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  1. TheLazyGrizzly


    :3 https://youtu.be/0s4ORh6qtJI
  2. TheLazyGrizzly


    2 Hours of Miku
  3. TheLazyGrizzly

    Hi there

    Welcome Kill_Loot_Return! I hope you enjoy your stay, *places noodle cup on your head* this has about a rating of 69% chance of protection against insanity... if i remember correctly always end up misplacing these labels. Here haz some pink too :3
  4. TheLazyGrizzly


    Another relatable song for me, about how i feel about myself still >_<
  5. TheLazyGrizzly


    Another cute song stuck in my head :3
  6. TheLazyGrizzly


  7. TheLazyGrizzly


    Still a relateable song for me
  8. TheLazyGrizzly

    Before Gopher pulls the trigger on a threadripper.

    Hmm interesting video, i think Vegas 15 already have a similar feature that they added sometime last year but I'm not sure. Hopefully, he will see this But yeah i think our great lord gopher will do his research before he pulls the trigger, i have a view of him being on a similar technical knowledge as myself tho i nearly always spent at least 2 weeks to a month of research before i pull the trigger on something
  9. TheLazyGrizzly

    Joining the Minions of Lord Stiv on Warframe

    IGN: TheLazyGrizzly
  10. TheLazyGrizzly


  11. TheLazyGrizzly


    I feel very confident that my country can win Euro Song Contest with this song
  12. TheLazyGrizzly


  13. TheLazyGrizzly


  14. TheLazyGrizzly


  15. TheLazyGrizzly

    The price of new video cards and bitcoin!?!

    Well I know the prices has gone up in allot of countries cause of crypto currency like bitcoin and etherium have rocket prices in the US at least, here in Denmark prices seems to be unaffected other than Nvidia charging more than they used to 4-5 years ago cause lack of competetion from AMD. With Titan V coming out we can expect new GPUs from Nvidia sometime before the end of the summer tho I'm worried how much they gonna charge for those