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  1. When you search for it in the store it doesn't come up http://prntscr.com/j9pr5w
  2. Didn't steam hide the classic version of skyrim lol
  3. Another infamous chemistry pun was made today..... Einstein, Newton and Pascal are playing hide and seek. Einstein goes behind a tree to count, and Pascal goes to hide, but newton stays in place and draws a square 1 meter by 1 meter on the ground and stands in it. When Einstein comes from behind the tree, he says "Got you Newton!"...Newton says "no, you didn't find me. You found a newton over a meter sqaured! You found Pascal!"
  4. I never saw this video, by all means delete the thread lol...dont want to make the Dark Lord angry.
  5. lol that supposed to be no the thread is bad xD
  6. So at school we got and email chain going, 898 messages of pure memes. Thought I'd start a nice little meme thread where we can post the best/worst memes and funny pictures from the interwebz. My favorite lol
  7. Haven't been on in so long, I need to post more cat stuff
  8. In my ap chemistry class, my teacher told one of the greatest/worst puns of all time: Once I asked my coworker he had any Sodium Hypobromite…He said NaBrO. xD
  9. Have been dedicating my time to watching Highschool dxd instead of playing skyrim . These are my favorite parts. Best scene Oh Issei xD Best technique in anime history (if you watch dxd you will know this :D)
  10. Wonder why anyone would buy this lol
  11. When I read your post... Anyways...welcome!
  12. Just by reading this page makes me want to post my 10 page research paper on video games and their effect on society. Lol
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