games for a long time, I am playing thru trying to simulate a personality for the situations inside a game. In this case, I think everybody would go a little mad about nuclear devastation occured in the world of Fallout, so I've chosen my character's madness to be an idealist. He successfully survived, even other people is, and will be dependant on him - the storyline circumstances made him a leader of the Sanctuary faction. I would be happy to share his thoughts and feelings in a In Character diary, where you discover his computer logs, and we can communicate like we were on different parts on Earth, never meeting, but talking. I will seek a place in the forums for this - but if you point it out for me, we will be harder-faster-better-stronger, and you will receive my thanks. About me: I am an IT guy with interpersonal manipulation skills, marketing, dreaming, roleplaying, and being in a forest suits me.
  15. I would like to recommend a gun crafting mod that allows the user to take off gun mods from weapons and set them to the standard setting without the use of mats (like it is for armor in the game). I noticed Gopher commenting on that at the end of the Episode 22. I appreciate the modder's perspective on the matter considering that the crafting of guns should have been more of a situation where a person could take the gun completely apart and keep gun parts separate instead of having to create a new gun each time you want to take the gun mods off. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2073/? Free Weapon Downgrades by Lapdragon - rebuilt with FO4Edit Hope it helps Gopher and others. I found it to be an essential addition to my mod list and it has helped me to make amazing guns in the game for my character as well as modded guns for my settlers in helping them defend their settlements.
  16. Hello all, fellow minion here and here are a few mod ideas I like to try to make but not sure I can do them, but like to post the ideas here get some feed back on the ideas at least. First idea I had is a faction creator mod, sense you can build own base like to build own group as well. Own faction have perk system, so say starting groups you can pick first perk once you start it the mod. Like say pick trader perk mean group would start with a single trade which bring in caps too the faction, or pick raider perk which would have your people become raiders. I not worked on much detail yet, wanting to know what you think. Next one is quest or a exploring mod, mostly a dlc size area of a city partly sunken with a quest to come to area to find loot. Wanting to use some like power-armor underwater exploring, find lost treasure stolen by the sea. Maybe work on way to have special power-armor allow melee combat underwater, maybe a few weapon to allow gun to work underwater. This just a idea details not fully done yet. Last one a robotic companion with a sad past, a robot made for entertaining kids before the booms fell the robot was downloading a update and having some old army programming removed when a power surge stop the update turning it on mid update which sadly triggered the army program which is half removed. The robot errors badly as it main normal program and army programming are fighting for control which end up happen at a birthday party and it hurt people, the robot now hiding in some ruins to protect others from it outbursts of madness. It found sing a lolibye to a empty baby carrige, only thing it can do to keep it self from going nut again.
  17. Hi there. So I'd like to get into modding for Fallout 4 and since the Creation Kit is not out yet, I was wondering what kind of preparation I could do to get ready for modding? The things I want to do are mainly to create new types of weapons (think Shouts in Skyrim. It has it's own hotkey and cooldown, separate 'equip slot', etc), so I imagine that would require a lot of coding knowledge. The most in-depth knowledge I have of coding is (don't laugh) JASS from Warcraft 3, so I'm gonna need help to know what I should look up PS: Is Fallout 4 going to use Papyrus like Skyrim or does it have it's own scripting language? Is Papyrus hard to learn?
  18. There is a mod that is really just a bunch of bat files that you run from the console - but they summon your companion to your position, except at Sanctuary which is where I tend to lose them. Summon Companion (FIXED) For whatever reason, it didn't seem to work for Piper - who was supposed to be in Sanctuary and that's where I tried to summon her to. So I moved to the Rocket and that worked fine.
  19. I hope a modder would tweak and add more features to the settlement creation.adding things like a no clip mode so you and block up holes in the non destructible houses, destroy the half destroyed houses and removing the plants hedges and other items that are not removable in the base settlement system. do you think this will be a mod i hope so.
