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  1. As Gopher return to Xcom 2 so do i return here, tho i have much less time on my hands nowadays

  2. So some kind of workers accidently cut the internet and TV cables over while digging... lucky i have a decent amount of mobile data, but its kinda slow and online games i have terrible ping/lag, its been 12 hours now and the internet is still down :(

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    2. TheLazyGrizzly


      Cause they are dumb dumbs and apearently dont look up where cables are before digging, but the internet came back earlier today so all is good now ^_^

    3. Merp17


      I once had my power out for 8-12 hours, I don't know the exact time because I went to bed. We called and found out it was caused by a balloon, A BALLOON!!! My neighborhood and dozens others were out of power because a balloon got tangled in some power lines.:angry: All my shows that were supposed to be recorded couldn't.:( I don't like balloons any more.

      Oh yeah I'm glad your internet is back on.

  3. Rip Kitty :(

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    2. Master Cire

      Master Cire

      Sorry to hear that.

    3. enigma21000


      Very sorry to Hear that Grizz,take care.

    4. KittyLordMeow-Meows


      Usually when my name is mentioned this much, it's because I was caught perving. Sad to hear about your Kitty Grizz, it's never fun losing a cuddly friend. :(

  4. Catching up on the Fallout 4 Lets play with chocolate chip cookies and forestberry tea

  5. RIP David Bowie :(

    1. ShawnBoucher


      It was a  good run. RIP and thanks for all the music.

  6. Merry Christmas, its kinda a fun thing that the only non-minion i got a christmas gift from was my mom.

    1. Apocalypso


      Hey at least you got a gift :P 

    2. TheLazyGrizzly


      Yes im not complaining i appreciate that i got any physical gifts at all, but i wasnt prepared that i got a few gifts from some of the people i met through this community :3

  7. zzzz... huh wha damn it! Yesterday it was damn 8 pm and i was so tired i had to go to bed then sleept for 12 hours. Now im already sleepy again and its only 11 pm... :(

    1. HighNinjaFly


      Well I guess it's winter... so it kinda makes sense for you :) 

  8. Im not dead, just busy preparing for exams

    1. Jasch


      Good luck with your exams. And thanks again for the PC list :)

    2. TheLazyGrizzly


      Thank you only one week andi got christmas holidays :D But no problem, im always happy to help also cant wait to hear what you think of you new build after some time :)

  9. Zzz dreams of no homework

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