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  1. As part of the multiple changes due to happen in the next several days, this announcement post will stand as the notice to the community of said changes. Followup posts will be made as needed. ======================= First and foremost, Clan Membership mechanics are now changed as of this date and time. Starting today, Clan Membership requests are no longer done through me, but through newly appointed Executors, listed below. Mouse (Foxmouse in forum, Chocomouse ingame) Hexmortis (forum name Mandor) Dat_Lobo Krayth These Executors are your new active administrators for the clan, responsible for handling clan membership, moderation, and management. They have the power to invite, promote, and kick out of the clan, as well as in-game clan chat moderation. Next, Clan Membership is now a time-limited privilege. As stated in my previous announcement, there are members currently in the clan who have not even logged in the past 3 months, let alone 5 or even 7 months as I type this. This must change. Clan Membership is a privilege, not a right. If you want to keep that slot, a modicum of just being around playing Warframe is enough. We dont ask much, just be around to begin with. As such, I have now purged the current membership list of those who have been inactive for more than 90 days in the clan. Extremely limited exceptions will be applied only to Warlord accounts, as both 3Ventic and Xelphos are busy, obviously. This rule is ironclad, and it will be up to the Executors to check the list and purge as necessary. From now on, Clan Membership invitation is done via posting on this very forum, requesting for an invite. Invites are then handled by one of the Executors by replying to the post and confirming their in-game name. Once confirmed. an invite will be sent to your in-game inbox, and it is up to you to accept it. Unaccepted invites that run for longer than a week will be rescinded, and you'll have to request for another one. Returnees can request for a clan invite if they find themselves out of the clan through the same process. Those who know they may be away on extended periods may need to post on the forum stating their situation, and an Executor is responsible to take note of this. I will no longer be accepting clan invitation friend invites as of this time. The new process is now stated above. If there are complaints about a certain member of the clan, the Executors are the first line to talk to, and they have the responsibility to contact a Warlord for final say. If a Warlord cannot be reached in due time, one of Gopher's moderators will do in their stead. If that is not possible a consensus between currently active Executors will be held, and if a decision is reached, action will be taken in Warframe only. If action needs to be taken outside the game as well, participation of one of Gopher's moderators is required. Executors have the capability to decide the direction of the clan, once they reach a consensus. Gopher, Xelphos, 3ventic, and myself are currently listed as Warlords and can veto decisions, but otherwise such an action wont be taken unless said action is required, or desired by Gopher. Executor assignment is currently assigned to volunteers for the Warframe clan. Regular TS participation is strongly recommended. Warlords have final say who is and isn't an Executor once a volunteer speaks up. Until situations change, myself and Xelphos have executive decisions on Executorship. ======================= Clan Rankings have been changed to allow for more participation from Clan members to streamline the handling of the day-to-day. Chief amongst this is the Lab Minion Rank. Starting today, this rank can be assigned to those who wish to volunteer in keeping up with ClanTech. Executors have this power to grant (and rescind) as they see fit. As such, Lab Minions can assist in the day-to-day. This is not a rank of distinction, nor a mark of elitism. It is a responsibility, and any Lab Minions found not in keeping with this and/or are found to be lax in their responsibility shall be stripped of this rank. Again, as above, Clan Membership is a privilege, not a right. We have limited slots as it is, and as much as we'd like to keep everyone, it is not feasible in the long term. ======================= The Clan Logo has been forcibly changed due to consistent negative feedback from the clan. Against current standing orders of waiting on Gopher to fund this change, I've taken it upon myself to fund the change and get the process going. This may upset current clan members and those of the community, but I feel 3 months of consistent complaints are more than enough to reach a consensus on the matter. If Gopher wishes to rescind this decision, he can do so once Digital Extremes have finished the current Clan Logo application process. ======================= With the expansion of Gopher's fans, and the limited slots in the current clan, I've also taken the decision to open