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Found 12 results

  1. We made a change last week to the Discord community requiring everyone to post a message containing @GopherBot to the newly added #welcome channel before being able to chat in other channels. This was done to prevent drive-by flood bot attacks against the public channels. If you cannot chat, send "@GopherBot" to the #welcome channel and you'll be able to chat again. New to Discord? Join us here! https://discord.gg/gophersvids Have feedback? Let us know below or on Discord.
  2. Hello again! It looks like we may have caught the Minecraft server issue. So we're going to have a little stress test tomorrow (22. Oct) at 18:00 UTC. Click the link to get converted time. Please connect and go after your usual business if you can. We will start with 100 slots and then continue to bump up slots as long as the server remains stable. See you there!
  3. A lot has gone on this week so I'm going to do my best to sum things up as effectively as I can. Keep in mind, though, that a lot of things are still in flux. And I'll be keeping this post short as well because even what I do know "for sure" may change shortly. It's that kind of week. Whenever there are changes in a group, when some leave or others join for whatever reason, there is always some chaos. The issue this week is that we had multiple changes pile up rapidly. We've had a lot of new members due to the new Minecraft server, most of @Gopher's admins retired within a short space of time, we more than doubled the number of staff, and we moved all of our staff discussions to a new platform. All of this has caused more than a little chaos. The facts as I know them atm are these: @Damon Gant our sysadmin is out of retirement. @Rodzyn has been promoted from admin to server admin for the Minecraft server. Many of you will know him as the Jarl of our popular Stivarstead Hold modded Minecraft server which he ran for years. He is working closely with @Gopher to bring the server in line with what our Dark Lord's dark dreams for it are. Do whatever you can to assist him, and please be patient with the transition. @Xelphos has retired as my co-admin and admin of the Minecraft server. I'm working on a retirement present of sorts, but with the chaos and the abruptness of the situation, it will be a little late. Everyone will have a chance to take part and celebrate him soon. And lastly, one of the staff brought me out of retirement so I'll be sticking around for the time being. Since I did not plan to come out of retirement, I don't really know myself how long this will last. That is all that I know for certain thus far.
  4. So we now have an Official Discord server. You guys kept asking me about it, so it is finally a thing now. You can connect to it by clicking the "Connect" button on the Discord widget which is on the right hand side of the forum index. Or you can use this invite link: https://discord.gg/RDZywxC
  5. So as some of you may know already, our beloved Community Admin @Philosophercat has retired. Don't fret though, she has taken on the role as Gopher's Advisor which means she will still be active within the community, it just means she won't be getting involved in moderation, and Staff work. Anyways, first off I would like to welcome our 3 new moderators: @Morrandir, @Just Louise, and @OutandBack. Please treat them well cause if you break them then that means I have to hunt down, and capture new ones. Also, no feeding them after midnight, I don't need them turning into gremlins. =P And with the new Moderators introduced, I would like to talk about the role of Community Admin. Now I know some of you wanted to vote, or wanted one of the current moderators to take the role, but after talking with @Philosophercat, and @Gopher. I (Xelphos) will be taking the role as Community Admin for the time being. I know some of you might be disappointed, and I know I am not exactly perfect, but I hope/plan to keep things the way @Philosophercat kept them. I will also be keeping in touch with @Philosophercat so there shouldn't be anything to worry about.
  6. I'm retiring! I've been giving it much thought, for a very long time now. Today feels like the right time to step down as community admin. Today's Witcher episode, the last I will post on the forum, is called "The Great Escape" which amuses me so much. It has been a long long time since I started this adventure, all those livestreams, the guild, starting the original forum, and all; it has been a very great pleasure. I wanted to thank particular people who've been there along the journey but they're so numerous I don't even know where to start. And so I will just o/ to you all. I'm not leaving, just retiring. I'll be flitting around Minionland, on Steam, the forums and suchlike as always. I'm definitely down for more Pathfinder, especially. So, in closing; be good. Be kind. Have fun. And Blue is True.
  7. Ok, for anyone who doesn't know, the English version of Enderal has been released, and from the 10 minutes I have played, it is awesome so far. Enderal is a Skyrim Overhaul mod which is basically a completely new game on the Skyrim engine. One recommendation I have is don't go into Enderal thinking it is just some Skyrim Quest mod. Go into it as if it was an entirely different/new game. Anyways, if you are playing through it I ask that you don't post spoilers, but if you do, please put '[Spoilers]' at the beginning of your titles, and use the spoiler tags in your post. I haven't followed this mod, so I know nothing about it or it's story, so I don't want spoilers, and I am sure there are others who also feel the same. Spoiler tags example: [spoiler] hidden text [/spoiler] Download: http://enderal.com/ Make sure you restore Skyrim to a Vanilla state before installing this to prevent any issues. If you think something should be added to this post, let me know.
  8. We now have a subforum for modding Witcher games. Thanks to @Reaperrz for the suggestion. I have tried to move all existing threads re: modding Witcher to the new subforum but if I've missed any please let me know. Enjoy!
