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  1. Hello ^_^

    Welcome Lilli! Hope you enjoy your stay, if you want protection against insanity just ask me i might be able to find some spare noodlecups somewhere They should still have a rating of 33% chance of protection against insanity... i think *blows dust of the noodle cups* Also here haz some pink cause when im here every welcome thread needs some
  2. As Gopher return to Xcom 2 so do i return here, tho i have much less time on my hands nowadays

  3. Music

  4. [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen] Stream Raffle Winners!

    Twitch name: crusier_prinz_eugen First Name: Prinz Last Name: Eugen Nickname: Huggle Bear Nationality: Norway Gender: Male Voice: American English 7 Attitude: Laid Back BIOGRAPHY Born and raised in Denmark, but fled to Norway after political problems. HEAD Face: C Hair: Pigtails Facial Hair: Scruffy Beard Hair color: 10 Eye color: 3 Race: 0 Skin color: 0 Face Paint: Arid BODY Main Armor: 91 Secondary Armor: 59 Armor Pattern: Digital Arms: 1 Torso: 2 Legs: 6 WEAPON Weapon Color: 91 Weapon Pattern: Hex
  5. New Gaming PC

    If your gaming at 1440p or below the parts look fine other than your CPU gonna probably bottleneck the GTX 1080 in next years in DX12 games as they take advantage of 6 cores and above. You said you don't like AMD so i guess the currently best price for performance CPUs Ryzen 1600X and Ryzen 1600 is of no interest to you, i would then suggest the best intel alternative which is a i5-8400.
  6. Music

    @Merp17 let me introduce you to my favorite folk Metal band then
  7. Music

    Time for some folk metal
  8. Music

  9. Anime/Manga Thread

    I really enjoyed Flip Flappers
  10. Music

    Snow Miku 2017 Hype
  11. looking for voice actors for skyrim machinima

    I have no professional experience, I have only done voice over on ads etc. for peoples projects in college. If you need a true nord voice I would gladly help
  12. Music

  13. Music

  14. Music

    haha this is a Masterpiece xD
  15. T.V., Movie, and Game Themes/Intros

    I used to spent tons of hours playing still i never skipped the intro Since some other people posted some anime intros, i guess its fine i post one too then