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  1. The footage was modded, but when i switched to a profile that only had F4SE it did the same thing.
  2. Any idea what's happening here and what can fix this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgZsk6rr9yg&feature=youtu.be
  3. Hm... I don't know about that.
  4. New Record by about 4 seconds
  5. However, I'm uncertain if i should raise the volume up a bit or not. Any feedback would be good.
  6. Was it a Gopher request? I actually had no clue xD I did it for myself mostly lol I was also hoping he'd see it because I remember him screaming over the noise.
  7. I've edited the sound effects file for Mobile Truck Base to lower the volume of the engine and minimizing background noise. I've also gotten permission to distribute this! Let me know what you think! Mobile Truck Base - Quieter Sound
  8. I'm sure people have this game by now Anyone wan to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay?
  9. so if my main focus were to play games and record them, would the specs be much different?
  10. I'm starting to dedicate my time to streaming and recording games! I don't have a set schedule for streaming, but today I'm streaming the new Gauntlet that came out today! Come and check it out! twitch.tv/crantus
  11. I don't know, i've gotten kinda used to nvidia with this laptop o mine
  12. Yeah, I always hear that about monitors Nvidia and Intel have been the ones I've been staying close too. On my old desktop I had an AMD video card, but that's my only experience with it.
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