up an Alliance of Gopher's Minions, titled "Alliance of Minions". Membership into this Alliance will be handled through myself for the time being, through the Forum, preferably as an Alliance Membership post. In-game is not as reliable as I may not be able to log into Warframe. This will change over the course of time, and when it is suitable, I'll make a followup post when things need to be changed. This Alliance is created to facilitate those of clans outside the main Clan to be able to participate in the community at large. This isn't created for the now-defunct Dark Sectors. We now have an Alliance chat of which I encourage those from other clans to participate in. Membership into the Alliance must be made by a Warlord or spokesperson for the clan to make contact to me via this Forum. If required, further talks can be made as situation demands from then on. Otherwise, membership should be similar to Clan Membership. Remember that the main Clan is the official clan for Gopher's fans in Warframe. As such, other clans that are part of the Alliance do not represent Gopher in any official capacity in Warframe, and again the best way to keep in touch with Gopher's community is through the Forum in general. ======================= Lastly, I am taking this time to announce my stepping down as active operations Warlord of the Clan, and my stepping away from Gopher and the community. The reasons for this are varied, consistent, and long-standing, and are best handled in private for many of them. What I am willing to say publicly is that there has been consistent negative feedback in regards to my position in the Clan and my running it through various sources, as well as my actions and words being taken negatively as well outside of Warframe in general. As such, to spare everyone more grief as it is (as well as my sanity and emotional well-being), I am taking this opportunity to announce my exit from the community and fandom of Gopher. I will remain for a time to assist in the rather abrupt transition of Warframe clan (and now alliance) management as time permits, but as said, my participation is curtailed to just Warframe at this time, ingame and on this Forum. The Clan Dojo is still of my creation and will require constant management on that end up until game updates make such management superfluous. Those who have me as friends on Steam will remain as such on my end. If they feel that this announcement is against their wishes they can unfriend me, and I will not look negatively upon such. People do as they will. This is mine. That is all, thank you.
  2. Its a singleplayer game. You decide how you have you fun, when you have your fun. If that involves god-moding and making your settlement the way you want to make it, so be it. Mods can be considered cheating too, in some parlance. So there is that as well. The only person you have to prove anything to is yourself with a singleplayer game. As for me, screw the rules, I will have fun the way I want to have fun, thanks. It is my game, my time, my rules. Multiplayer, not so much. The rules are meant for everyone, and I will abide by them and not be a dick.
  3. Thats somewhat surprising. May be a shocker for those on outdated hardware.
  4. @Gopher, the likely reasons behind the Miniguns sucking is that you dont have comparable perks to go with the weapon, unlike your Rifleman perks with your rifles. This combined with the difficulty damage scaling means that Miniguns suffer the most when it comes to the really odd damage scaling mechanics of difficulty settings for Fallout 4. Dont worry, the Minigun is the only one that suffers from such to such an extent in the Big Guns category. You'd still want to invest perks into it if you intend to ham it up with any big gun really. This includes the Gatling Lazer, Rocket Launcher, Junk Jet as far as I can remember off the top of my head. I went ahead and looked it up. It includes Minigun, Gat Laz, Rocket Launcher, Flamer, Fatman, Junk Jet, and two spoiler weapons, one of which you mentioned out aloud during the video. Should consider putting some points into luck if you're finding you're in need of those crits. Higher Luck stat = faster crit bar building. Combine this with Better Criticals, the capability of BANKING crits with Crit Banker, Death Reaper's Sprint to have a chance of maxing AP per KILL in VATS, Four Leaf Clover for chance to have a full crit bar per HIT in Vats and you have a heavy VATS-based build that not only is a joy to play, but looks great too using VATS and killcams to great effect. Also, remember you can cancel or speed up VATS at any time by tabbing out during it, or just after VATS has done what you wanted so you're not stuck waiting on it. EDIT: As @Arjy Yu stated, perks in Demolition's Expert will improve the explosive effect of your explosive 10mm, and by the 2nd level perk, you get a holographic arc display showing the likely path of your grenade when thrown, making it FAR easier to throw one through the window, etc.
