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  1. No worries. I remember continuing to look at how the building was made and why the floor is at y0.
  2. @Brinicio, I can't remember who you said is building in the Ender Ender now, but here's a schematic for them, per my lost diamond pick from February. It puts a single item-sorter rail and a dropper elevator (clicky version) beneath the ender-ending pad, so ender pearls go downstream but any other item is pushed through the floor to the ender-ending player. Ender Ender Item Return.schematic
  3. No worries. You got there!
  4. There are no mod requirements for this server. "Have no access", "can't connect", etc., aren't specific enough to get help. There are two ways you can be more specific. Use one of the "Snip & Sketch" or "Snipping Tool" programs to show the connection error message you're getting. Use these instructions to show your Minecraft log after the connection error happens.
  5. The 1.12.2 server is the third server his fans made, that I knew of. Started in 1.11. Far as I know, Stivarstead Hold is still online, because it's thread is still sticky. The first Minionland was distributed for download when the current one was made. Of all the servers to be worried about losing your builds to the ether, this is not it. Just log in and build, then leave when you're done. It's been my MO for more than 5 years now.
  6. The following Powershell script translates Grief Prevention claims list to JourneyMap waypoints. It creates the needed JSON files, by giving it the text that /claimslist returns in-game. That text can be found in your Minecraft log after using the /claimslist command in-game. Configure the two top variables as needed. The prefix is whatever you want. The outputpath is anywhere. You can set outputpath to your current JourneyMap waypoints folder, or not (but then move them into it manually). Configure the third variable, $lines, to contain the text lines returned from /claimslist, and ensure that code formatting is kept. E.g.: $lines = @' [18:08:25] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] world: x000, z000 (-000 blocks) '@ The top and bottom lines must be unchanged. Middle lines must be changed, per your own /claimslist. JourneyMap waypoints folder is found depending on how you install Minecraft. By plain install, it is: By MultiMC instancing, it is: Same follows roughly for Linux installs, and my code should work in the Linux-available Powershell 6. Appearance of "Gopher_Minionland" in those paths is from server admins naming the server. It will be different for other servers, for Farlands, etc. The code: # https://g-m-a-c.blogspot.com/2010/12/reinitializing-your-powershell.html Remove-Variable * -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue; Remove-Module *; $error.Clear() # Configure these as needed $claimprefix ='Claim' $outputpath = 'C:\waypoints' # Copy from Minecraft log after in-game command /claimslist # E.g.: #[18:08:25] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] world: x527, z-11 (-615 blocks) $lines = @' [18:08:25] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] world: x527, z-11 (-615 blocks) [18:08:25] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] world_nether: x61, z-35 (-220 blocks) [18:08:25] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] world: x568, z94 (-1400 blocks) '@ foreach ($line in $lines.split("`n")) { #if ($line -imatch '(?<name>.+)\.(?<ext>[^\.]+)$') { if ($line -imatch 'world\:\s+x(?<x>-?\w+),\s+z(?<z>-?\w+)\s+\((?<blocks>[^\)]+)\)') { #Write-Host $Matches.x $Matches.z $Matches.blocks [PSCustomObject]$output = @{ #"id": "Claim XXX_547,57,55", 'id' = "$($claimprefix)_$($Matches.x),5,$($Matches.z)" #"name": "Claim XXX", 'name' = "$($claimprefix)_$($Matches.blocks)" #"icon": "waypoint-normal.png", 'icon' = "waypoint-normal.png" #"x": 547, 'x' = "$($Matches.x)" #"y": 57, 'y' = "5" #"z": 55, 'z' = "$($Matches.z)" #"r": 255, 'r' = "255" #"g": 255, 'g' = "255" #"b": 255, 'b' = "255" #"enable": true, 'enable' = $true #"type": "Normal", 'type' = "Normal" #"origin": "journeymap", 'origin' = "journeymap" #"dimensions": [ # 0 #], 'dimensions' = @(0) #"persistent": true 'persistent' = $true } Set-Content -Path "$($outputpath)\$($output.id).json" -Value (ConvertTo-Json -InputObject $output -Depth 2) } } I addressed overworld dimension claims in the code. Nether and End claims are ignored.
  7. A serious pvp (probably factions) server that wanted rules in their pvp and also wanted journeymap would install journeymap's server plugin and disable its player tracking that way. A problem, however, would be in cases where the player was able to modify their journeymap client to ignore the server plugin's order to disable that feature. The real fact is that Minecraft and all dependent software is not coded in a way that assists that type of game rule policy. An example: I checked and found today that Schematica print is disabled; well, I already know how that's being done, because I read the mod author's instructions on how to do it... given some time and care? Here we trust, and often notice breaches of that. Reason for the trust can be evidenced by this thread existing.
