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  1. Sure it would be kinda cool, but it needs to be local and having it watch over the mainland and the crossroads as a protector is just a sold idea for me
  2. had to share some images of my family's dog, siri, she's a finnish lapphund or as the finns say suomalainen lapinkoira, her i norway during a fishish trip, i admit i forced the cap on her another one in norway, she dug out a small dent under a rock her with a gift from my brother from when he was in the north of sweden
  3. Sigh the copying and pasting didnt copy the spoilers content oh well I'll fix it later
  4. i canceled my channels subs since most of the programs i want to watch on tv is already on the channles internet page and since i got a chromecast i can use that to get it on the tv screen
  5. welcome, welcome do enjoy your eternal stay as a minion of the dread father. And also Have a cookie or a Maths proof! No no, Really, do come in. It's lovely in the forums right now. Perfect time for a visit.! warning: cookies and chemistry warning: maths im Dalitas, chem student in sweden, i like sithis i.e gopher, schnitzel and Explosions, in my early days i played the c&c games, specifically Red alert I & II. Later i spend most of my days exploring tamriel during the oblivion crisis... those were the days... and then came the "new" c&c:s which more or less sucked save tiberium wars, and then skyrim, alot of it. update: ive just got a new pc with a 1070 so whenever im not studing chemistry im patrolling the wastelands or building a base in CnC
  6. just wanted to make it a bit formal to drive myself: the Ministry will be completed, i will get started this very day.

    plus the new PC will help

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      Yay! .... that's exciting news!

  7. P(find gopher \intersect minion)~= P(find gopher)*P(minion)=? Does anyone know the statistics of the game and how many minions are playing it?
  8. @Shiroi_gaijin @jeancly I meant gopher being male... Take it easy guys I know that gopher doesn't do female characters hahah I'll change the span of the quote to only contain the female part
  9. Have any proof save gopher saying so?
  10. Der Schnitzeling, Teil: Zwei. @Philosophercat I'm in a house this time so noone can hear the screaming...
  11. I do hope Esther fled to this place and we get to kill her... kill her with death
  12. hmm, i wonder what @Gopher would think, since he as played such wonderful characters, will they be his own or others he has seen in games. what about you @Quarico?
  13. so i got nostalgic playing some good ol' games, and hence this topic. Which are your top 5 game characters, playable and nonplayable counts. mine are: Tiny Tina, Borderlands, 'cause badonka-donks Mordin Solus, Mass Effect, because sea shells *cries* Yuri, Red Alert, your thoughts are mine Kane, Tiberium sun/wars !absolutely not twillight!, Kane lives! Elisabeth, Bioshock, Time rots everything, even hope
  14. Bye general Organa

    It's been an honour and may the force be with you 

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