  5. Oh boy, here we go. I'm skipping over ones that Gopher has had some history with and/or videos on. THIS LIST IS IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER Civilization 5 and all expansions (or the top-end package). Civ: Beyond Earth plus Rising Tide expansion also up there now, only because of Rising Tide. Dont be fooled by the lower Steam Review ratings of the game, people expected it to be a Civ 5 killer when it wasnt supposed to be. Tropico 4. 5 isnt as good, and some would argue is more of the same. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain only on very provisional grounds. It is arguably unfinished (missing an entire closure chapter), is loaded with stupid greedy corporate decisions with its multiplayer FOB setup, but is probably the most polished, most solid game game out there, easily rivaling Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 combined. State of Decay Year One Survival Edition if you dont own the previous release of State of Decay. Again, another one that got downvoted on Steam Reviews because people expected more than what was stated, also a bit pricey for its HD remake status. The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2. The games that put Telltale on the map. Grand Theft Auto 5 if you are not going to touch the multiplayer. Otherwise, dont bother. The multiplayer is arguably a negative to this game. The singleplayer is one of the best releases for 2015. Star Wars games are dimes a dozen. Good ones include Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, Empire at War, Republic Commander, Battlefront 2 (not the shitty EA failmake), Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2, Force Unleashed and Force Unleashed 2, all of which are in this pack. The rest can be found (with overlap) on GoG.com. Dark Souls series on provisional grounds (aka, if you like Nintendo Hard difficulty games wherein you WILL die repeatedly learning how to defeat the tough challenges it will throw at you, until you succeed). Euro Truck Simulator 2. Dont laugh, this is one of the most chillaxing games out there, and is actually a proper game. Arma 3 if you have a hankering for military simulator shooters. Find a good server and community to roll with on this one if you plan to go online, and dont be fooled by what you first see as options for server scenarios. Recommend looking into Dslyecxi's videos of his community (probably the model community for Arma), Shacktac. Rebel Galaxy for a great Serenity-esque Freelancer-style game with broadsides naval combat with awesome music. Mount and Blade: Warband for possibly the best rags-to-riches medieval RPG out there with a combat system that became the forefather of excellent melee combat systems in more modern games. Shadowrun Returns, Dragonfall, Hong Kong for some of the best isometric turn-based RPG gameplay out there, and a great introduction to the very rich Shadowrun universe. Warhammer 40k Dawn of War franchise. Some of the best releases from the twilight days of Relic Entertainment. Warhammer 40k Space Marine, from the same developer. Lovingly crafted games true to the 40k universe. Learn what it means to be an Adeptus Astartes in the service of The Emperor. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Won Best game of 2014 from several publications for good reason. Torchlight 2 filled the gap between Diablo 2 and 3, and still holds up to this day. Red Faction: Guerrilla for the best smash-things-to-relax game ever. Avoid Armageddon. Dat sledgehammer... Bastion and Transistor. Games not to be missed at all, and the games that put Supergiant Games on the map. Beautifully crafted games with sublime soundtracks, excellent storytelling and for Transistor, innovative combat mechanics that supported both real-time and psuedo-turn-based tactics put this as the strongest recommendable games I can recommend. Sadly they're criminally under-advertised DEFCON, because everybody dies. From the developers of Uplink and Prison Architect, two also highly recommended games. Plague Inc Evolved, because everybody dies, but not likely from global thermonuclear war. Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale for probably the best example and exercise of capitalism in a videogame ever. Endless Space and Endless Legend for some of the best 4x games past the Civilization franchise. Spec Ops The Line. Fair warning, not for those who suffer from PTSD. Not joking, this shook me for a solid month or two. Still does. When you play this game, remember you can stop at any time. You decide to keep going or not. Sid Meier's Pirates! if you can get it working properly on your machine.
