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  1. As part of the multiple changes due to happen in the next several days, this announcement post will stand as the notice to the community of said changes. Followup posts will be made as needed. ======================= First and foremost, Clan Membership mechanics are now changed as of this date and time. Starting today, Clan Membership requests are no longer done through me, but through newly appointed Executors, listed below. Mouse (Foxmouse in forum, Chocomouse ingame) Hexmortis (forum name Mandor) Dat_Lobo Krayth These Executors are your new active
  2. Its a singleplayer game. You decide how you have you fun, when you have your fun. If that involves god-moding and making your settlement the way you want to make it, so be it. Mods can be considered cheating too, in some parlance. So there is that as well. The only person you have to prove anything to is yourself with a singleplayer game. As for me, screw the rules, I will have fun the way I want to have fun, thanks. It is my game, my time, my rules. Multiplayer, not so much. The rules are meant for everyone, and I will abide by them and not be a dick.
  3. Thats somewhat surprising. May be a shocker for those on outdated hardware.
  4. @Gopher, the likely reasons behind the Miniguns sucking is that you dont have comparable perks to go with the weapon, unlike your Rifleman perks with your rifles. This combined with the difficulty damage scaling means that Miniguns suffer the most when it comes to the really odd damage scaling mechanics of difficulty settings for Fallout 4. Dont worry, the Minigun is the only one that suffers from such to such an extent in the Big Guns category. You'd still want to invest perks into it if you intend to ham it up with any big gun really. This includes the Gatling Lazer, Rocket Launcher, Ju
  5. Oh boy, here we go. I'm skipping over ones that Gopher has had some history with and/or videos on. THIS LIST IS IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER Civilization 5 and all expansions (or the top-end package). Civ: Beyond Earth plus Rising Tide expansion also up there now, only because of Rising Tide. Dont be fooled by the lower Steam Review ratings of the game, people expected it to be a Civ 5 killer when it wasnt supposed to be. Tropico 4. 5 isnt as good, and some would argue is more of the same. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain only on very provisional grounds. It is arguably unfi
  6. I was just informed by IcedHoney's GF that his health took a sudden negative turn very recently, and is back in hospital. Last reports have him "stable, but still out cold." This is just to inform folks who are wondering about IcedHoney's lack of appearance on the community TS, as he's usually a common sight on there at the usual hours. EDIT: IcedHoney messaged me himself. He's ordered to stay off the laptop and internet and is on increased medication. Hoping to be well enough by years end to watch the new Star Wars movie.
  7. Hey, at least I didnt do it this time.
  8. http://store.steampowered.com/app/377080/ You guys know what to do now
  9. Waitron: "At Handy Eats, serving you is our code!" [slice!] ^ So true. Gopher walked right into the trap~!
  10. The anti-aliasing they use in FO4 does have issues, though the "performance" arguement I can only say works for the FXAA, not the TXAA which on some low-end setups just tanks FPS to a crawl.
  11. That... that isnt a boss that's just a Chimera. Ogres, Cyclopes and more are in the gameworld waiting to slay you, or if you're good enough and prepared enough (good party composition, capable Pawns, well-equipped, have the character skills, have player skill), awaiting to be slain by you. The real boss fights would be spoilery, and nowhere near as easy.
  12. A recent video of the PC release in an early build was found by a colleague of mine: For those who are unaware, Dragons Dogma (and its expansion-queal Dark Arisen) was released May 22-24, 2012 for the 360 and PS3, barely months after the overpowering release success that is Skyrim. It is an action role-playing game with a solid combat and grappling system combined with a party-centric focus (you + 3 other very smart and solid AI Pawns) with classes and class mechanics meant to compliment each other, on top of the Pawn system itself, wherein you take care of your main Pawn, train
  13. isnt bad. Certainly an improvement. Would be using this about 5 years ago when my eyes were still good and I was still emoedgelord darkgoth.
  14. On a more serious note, for those who arent socially aware, actually doing this to any Youtube/Twitch personality is a major no-no, let alone to Gopher. Just thought it needed to be said, sorry if I'm being a pooper.
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