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  1. Did anybody say ?! Where? When?! TELL ME!! Kidding aside; I haven't been that ac... uhm... I haven't been active at all for quite a while now but I'm sure you did your job very well in that time. As for the time before that... thanks for only giving me a warning that one time
  2. Can I plan to do something else tomorrow or could it actually happen?
  3. I'd like to join aswell. I'm thinking about a hobgoblin... strengthening the green tide and all that.
  4. Marcellus together with two elves... I hate elves... male ones at least... so, uhm... yay, I guess? Also; every char Marcellus was bonding with stays Farewell, my friends!
  5. Awww What about Orephisia?! *grim* Duty calls, my love!
  6. Then Marcellus will say farewell to Alyrila. His mission on the island isnt nearly completed... mapping a whole continent is probably something he will need a lot of time for.
  7. Did everyone level up or just some of us? Cant really remember
  8. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/paizo-pathfinder-bundle !!!!!!!!!!!


    We are all Alpharius.
  10. So that means we WILL MIGHT be able to play in February? Woo!!
  11. Drum'n'Bass in general ist a pretty awesome genre. Spor, Sub Focus, ...
  12. Whoa, you havent heard of Pendulum? You should check out their other stuff as well; Masochist, Slam, The Vulture, Tarantula I discovered Yuri Gagarin some days ago... really like their stuff
  13. We hope you don't mind madness, insanity and general weirdness. Since there is a lot of that stuff around here. And, as enigma already said; wildlife. Plenty of furry, feathery and scaly creatures lurking in the shadows. I'm probably the only friend you have out here. And I'm german. So... good luck.
  14. Who was foolish enough to call me upon this thread?! (Everyone got the pun? No? Fine.) Oh, wait, it's yet another germ. Well... Moin! Willkommen! Genieße deinen Bleib! (Enjoy your stay ;P)
  15. Thursday the 7th is fine by me. ROLEPLAYERS, ASSEMBLE!!
  16. @Gokey you forgot to mention @Rudehox (Andy) I actually think that 2 teams of 4 is really enough, it's hard enough as it is to get a date for the next sessions.
  17. Marcellus Wallace: I don't know what you people are talking about. I wouldn't even care if it wouldn't involve me. But it does. And thus, I am asking you now to stop your driveling about things you can't possibly comprehend. All I will say about this matter is; Tozug will get his fistfight soon enough.
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