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  1. Looks fine to me. My only concern was that guy has been on a bit recently so just messing with their portal that much would have been a tat mean
  2. What I found a tat odd with your last pictures related to moving Phelans potion storage is the complete disregard for the active portal in that particular corner owned by Asp149 which will collide directly with a any attempt to put a stairs there as well Though its possible thats what you mean by "Moved the entrance of an unnamed portal near the HUB to a different already existing entrance." Otherwise it looks okay to me.
  3. @Spellcaster Don't look at me... before that last stream the one before that was what...Just before Christmas I think? So who knows!
  4. Might of misread what you typed my bad Will say despite all of this... we haven't exactly got a "Sure he will use the mod" to go off so.. xD
  5. Pretty sure no mods will work with the demo. Schematica requires Forge which is basically a modding API used by most mods. To even play on the server you need to be running the latest release version of minecraft so 1.11.2 and as such any version of Schematica for that version will do though the latest version is
  6. Just in relation to your last few lines about the mod, we have printer mode disabled so you can't do what I class as the most cheaty thing on it... i.e have it auto place blocks. And from my understanding there is no way to just one click, build the entire thing At least to me I don't see the harm... its like have a automatic plan viewer but in 3D without messing around with lots of images. Of course none of this really matters without an actual plan and since exporting doesn't look very reliable. Theres also the problem that the mod itself doesn't actually work properly wit
  7. D: Carrying on from your post above, if we did manage to export this for schematica use via what some of the other people have mentioned, schematica could them be easily used to show horizontal slices.. assuming we even get Gopher to use that mod. I do think you are understating how much of a difference having horizontal slices vs vertical slices is because frankly building upwards with hortizontal slices is much easier than trying to do it all vertically slice by slice ---- D: I still stand by 8 of them is far too excessive with the proper meaning of the word Would be far less
  8. Q: - Just curious where exactly you intend on fitting 8 of these... though personally I think 8 of them is excessive no matter how you look at it
  9. Not that it matters too much but I also can add you to Voice so
  10. I mean really how wrong can it go? -Throws more jinx power into the mix-
  11. You appear to be overacting somewhat, horses are near immune to just about anything that doesn't directly involve the owner killing it. The Horses not found problem is caused by an issue in the ZHorse Plugin we use that hopefully one day will be corrected.. But its for sure not exactly caused by what you think is causing it. I've helped horses out of lava and all sorts... whether your horse decides to get eaten by the server seems almost random. Personally I do think the use of a hole of all things is a tat questionable, if you need a mod to move them safely to somewhere I'm often
  12. I mean I actually think thats quite a cool idea though but now I don't have direct access to Ambrawr so.... *Has derped up somewhat* My only request is that the general mountain itself is still somewhat standing despite what ends up on it.
  13. Probably should of looked into it further but the general impression I got from talking with people was that you didn't mind on the grounds it gets completed hence the transfer.. Been meaning to look into getting it completed for quite some time anyway. Either way I don't mind handing it back if you would like, my apologies inadvance for that.. If your plans ever involved removal of it however, I would of rejected it for historic landmark reasons. Mountain has been there too long....
  14. Not really for me to do It has the bonus of being close enough to his place at least xD....
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