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  1. Aloha!

    To avoid the crazy we could say people should use the "start a conversation" option to not flood the forum posts. And welcome Quickblaze. Have a nice stay.
  2. Music

    HipHop rock? Mkay... I'll throw in Samurai metal.
  3. Hello everyone :)

    No idea really, I was new so I had no idea about the "you can find out about the person by clicking their icon"-thing so I had no idea whether I was talking to a he or she. I standardize "he" out of convenience which gave a wrong hit. I misread a comment and commented on it without insulting and that was her reason to block me. For the second I gave disproving information to one's comment, he saw it as slander(and mentioned his profile picture? No idea why) and then blocked me. Again no questions asked.
  4. Hello everyone :)

    pickle/10 I guess. Which is pretty bad. In summary; I upset people, they block me, I can't apologise since they blocked me.
  5. Hello everyone :)

  6. Hello everyone :)

    I did, one was understandable (with Just Louise) so I immediately attempted to not offend anyone. Then Shiroi_gaijin says something about Taylor Swift which I think is incorrect so I tell him more about it. He sees it as slander (in my eyes even now it was constructive criticism at most, I even provide a source) and he sees fit to block me before I can react. I just think there should be some rule or something since this could hurt this community if some people get muted right and left. Nor is it healthy for me. Sorry for keeping you guys up with this, it's just really bothering me. I just began on this forum and step on a landmine the second step I take.
  7. Hello everyone :)

    Being offended by being said you're easily offended.... sounds a bit ironic. I might make it worse this way, I apologise. It was more my story so far than a warning or something. And a bit of a request, don't just block me my depression takes a bit of a hit that way.
  8. Need Help Building a Gaming PC!

    Which did happen now but someone got angry, for a decent reason I should add. I don't blame her. But I yet have to wrap my head around why people are so quick to block others.
  9. Hello everyone :)

    Well, my wording has always been like this but most people just ask me before they block me. In these two cases, that was not what happened, they misunderstood I was trying to insult them, which I wasn't and they didn't even verify. Even YouTube works out better in that regard. But that is because most people simply don't care, really .
  10. Music

    Yeah, not live though. The single wasn't out yet when I went. Now that I'm talking about live, I went to Alestorm 2 times. Bring in the silliness.
  11. Music

    Wooh, Nightwish. I went to a concert with the new singer, she's awesome (and Dutch like me) I got a hoodie and an LP of Imaginaerum there. Great stuff. And here is my all time favourite:
  12. Hello everyone :)

    I'm late at introductions too. Already made 2 people block me because they misunderstood me but the rest are pretty nice people. About the blocking thing, ask first, I never mean to insult someone. If you think you must block me because I disagree then what the hell are you doing on the internet? I had a lousy first impression but it is clearing up.
  13. Music

    And now, this.
  14. Music

    This is what I found again. Just don't look at the video if the eyes disturb you.. like they did me.
  15. Music

    It was the opening song of Borderlands. I wonder if you played the game but some people might recognise it because of it. Made a friend of mine grind his gears Oh, in case anyone doesn't have a Spotify accound, here is a temporary upload: http://puu.sh/hBusp/ee7ddce3f0.mp3