  8. Admirable. Staff rarely gets questions about allowed mods: This is a game-modding community, and is tacitly in favor of game client modding The server, despite being called "Vanilla", is itself a mod, with mods Allowed mods, listed here or not, typically have server components or server configurations that can limit or prevent their features, and the staff has usually chosen not to do so despite knowing that The rule regarding disallowed mods is one of common sense, and has been discussed in-game since before this server; it is simple: no cheating Cheating mods are generally obvious and easily found to be in use while they're being used The server is modded and configured to mitigate or prevent such cheating Cheating generally has nothing to do with any mod you're going to ask Staff about, and will instead be a "hacked client" (in MC gamer term) or something more specific to the individual, like network packet inspection and modification (a case that Xelphos banned someone for) "Cheating" from the game client is here defined as violating the mathematical or deterministic game rules; it is game mechanical, not game experiential "Cheating" in the game experiential sense (muh immersion) is governed by the server, and the Staff's implementation or omission of things therein If Staff or Gopher found need or want to prevent a game client mod capability, that would be done in the server, and not done by a pleading rule; the thing would be made to not work, or the thing would be detected. If that can't be done then the pleading rule is irrelevant Tight control of the client and its mods requires non-Vanilla themed server which instead demands a client modpack of specific configuration; Rodzyn knows that from Stivarstead So yes, mods are allowed, and the list is longer than it's given credit by anyone thinking to ask.
  9. Significantly modifying the Nether Highway now is going to be painful, regardless. It is worth doing, but it is going to need a team. The frequent players are mostly involved in other team builds already. From that, consider it a worthwhile but long-term goal. Reason I say the center walkway can't be interrupted is not that it would be temporarily inconvenient. Walkway placement at center in the hub tunnel, and its design pattern, is now non-negotiable. It is built upon, copied by, and expected by enough people that it is a feature and fixture of the server. There's no good reason to change that. We can make changes that keep it. The railway on the original tunnel also has connections and branches that travel out of the hub tunnel. Those go through claims, including Gopher and admin ownership. That's why it ideally takes a team effort. We have to redmine-ticket appeal for build permission, and respect the previous work. It isn't as simple as destroy and replace, now that Gopher has dedicated entire streaming sessions to building parts of it. It's a public space, despite the claims. The minecart rail concept itself has serious flaws. Minecarts behave very badly in lag, and we have no equivalent of ZHorse for carts or boats. @Pajoonk and I spent some days playing with it, settling on a concept that included cart dispensers and hopper collectors, and an intermediary slowdown station where riders have time to decide to stop fully; stopping the cart, not just exiting in time. However, we tabled the concept (keeping it but not building it further) because foot, warp, horse, and boat are all preferred travel methods, with good reasons. For Nether specifically, even Slipstream hasn't happened because ZHorse is in play. That seals the fact that center walkway on the tunnel is immutable.
  10. 1. ETA for 1.11 isn't just update of Grief Prevention. It also includes staff copying Minionland, installing all updated plugins, testing against immediately apparent breakage, regenerating the majority of The End, adding about 5,000 blocks to the world border radius, and checking that new world region for mansion(s). 2. No, and not even with cheaty ways available client-side. The mods and calculators all depend on knowing the world seed value, not the block data (a result of the seed value). There is no "slime chunk" data being sent from a server to a client during play. Client can stand in a slime chunk and will be given no data to show that this is true. That's why "slime block detector" and such mods run as server plugins. They're checking against the world seed, like the Slime spawn code does.
  11. ITT Nope learns that Bunyan is a spy for Tirius to get my sick info for Sucrose Shore. Don't worry, my dudes. There will be a Nether portal.
  12. Center walkway can't be interrupted, and compromise for that has always been to take rail under the hub tunnels. First nether rails were Gopher's, while he played the map in single player. Second rails (including the hub tunnel rails) came in when former Staff built the hub spokes around (beside and above) Gopher's single player work. Those staff then intended to police/guide the following of rules and intents, but now they're gone, they can't. Pedestrian walkway next to rail without fencing was always a bad decision. Technically there is no nether slipstream. There are multiple lengths of packed ice placed in nether at different y-levels. Most current staff claims aren't intent to build. Administrator claims are claim and forget decisions, made for reasons. GophersVids claims are gifted to him by original admin during pre-launch server config. In nether specifically, the administrator claims are near entirely claim and forget based on griefing reports.
  13. Boat lanes are minimum 2 wide interior. Absolute minimum is 3 wide total, with iron bars on the outer blocks, leaving more than 1 block interior. This is similar to horse egress on roads. Boat and horse entities are wider than 1 block.
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