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  1. I see smoke forming at the Horizon... And it seems the first snow falls again...
  2. this is genius... so... is this a weekly thing bi weekly thing or a monthy thing?
  3. That is easier said than done... since there is hundreds of claims in the crossroad and each claim owns some of the road if not most of it... and tbh if you walk around a bit you will get the feel of the land... you could have a mod or admin run around and place a couple of roadsigns to points of interest but... idk if anyone wants too...
  4. ah but... you are right and wrong... banners alone... unload them self... when you are far enough away... lets say blocks deload after 50 blocks (not the right lenght i dont want to look that up to lazy atm)... but banners will unload em self after about 10... they do that fast.. because if not they WOULD be a huge problem... a wall with 100 banners would cause less lag than a wall with 100 signs... and by far less than a wall with 100 item frames (that will drop and you will know it... and they stay loaded longer than banners (i dont know why tht is)). @ShawnBoucher and my senses are
  5. im just gona save this... and... done.
  6. @Multigk *sigh* dont blindly follow the public that might just be one of em people twidling their thumb.
  7. ok... this is alot of info... and joy o joy... first of... @ShawnBoucher bloody learn to tag mate XD (i know, i know Vault Memories aint my ign on MC but yesus how many do you know who is named vault here?... nvm its a list of 5...) Firstly i'll point out something... banners are not counted as entities... if you look at the F3 menu and the entity tag banners arent counted in a large radius... the banners on the lowest floor is not even loaded in when you stand at the door way into the hall... or atleast it should not. (im a little unsure about how fa down i am right now at the hall) and ite
  8. well looking at the list it seems i can restart my plans for the Minion Memorial...
  9. Well... i did not say it first that im sure of... and i dont know who said it first... so good luck on your quest to finding the first one.
  10. I dont own those words... do what ya like with em i say.
  11. @KeiranGinge Well i got some news for you! well first... how large of a plot did you need? secondly... do you mind a already buildt house? (because removing and rebuilding this is impossible... this is a perfect fit where it is) and third.... wait... did i have a third reason? well anyhow... a plot for you... if it hits your rewuirements
  12. it is not the one you are thinking of
  13. Ermm... You and a couple more people... >_> guess i need to push the Minion park... (Garden) with plots soon... maybe also ask about the abandond house... at the crossroad... again... So all i can say is... You are on a waiting list
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