  9. So some of you have requested that we add more ranks. Currently we have only 3 ranks: New Minion, Minion, and Well-Known Minion. So this thread has been created so that you guys can suggest new ones. I ask that any title you suggest have something to do with Gopher, whether that be something he said, did, etc. (Example: In Gopher's Skyrim play through as Stiv, he always had his minions do things for him, so I might suggest something like "Meat Shield".) The title does not have to contain the word "minion". You can also suggest the title requirement. (Example: "Meat Shield" requirement = 250 posts.)
  10. As some of you might have noticed, there is a new TeamSpeak viewer block on the right side of the forum (Not visible to guests.). This addon allows users to link their TeamSpeak ID with their Forum account. Doing this will give you the Gopher's Minions server group on TeamSpeak. For users who already have the Gopher's Minions group on TeamSpeak, you do not need to worry about it. Adding your TeamSpeak ID will do nothing as you already have the group applied to you. To get your TeamSpeak Unique ID, connect to ts.gophersvids.com in your TeamSpeak 3 client. Once connected to the server press "CTRL+I", select your identity, then copy your Unique ID. After that, log into/register on the forums. Once you are logged in, you can click this link: https://community.gophersvids.com/settings/tsuid/ and it will take you to the TS3 UUID tab in your account settings. Once on the "Your TS3 UUID" page, paste your Unique ID into the text box, and click save. Please note that you must still be connected to the TeamSpeak server: ts.gophersvids.com. If you are not connected, you will get an error. If for some reason you don't want to go through the forum, you can still poke an Admin on TeamSpeak. We know some of you don't like this method, but we used to get a lot of users who were not from Gopher's community. Sometimes they were nice individuals, but for the most part all they would do is annoy people on the server. So we implemented the current permission set in order to prevent this.
  11. We have a new subforum for Overwatch. Enjoy!
  12. In the interests of streamlining Clan management and ClanTech research, lab permissions have been assigned to certain active people within the Clan to assist in activating and progressing ClanTech research projects and similar administrative duties. The people assigned these responsibilities are: Alex Utopia Mouse Hexmortis Rawrshuga If in the likely event that Digital Extremes releases more ClanTech gear as the game progresses onwards, it will be up to them to initiate research projects and open it to resource donation from the rest of the clan to get things started. This is a first part of a multi-part process to improve Clan participation, streamline the Clan Dojo, and hopefully eventually Clan administration in the higher echelons. The next topic on the agenda is Clan membership. Currently as it stands, we have a core active membership of around 120 members. This has however left nearly 165 inactive members in the clan. This, combined with the significant costs of Clan research due to the size of the clan (max 300, with associating 30x research cost multiplier) is putting a strain on said core membership to meet Clan research material requirements. Also, due to the size of the core group of players, downgrading the clan size (300 Mountain to a 100 Storm) is not possible. Nor is kicking anyone out of the clan due to Gopher's hard rule of not kicking people out of clans he is a part of (from the days of ESO). Combine the always inevitable growth of membership with each time Gopher streams Warframe (rarely these days as of this post), this has put a strain on myself as current active administrative Warlord. I have since taken it within my hands to kick the least inactive person in the clan to make room for new members, as nearly 90% of this reportedly 165 inactives have not even logged into Warframe in the past 2-5 months! We even have currently pending invites to 11 people who have not accepted the invite sent to them (months ago, in fact), of which I can not do anything about other than to rescind said invite and end up looking like a right dingleberry doing so. I realize this goes against Gopher's wishes of never kicking anyone out of any clan he is a part of, but due to the circumstances given me, I've since taken it upon myself to make room as needs arise. If this proves to be an issue for certain members of the community, I can be reached on TS and am willing to discuss the matter at length if need be, whomever they may be. If I am not on TS I can be there usually in short notice if reached through the usual TS crowd, who I do have as friends on Steam. Back to the Clan research material requirements. I am not alone in saying that I wish it to be an option to downgrade the clan size, now that it is an option thanks to Update 18, but due to circumstances within the clan and this community I cannot and will not act upon this. Several more prominent personalities who play Warframe on a more regular basis (Tactical Potato, etc) have gone ahead downsized their Clan's membership to take part in the potential cost-cutting measures this gains them, but I have since not taken that step, for I see that as an affront to this community and the core Warframe playerbase within it. Be that as it may, participation is something I wish to be made a requirement to be able to stay in the clan, as "dead weight" is something not desirable in Warframe's Clan mechanics. Even if you are just online to have a good time, you are already doing 9/10th's of what I wish to be done, and need not worry about these things. The rest should fall into place and everyone can have a better time doing so. But this is a clear notice to those who have not participated in Warframe and the clan in general as of late. Your position in the clan can be taken away as needs arise, and if it does happen to you, you cannot come to me, Gopher, or anyone else about it. This is your notice on your door. Membership in the clan directly, whilst a fun thing to have, is not something to keep for yourself. If you simply want to be part of the community, be active in the community. That is all I ask, and that is all that is needed. That is all, thank you.