  20. I am trying to use the same mods as Gopher and as you know recently he added survival rebalance does anyone know the exact settings he's using for the damages etc.
  21. Was curious if anyone ever stumbled upon a game that you really wished you could mod but later you discovered that it's not possible/very limited due to the lack of necessary tools? I guess I'll start A game i really wish we could mod and was heart broken when i discovered we couldn't was Dishonored. a brilliant game by Arkane Studios and published by Beth(esda) with the lore and art style to engage the player into the world and bask in your character. But i always felt a lack in it, something. That something turned out to be the graphics as I hated to admit. I know that they aimed for a washed out sort of fill to it but I believe that so much more could be "sucked in" from the world if that candle stick was a bit more vibrant colored in the darkness surrounding it. A terror if someone put it off but then you remember that you're the one who would do such a thing, and then you smirk as the guard sits on the chair near the candle >:) Mods could do a lot in a game like this, more diagrams to purchase, more treasure hunts to complete, side quests perhaps, expanding the map sizes that were limited due to the limitations of the consoles, more unique trap variations for the player to avoid or more traps overall, more of everything essentially when we're talking about mods. So yea, felt like posting something since I have trouble sleeping Tell me about the games you wish you could mod bellow :3
  22. Hello guys and girlz My name is Matko and I have been watching Gopher's videos for quite some time. Instead of making a proper introduction(I will probably do it in the place made for that) I want to ask every one of you here to help me out. Here is the short story( SKIP THE STORY IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ IT) When I saw a new TES game will be released back in 2011. I was HYPED. I always loved Swords, Medieval, Shields, Armors etc. There weren't so many games that could fulfill my needs so The Elder Scrolls games were the only thing(still are). I was just a kid 4 years ago and just wanted to complete Skyrim as fast as possible. I remember talking to my friends that Skyrim is awesome while they were still playing Oblivion or even Morrowind. There was this moment when they finally came to my place and saw that beautiful game. We were fighting over my PC haha. The dragons were something sick to fight against at that time. Once I completed the game, I started playing other games and stuff. But then my friends bought new PCs and could play Skyrim. Because we didn't have money at that time, I had to download the game from torrent. I even burned the game to a 8 GB DVD. And now are you asking why the heck are you making me read your story in a mod recommendation section? Well, while I was searching for that torrent, I saw Skyrim Nexus page. I was like "Whoa, what the hell is this?(It was 2013. then)." I saw some patches(USKP) and realism mods. From that particular moment, I am now a person who needs to have a very realistic-polished-bugfree-stable-optimized game. I always argue with friends about that haha. So as time passed, I had many mods , problems with it and nice gameplay but never had a "very realistic-polished-bugfree-stable-optimized game" due to my poor abilities for modding. I remember once I changed to Mod Organizer but I screwed something up and now I am back with NMM. The end! TL;DR The question - Recommended mods, load orders, bashed patch. Description - I want ultimate realism mods, overall better looking Skyrim, bug fixes, patches, insanely good load order. I never used merged/bashed patch. What is it and should I use it? Currently installed mods so you can get the idea of what I mean: So as you can see, I have these mods. Notes: - Mods don't have to be that ultra realistic, I can still use some mods that unlock certain features. - Combat mod or a mix (The best one) - No cheats/unfair mods - Stable mods - If possible, tell which mods conflict each other and how to solve it If possible, don't recommend me all the mods at once. I would be very thankful if anyone could make a list of working mod combinations based upon my request. At this moment, I am deleting/uninstalling every single piece of skyrim and everything that connects to skyrim. I will start of the clean install and then we can slowly install it. EXTRA QUESTION - Merged patch / bashed patch. How do I do that if needed? P.S. - I am not an amateur when it comes to advance stuff so you don't have to really write step-by-step. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day. PC specs CPU - AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.0 GHZ (Soon Phenom 955) GPU - GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr II OC Edition MOBO - Very old one, need to replace it(AM2 socket) RAM - 4 GB DDR2 Regards!
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