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  1. I had a bunch of chickens and sheep in my pens that I had bred (and in the case of my sheep, dyed) and when I logged on the other night they were all gone. I know when I was running my own MC server with my boyfriend, it happened occasionally that it would glitch and wipe all the livestock. Is there any way an admin can toss a pair of sheep and chickens in my pens to replenish them?
  2. I use the Chroma Hills resource pack : http://www.chromahills.com/forum/downloads.php I followed THIS tutorial for installing the shaders mod, and the links to both the ShadersMod, as well as DOZENS of shaders, are in the description under the video, and it worked like a charm with no hiccups whatsoever. Be warned - unless you've got a beefy computer, you WILL see a drop in framerate. Shaders are pretty heavy, but I personally find my graphics being a tad choppy sometimes a worthwhile trade-off for my graphics ALWAYS looking like the above pictures. Trees sway in the wind, water ripples... it's breathtaking.
  3. ... aaaaaand last one for the night.
  4. Hey, everyone! I got shaders installed tonight, and I was just so blown away by some of the stuff that people were creating! I took some screenshots, and I thought everyone might like to see what their stuff looked like with shaders on. Enjoy!
  5. Hello everyone! My name's Suddenlysara, I'm a 35 year old viewer from Detroit, Michigan, USA. I started watching Gopher's "Helgen Reborn" vids, then realized they were a continuation of an epic saga or Richard the Librarian. From there I've watched many of the other "Let's Plays" on his channel, and I'm currently hooked on his XCOM playthrough. I find watching him play and have so much fine encourages my own gaming - I started playing Skyrim (using his mod list) after watching his Richard Let's Play series, and I started playing XCOM again recently as well, though only vanilla "Enemey Unknown" Gopher's got a great community! I'm glad to be a part of it!
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