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  1. So, I know Gopher doesn't typically LP top-down games, but do you think there's any chance that he might make an exception for this one? It *is* a Witcher game after all. If not, perhaps he could stream it on his Twitch channel? It seems like it's going to be a rather well made, classic style RPG, much like Pillars of Eternity or Divinity, except in the Witcher setting.
  2. Dear Gopher & Minions, I've been a YouTube subscriber since 2012, and I've watched, and commented on, a lot of Gopher's work. In the past, before YouTube changed the way it handles comments and messages, and removed the inbox, Gopher personally kept things civil and polite in his comments section by policing it judiciously. When the system changed, he could no longer do that, but the community still seemed to follow his rules for the most part, and anyone who stepped out of line and got uncivil was quickly berated by many people, and often reported to YouTube. This is no longer t
  3. Minion express? Does it kill bunnies? Or blow things up? Or drink whisky?
  4. It is cool how you guys have your steam profiles under your portraits. I will have to figure that out. gopherVaultStiv
  5. Thanks. And whoa, so many typos in my first post :oops:
  6. Sweet America, hello again, this is President Eden. Id like to have a chat. I am an avid Gopher viewer, and love his Fallout and Skyrim videos, and his mods. I also enjoy his blind horrow let-plays. I found this community after his Minecraft stream; somebody told me there was a Minions server, and decided to find it. Glad I did, this place seems cool... ...Until we meet again, this is President Eden, signing off. -EnderDragonFire
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