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  1. Literally typed 10 mm smg in the fallout 4 nexus search bar and got this. And yes, it works great, I've used it in a few runs. https://rd.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22223
  2. No, it doesn't work period because their models don't allow it. He'd have to make it so it somehow ties into racemenu with a bump/normal map of muscles and a few other things to make it appear that females have muscles, where as it's just a gradual slider on men from skinny to hulked out. Woodclaw, I don't know what mesh and textures you used, but since I'm pretty sure he never even attempted to make it work with women. So whatever you saw was in your own head. Unless somehow that body mod you used made it use the male base skeleton, etc etc.
  3. Facepalm* Gopher should have elaborated....it doesn't work on females. It never has.
  4. Even though him recording it might be over, the ending won't release for possibly weeks, so he wants to get the reviews out while its still fresh in his mind.
  5. Well, it kind of helps if you specify the game in which clan you wish to join. And none of Gopher's clans require you to be a patron or a twitch sub. Only thing that is required is that you be active. (I'ma leave this here but I am an idiot. Didn't see it was posted in the warframe thread. Statement still stands. Also, posting your IGN helps!)
  6. 3 more days till Path of Fire releases for Guild Wars 2! The wait is killing me!

  7. Why would anyone bother putting it on the nexus? Most of everything on the CC was made by others and mostly, in much better quality than what Bethesda offers.
  8. I read this as "Little Richard voiced by Gopher" and then had the image of a giant gopher dressed in a sequin suit singing "Good Golly Miss Molly" while tickling piano keys and frankly just lost my ever loving shit.
  9. It's a bug they keep forgetting to remove. It's the fine for trespassing even though his door is clearly open and you HAVE to go inside to speak with him. It's in the SSE edition as well.
  10. You get the same quest even if you speak to the mother. You're just more likely to run into the daughter since she's everywhere in the main town, whereas the mother sticks mainly to the tavern/inn.
  11. The lever action and combat shotty just do not scale well past level 80, much less in the level 120 area where Gopher is now. His explosive combat shotgun would do pretty fantastically, seeing as each pellet's damage is what's displayed, not just the overall attack. If Gopher, as his perks are now, went back to that semi-auto explosive shotgun, he'd do much better. The lever action though.....would look great on a wall display...I love the lever action, I do (except for that shitty reload situation, obsidian got it working dammit, you could to bethesda) but unless he gets a killer legendary modification on it....Well, in all reality, all sniper rifles at that level kinda suck. What he needs is a double damage on first hit hunting rifle to be anywhere in the ballpark of useful at his level, and that's with it suppressed and done in stealth, to do a single hit kill, or using a Gauss rifle as a sniper rifle to get that type of damage.
  12. The ONLY thing that makes me even have an inkling that it is Gopher....is the perpetually lost look he has during the plate spinning sequence.
  13. Kharjo's eating/drinking at the base rate. Gopher's set food/hydration ratio much differently. I haven't used iNeed in a while (it isn't on SSE), but I think he has to go in and change those ratio's to match his own.
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