  6. I was just informed by IcedHoney's GF that his health took a sudden negative turn very recently, and is back in hospital. Last reports have him "stable, but still out cold." This is just to inform folks who are wondering about IcedHoney's lack of appearance on the community TS, as he's usually a common sight on there at the usual hours. EDIT: IcedHoney messaged me himself. He's ordered to stay off the laptop and internet and is on increased medication. Hoping to be well enough by years end to watch the new Star Wars movie.
  7. Hey, at least I didnt do it this time.
  8. http://store.steampowered.com/app/377080/ You guys know what to do now
  9. Waitron: "At Handy Eats, serving you is our code!" [slice!] ^ So true. Gopher walked right into the trap~!
  10. The anti-aliasing they use in FO4 does have issues, though the "performance" arguement I can only say works for the FXAA, not the TXAA which on some low-end setups just tanks FPS to a crawl.
  11. That... that isnt a boss that's just a Chimera. Ogres, Cyclopes and more are in the gameworld waiting to slay you, or if you're good enough and prepared enough (good party composition, capable Pawns, well-equipped, have the character skills, have player skill), awaiting to be slain by you. The real boss fights would be spoilery, and nowhere near as easy.
  12. A recent video of the PC release in an early build was found by a colleague of mine: For those who are unaware, Dragons Dogma (and its expansion-queal Dark Arisen) was released May 22-24, 2012 for the 360 and PS3, barely months after the overpowering release success that is Skyrim. It is an action role-playing game with a solid combat and grappling system combined with a party-centric focus (you + 3 other very smart and solid AI Pawns) with classes and class mechanics meant to compliment each other, on top of the Pawn system itself, wherein you take care of your main Pawn, train them, equip them, and letting them out into the wider world via the game's own mechanics, and in return they may return with gifts or more knowledge and thus more capabilities or better fighting capacity. The last two spots on your party of 4 are usually filled by hiring Pawns of other players for the duration of your expedition. Combine all the above with a unique story that arguably is 4th-wall aware and is a fascinating peek into the depth of lore behind its world and explanations of what the player can do (even after the "end" of the game, and then the next one) and you have my personal pick of Best Dragonslaying Game above Skyrim. Yes, you read that right. I consider Dragons Dogma to be the superior dragon-slaying and party combat RPG over Skyrim, mainly because you havent really dragonslayed until you hang by your fingernails onto a dragon's scales as you continually slash at it as it tries to fly away with you on it. It is the sole reason why I wore out 2 PS3 controllers. One by just pure usage, and the other in equal measures of rage and joy at how challenging and awesome this game is. Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen expanded upon both the lore and challenge of the game by adding a whole new location to the game, with even more challenge, more story, and even more reason to delve deeper into the mysteries that you will find in this game and be compelled to find answers for, whilst containing the base game as well. The only negative comment I'll say is the extreme level of challenge in the expansion may not be to the taste of some, and the fact that it was yet again another full-price release. It does however contain the base game though. It however suffered being on the consoles. Low FPS combined with low resolution and graphical fidelity did take some away from the game, of which I'm really glad to see the PC release is giving it a shot at true 1080p/60fps. I'm not really surprised at the rest of the fidelity woes (being a game from 2012), but just experiencing this game at 60fps is worth me putting down another $30ish (expected street price) for it. Yes, I'm buying this game again for the third time. Its just that good a game IMHO. A gem hidden under the rough that got thrown up when Skyrim busted onto the scene. Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen is set for a PC release on January 15, 2016. EDIT: Angry Joe's review of the original console release back in 2012 here:
  13. isnt bad. Certainly an improvement. Would be using this about 5 years ago when my eyes were still good and I was still emoedgelord darkgoth.
  14. On a more serious note, for those who arent socially aware, actually doing this to any Youtube/Twitch personality is a major no-no, let alone to Gopher. Just thought it needed to be said, sorry if I'm being a pooper.
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