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  1. Nether portals can be a bit finicky, particular once already connected (even in ways that allow them to be used as obsidian generators). In order to 'reset' the connection you don't just have to rebuild your portals in the correct place, but also you need to deactivate the offending portals before attempting a new connection. This includes waiting a prescribed minimum amount of time before reentry after deactivation, which I don't recall off the top of my head.
  2. If not a TES OST I'm usually listening to this while i'm building or mining
  3. https://imgur.com/gJVTe4c Sucrose Shore wishes to formally host a Christmas Event for the server! Everyone is invited to come by and have fun. Starting Saturday December 2nd we will hold timed building competitions for Christmas ornaments and baubles to hang on the tree. Obviously timezones and travelling are a big impact on events like this so trying to standardize the times will be an issue. I hope we can work around that with it held on the weekends but timing suggestions are welcome. There will be gift giving, much like what we had at crossroads last year. Anyone wishing to parti
  4. Happy to have it at Sucrose Shore, although only if you rescind your turducken comment. Could have a Christmas ornament buildoff, with the winner's creation added to the tree once it is trimmed?
  5. Yeah go ahead, we should have the finishing bits done in a week or so. IRL has just been hitting hard lately
  6. This is exactly what @Smartboy53 and were trying to do with the snowman, create a rotating display area for each holiday, however Gopher insisted we keep the snowman up and we have expanded Easter to the point of needing from February to October to build it. I would LOVE to have a rotating display area that we can apply for membership at; with a dedicated warp and donation point. IMO this should be its own area though so whatever the theme and style the holiday designers choose, it doesn't clash with the surroundings. Having this located near an existing build will cause both an increase in pr
  7. Something like this hooked to a wooden button should work, because then players can shoot the button from the board with a bow to roll.
  8. Just did a first pass on the Sucrose Shore property. I have a few more ideas to try but any critique I will appreciate. Also, what if we either replaced the cobblestone outlines or built over them with stone slabs? In my opinion they will look nicer and be just as cheap, but I'm not sure how they look in comparison in a bunch of the texture packs people use.
  9. Thats pretty easy, have dispensers with firecharges underneath netherrack at the top of the candle and have gopher go to each one to snuff it out.
  10. Sucrose Shore has once again unwound itself from its wheat stupor and subsequent hibernation. Prepare yourselves for.... EASTER! ... IN OCTOBER! @Smartboy53 and I are once again hard at work with our weaving, and in just a 'few' sleepless nights, Easter will once again be on schedule! More to follow so stay tuned!
  11. The Sucrose Shore once again issues a firm neutrality stance. Any and all material crossing official Saccharum Officianarum Holdings will be seized for applicable redistribution. What an excellent day for capitalism
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