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  1. Music

    I feel very confident that my country can win Euro Song Contest with this song
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  5. The price of new video cards and bitcoin!?!

    Well I know the prices has gone up in allot of countries cause of crypto currency like bitcoin and etherium have rocket prices in the US at least, here in Denmark prices seems to be unaffected other than Nvidia charging more than they used to 4-5 years ago cause lack of competetion from AMD. With Titan V coming out we can expect new GPUs from Nvidia sometime before the end of the summer tho I'm worried how much they gonna charge for those
  6. Erm..what do we make of this .. TES-6

    I personally don't mind how long they take, if they announce it this years E3 i fear that they did not learn their lesson in time and already have included voiced protagonist like FO4 which would kinda ruin it for me
  7. Need some advice about monitors and SSDs :)

    For monitors at 30"+ size, I would recommend either a 1440p or 2160p monitor as at that size you really gonna a sharper picture if you sit less than 2 meters away from your screen. If you pick 1440p or 2160p (also known as 4k) depends on your budget, if your current graphics card can handle running the games you want at that resolution and if you think 1440p or maybe even 1080p look good enough at 30"+ for you. Now there's allot of different monitor panel types you can learn about the most common ones by watching this: For SSDs if your current hard drive is the same size or smaller than the SSD you planning to buy and you don't want to reinstall windows and just want a full copy of your current hard drive? Then the only choice is Samsung 850 EVO as Samsung are the only ones with hasslefree cloning software that can clone your current hard drive to the SSD. Now if you don't mind doing a full Windows reinstall i would also recommend any these models just pick whichever is the cheapest for the size you want as the performance difference between them is so small it is not really noticeable: WD Blue SSD Addlink S10 Crucial MX300 ADATA SU800 One last thing to watch out for is if you have a motherboard that supports M.2 SSDs that unless the SSDs have NVMe in the written somewhere they are not faster than SATA SSDs. If you have any more questions i will do my best to answer them
  8. Howdy

    Welcome Invictus! Hope you enjoy your stay, *places noodle cup on your head* this has about a rating of 33% chance of protection against insanity... i think. Here haz some pink too
  9. FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS - Great News!

    Yeah in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update they changed something that didn't only break NVSR that but i had some other games crash recently too
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  11. Hello ^_^

    Welcome Lilli! Hope you enjoy your stay, if you want protection against insanity just ask me i might be able to find some spare noodlecups somewhere They should still have a rating of 33% chance of protection against insanity... i think *blows dust of the noodle cups* Also here haz some pink cause when im here every welcome thread needs some
  12. As Gopher return to Xcom 2 so do i return here, tho i have much less time on my hands nowadays

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  14. [XCOM 2: War of the Chosen] Stream Raffle Winners!

    Twitch name: crusier_prinz_eugen First Name: Prinz Last Name: Eugen Nickname: Huggle Bear Nationality: Norway Gender: Male Voice: American English 7 Attitude: Laid Back BIOGRAPHY Born and raised in Denmark, but fled to Norway after political problems. HEAD Face: C Hair: Pigtails Facial Hair: Scruffy Beard Hair color: 10 Eye color: 3 Race: 0 Skin color: 0 Face Paint: Arid BODY Main Armor: 91 Secondary Armor: 59 Armor Pattern: Digital Arms: 1 Torso: 2 Legs: 6 WEAPON Weapon Color: 91 Weapon Pattern: Hex
  15. New Gaming PC

    If your gaming at 1440p or below the parts look fine other than your CPU gonna probably bottleneck the GTX 1080 in next years in DX12 games as they take advantage of 6 cores and above. You said you don't like AMD so i guess the currently best price for performance CPUs Ryzen 1600X and Ryzen 1600 is of no interest to you, i would then suggest the best intel alternative which is a i5-8400.