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  1. FALLOUT 3 (modded) pt. 30: Lost the Will to Care I was surprised to hear these words come out of Gopher's mouth 26:48 "I don't normally like shotguns..." ehhh...what?
  2. The final result looks amazing Beaver, really nice work
  3. Do you think Gopher hasn't figured out the tag system to help him find the things he needs or that he chooses not to use it because he thinks it's too much help? If he chooses not too use it because it is too much help I wish he would pick stuff up and look at the component view too see what hings are made of. He keeps passing on all the Teddy bears and they have 'leather' which he keeps saying he wants.
  4. Here is one of the mods on the nexus that helps with collisions for settlement building. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2683/? - Simple Intersection There is a nice video on the page that shows the mod in action along with how to use the console commands if you would rather do it manually.
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    Thanks for the greetings! Don't forget to wish moms a Happy Mother's Day today.
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    Hi everyone, I'm TheLastEd. *Bows respectively to the group* I used to watch Gopher's Skyrim LPs a few years ago, but lost track for awhile when I stopped playing Skyrim. A few months ago I came across one of Gopher's Payday 2 videos and remembered why I loved his videos to begin with. The fun he has in the games he plays really translates well in his videos and I love watching / listening to that. You can usually find me on the minion's TS server, everyone there just calls me Ed, or you can find me on Steam by the same name.
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